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If you need to reword your text, but you do not know how to do it, do not worry. Rewording is a process of changing the text with leaving its sense and main idea. Actually, it is a good way to establish your ideas by getting significant information from any source with your own words. Rewording may become a difficult task, as you have to save the main original idea and argumentation or point of view without strict copying of words. If you have got a task ‘I need to reword my paper quickly’, you can follow our advices written here or hire a professional to help you. Sometimes we all do not have much time for editing and rewriting, but there are many services in the web that can provide us with qualified help and advices. Here are the main approaches every writer should use to reword paper perfectly.


Know What You Are Going To Reword

Understanding the material that has to be reworded is very essential. You need to know the quote, its meaning, the environment in which it was used and how to give utterance to it with other words. Also you need to know how to make proper quotations of the sources.

Master The Technique Of Rewording

Rewording is when you read and understand the text and then retell it with other words. When you retell, it is not necessary to rewrite all sentences with your own words, but it is important to transfer the author’s sense and points of view with other words. During retelling you need to express your thoughts briefly in order to avoid excessive verbalizing and pass to the essence. Proper rewording should be different from original, if you do not it to be plagiarism. Rewording must not be confused with summarizing, which is more extensive and transfers only the main idea of the text.

Make Sure When You Need To Reword

Quoting strictly from the source is necessary when the integrity of the phase is important. For example, if you quote the speech of Martin Luther King “I have a dream”, it is better to make direct quoting, as his manner of expressive and laconic using of words only accent his thoughts. But if you read about racism in the encyclopedia or other book, you need to reword, as the ideas are important, but not the words. Rewording is useful if the quotation contains data, facts or statistics. There is no need to quote the source directly only for showing the importance of the data. Citing is important when you quote a political leader, writer or celebrity and accent how he or she uses linguistic approaches. If you read the text in order to understand how the text is used in it, citing is the best alternative; if you discuss the paragraph or big part of a book, then rewording or summarizing is more acceptable.

Learn The Quote Before Rewording

First of all you need to read the quote you have chosen for rewording thoroughly. If has to be not longer then two or three sentences. Spare some time to understand it deeply and get acquainted with information before rewording. It is useful to make notes when you read the quote. You can write an argumentation or few keywords that will help to illustrate it. When you make all notes, you can leave the original quote. Then you need to write the original quote with your own words. For that you can use your already made notes. Make sure that you not only change the language, but also the structure of the sentences. A useful tip: always keep a synonyms dictionary near for good rewording and always search for ways to learn English quickly. When you write a reworded quote, compare it with the original one. You need to be sure that the texts are similar in sense. The words of the original text have to differ from your own, if you do not want to be blamed in plagiarism. Your words have to transfer the main idea of the text. There is no need to change the structure so much, that the idea is lost. Here is the example of original text and reworded text:

“Nowadays too many pupils spend their time learning by rote the standardized tests, which do not teach them anything. They would not only get more knowledge if they save time for learning school subjects instead of preparing for tests, but would become people with wider mental outlook. ”

Example of rewording: “Middle school students are so deeply absorbed by cramming for standard graduation tests that they do not have any time for school subjects. Preparations for such tests do not only give them necessary knowledge, but also do not make them people with wide mental outlook.”

Where Do I Reword My Paper?

Getting back to the main subject of our article, how and where can you get proper help? First of all, it is useful to read books. They are the best for enlarging your vocabulary. Unfortunately, it is obvious that the method required a lot of time. Let’s analyze more quick methods. As it was mentioned above, it is good to have a synonyms dictionary. It usually contains necessary information for good rewording. The second method is Internet. In the web you can find a lot of automatic rewording tools. We think it is not a very good idea, as the artificial intellect is not good enough nowadays for understanding the whole text and its ideas. Yes, they may find some synonyms or make rewording, but the text will not be structured or contain frequent grammar mistakes. The most convenient option is hiring a paper editor who can do it for you. A real person who writes a lot surely can understand what and how it must be reworded. When you have a task for rewording a text, you need it to be original, quick and logical. Believe us, sometimes, when you have just written a paper and you need to reword it, a fresh look can be more useful. Our rewording service will meet your expectations, as the huge experience, lots of qualified writes and tons of satisfied clients prove our words.

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