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Dear readers, welcome back to our blog! We have already told you about different methods that are used by our editing and proofreading experts while working on your essays, academic papers and other works you order. Today we would like to tell you about revision in more details because it is one of the most important processes, which are necessary for the high-quality work. It is not so easy to revise a paper, and our online paper editing service is ready to render its assistance when you need.

Editorial and proofreading revision is a range of corrections and changes that are made in order to improve the quality of the author's original works.

Text editing

Editorial revision involves improvement of style, grammar and punctuation and other aspects, and it includes:

- editing cut-off aiming at the reduction of the text to the planned size (certainly, you have to approve it, and we should preserve your intentions and ideas)

- editing processing that is used for improvement of the text’s structure, and we will correct all mistakes connected to style, grammar and logic of your essay

- editing rewriting (if necessary, it is undertaken for a complete alternation of the text)

In our revised paper, you will definitely find different types of editing (for instance, literary, semantic, stylistic, scientific); the type of your paper is a key factor to choose editing type. If you need a competent, cohesive, logical, well-structured text, use our professional services of literary editing and other services listed below. If you are interested in qualified proofreading for students, we are at your disposal 24/7.

1. Literary editing service implies correction of various types of mistakes(lexical, morphological, syntactic, stylistic); however, we provide not only the correction of certain errors but the replacement of separate elements of the text, rearranging of sentences, removing of undesirable iterations, the expunction of ambiguity. We strive to make the form of the text adequate to its content. Such service is provided by our editing experts at brand new reasonable prices.

2. If you require the arrangement of the text, we can create or change the logic of narration by using the semantic editing. This is the most detailed and profound editing. While editing semantic structures, we first plan the future composition of the essay and then perform semantic editing implying different techniques needed.

3. Stylistic editing service. Here our task is to “sanitize” the original text of your essay to a proper text style. Our actions depend on the type of your assignment. In stylistic editing we work particularly with styles, in contrast to the literary editing, in which we deal with the correction of different types of mistakes.

All changes relating to stylistic improvements are offered in the form of notes, and the author may make the final decision on his own account! If you need online paper editing service, feel free to check:

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4. Scientific or special editing service. It is provided when you need more thorough editing in terms of professional or scientific subtleties, the specificity of the text.

The important element of scientific editing is editing of scientific elements typical of this style, for instance, the graphs, tables, diagrams and so on that requires special education and skills in a certain sphere of science. The use of scientific documents, information publications, state standards and other regulatory documents has particular importance in this process.

Scientific or special editing is done before the literary editing or after it, and sometimes these processes are performed simultaneously. Scientific editors who work in our qualified revision and proofreading team will complete this process very qualitatively, so do not hesitate to contact us if needed.

If you want to try to revise your essay on your own, we would like to offer you some useful tips, but do not forget that if no go, we are always ready to help you.

Having finished your essay, proceed to self-revision after some time, at least an hour. Meanwhile, you have an opportunity to switch to something else. When you start re-reading your assignment, you probably will see it has a lot of inaccuracies, unfounded repetitions and logic errors. Somewhere you can observe that even some word is missed. Nevertheless, it happens sometimes that some new interesting idea, which will decorate the composition, can come to you. Be ready for it. Remember that if you will not manage to cope with this rather difficult task, our professional paper editors are ready to help.

Tips for self-editing of your works.

1. Write, if there is a thought, do not stop short to correct a mistake.

2. After you put the last point in your essay, once re-read it fluently. Look for gross and underline them. Highlight unreasonable repetitions.

3. Return to the text after some time. Re-read it again and correct recently underlined mistakes, and that ones you had just discovered. Check the cords in the main part of the work.

4. Do not forget about punctuation. If you doubt of the need for setting the mark, try to rewrite the sentence. Simplify it. Apply parceling: divide the sentence into several smaller ones.

5. Finally, check your spelling. Read the text from the end. Thus, you will grasp the meaning of each word, rather than whole sentences.

In order to get the information about our proofreading services, reliable proofreading service is available to you:

Dear readers, we hope that our information will help you in your writing activities. We try to provide you with useful tips and methods that are used by our experts of editing and proofreading. If you are unsure of your abilities, do not be upset because our editors and proofreaders can do this unpleasant work instead of you. However, keep trying because the race is got by running. We are waiting for your comments. Join us!

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