Article Rewriting Service. Why Do We Need It?

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All of us wrote at school compositions and essays. Somebody did not understand why it is necessary to write something, but some students liked writing much and do it well. Rewriting is practically the same. In other words it is required to rewrite news, articles, and any texts in a new way. The rewriter should state some piece of writing by his own words so that the unique product has turned out as a result. But unlike a composition, in rewriting there are strict laws, sometimes very rigid. That is why people use article rewriting service.

As you already know for sure, rewriting is a copying of the text in other words. That is it is necessary to read the source text, to put it through a prism of your thinking. And then you should state the provided information in a new way, with use of other words. If your work is high-quality, so completely unique text will turn out in the end of your rewriting work. If you want to ask any question about rewriting, you may contact us, and one of our experts will answer you as soon as possible.

What does high-quality article rewriting service differ in?

As Wikipedia says, after rewriting in the new text shouldn't be:

  1. actual mistakes;
  2. fictions and rewriter's conjectures;
  3. comments of the rewriter;
  4. personal opinions of the rewriter;
  5. what isn't present in the source text .

Rewriting is used to avoid charges infringement of a copyright. The service is in demand in the conditions of the avalanche filling of the Internet all by the new websites and fillings by content of already available websites.

The main methods of rewriting:

  1. Use of synonymous words.
  2. The transformation of the direct speech into indirect.
  3. Movement of paragraphs.
  4. Replacement of phrases.

Simplification of the text due to removal of the words and phrases which do not bring semantic sense, changes of a grammatical system of sentences, etc.

The rewritten text should have the same or smaller scope of information of original article on condition of preservation of compliance to semantic contents of the source text. But it also may contain comments of experts on condition of removal them in a separate part of the text.

The rewriter should be immensely attentive to quotes, statements of politicians, economists, experts. In rewriting it isn't desirable to use the direct speech. Sometimes customers ask to exclude completely from the text of the quotes, the references to any sources of information.

Therefore if it is possible, it is better to make out the direct speech and quotes in the form of the indirect speech.

At the same time the rewriter should very attentively think of a statement in a source. Whether the sense has changed?

For what rewriting is necessary? Perhaps, you already asked this question to yourself not once. Several reasons may exist. For example, there is uninteresting text with very bulky phrases. It is necessary to make rewriting so the new text will turn out more interesting. Or the customer has article, but he need a new one, based on the same information.

Rewriting of the text is a careful processing, a statement by your own words, keeping initial sense and stylistics. Rewriting doesn't allow unauthorized interpretation of the facts, events, and other data from initial article.

To create the unique text on the basis of already written material, the rewriters should have excellent knowledge of English language, rich lexicon; they should know many synonyms, homonyms and antonyms of different words. That is amazing, how deep knowledge should be! But despite it, the prices for rewriting are very pleasant.

So you have a source text and you need to rewrite it. You may use all our pieces of advice and try to do it yourself. But also you may save your patience and leave that work to the most professional team of rewriters. We have been working and providing article rewriting service for more than 7 years; we have rewritten thousands texts; we have more than 500 regular customers. Make the right decision, place your first order and stay our happy regular customer!

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