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MBA and PhD Writers

MBA and PhD Writers

You will get an exclusive possibility to entrust your paper to professionals. Our company works only with certified and experienced Editors.

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On-time Delivery

We realize how important it is to submit your paper on time. That is why our Editors stick to deadlines and usually deliver checked papers before the deadline.

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24/7 Online Support

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What is editing and proofreading process?

Editing service is a thorough and meticulous process. It involves such text improvements as correction of the whole text in order to make it comprehensible and interesting. An experienced editor will pay attention to each sentence in your written document to make sure that it’s clear and free of any mistakes. In addition, an editor has a right to reduce irrelevant sentences or add new information. An expert will read your text and make necessary corrections in grammar usage, spelling, stylistic devices and punctuation. The main task of an editor is to ensure that your text has sense and all your ideas are properly disclosed.

Proofreading usually comes after writing is finished and content is ready. For best results, start proofreading your text after the editing phase. Thus, you will be sure that the number of errors in your text is reduced to zero. This process consists of grammar checking, correcting typos and spelling improving of punctuation and word flow.

Where can I find reliable professional editing service?

Have you finished writing your paper? Are you sure that you have enough knowledge to proofread it and detect all mistakes? Are you an international student and English is your second language? Are you sure in your grammatical proficiency? If you still hesitate to answer these questions above, you should not take a risk and try your luck. There are many editing and proofreading services online. Let us help you, and you will forget about the nightmare called “EDITING”.

Features pertaining to our skilled editors:

We employ editors who have at least 4 years of experience. Moreover, we have experts in our team who have been working for 7 years. Our team consists of attentive and talented people who have expert knowledge in different fields. The distinctive feature of our editors is intelligence and literacy.

Our Company Short Overview

Our company was founded in 2009 by a team of academic writers and editors. The main purpose is to help students and academicians all over the world to proofread and improve their written papers, articles, dissertations, research papers, and studies.

Our company has all features to make your paper shine!

  • MBA and PHD editors
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Completely anonymous
  • Fixed and affordable prices
  • Timely delivery
  • Over 400 editors and proofreaders
  • 24/7 online support

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Money-backGet your money back to the bank account if the provided services don’t meet your expectations.

Plagiarism-freeOrder rewriting services to avoid any plagiarism issues in your text. Get a free plagiarism report immediately.

SatisfactionMBA and PHD editors with years of experience guarantee high quality of editing. Our experts will make necessary corrections to improve your paper.

ConfidentialityThe personal information and documents are available to Administrator only. We have a strict privacy policy.

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Proofreading is a delicate matter: turn to a professional proofreading agency to get perfect results

Text proofreading literary means improvement or correction of texts and documents of different kinds. There is another common term, which you have probably already heard. This is text editing. It is not the same as proof reading and it’s necessary to understand that. Editing of texts (often website content) is a creative process, which is to find and fix any kind of stylistic errors, inaccuracies in meaning, improve informativeness, or add an advertising component that turns boring text materials into more expressive and attractive enough for general public readership. If you are interested in making your texts excellent, appeal to Essay-editor on-line proof reading agency for professional assistance.

Cooperate with a personal proofing expert to make your texts excellent

Professional proof reading is technical work, with the help of which texts are corrected according to the current demands and existing rules of the language. In particular, in the process of proofreading performing, text materials are subject to thorough examination according to the rules of spelling, grammar, punctuation, transliteration, etc. Professionally proofread materials demonstrate a responsible and careful attitude to a given assignment, as well as accuracy and precision even when it goes about details. As business experience shows, accuracy in details is a significant feature of a reliable and decent person (business partner). Even unspectacular errors in original texts for websites can spoil one’s image and influence negatively the reputation of a serious agency or big internet resource. However, if you order professional proof reading services at, you will manage to avoid such an unpleasant fate.

Professional proof reading will be extremely useful to check and fix:

  • Business and commercial offers, contracts, and working correspondence.
  • Text materials for business plans and reports of different kinds.
  • Original articles and posts to fill a corporate site.
  • Texts for the main page of a website.
  • News materials and electronic mailing.
  • Advertising, presentation, and translation materials.
  • Analytical articles and reviews for print editions.

Oder professional proofreader service for cheap at

Professional proofreading is required for print editions in big cities and offline resources in the province, as well as for corporate websites, internet shops, and specialized portals. The work of a professional proofreader is as much important as the work of a web designer, copywriter, or programmer. Recent research has revealed that in order to understand correctly and clarify the meaning of print materials, their literary forms should be close to the ideal as much as possible. Otherwise, a reader will have to make excessive mental efforts to understand the text that contains punctuation mistakes or other problems of linguistic nature. It may lead to the situation when a prospective client will get distracted from the content of advertising or informational materials and leave the site, instead of making the expected call or ordering the offered services.

Competently proofread content is the key to success

A competently written and professionally proofread text is an initial condition for the creation of a positive image of a prestigious company or serious solid organization. Nowadays, prospective clients and customers get acquainted with an enterprise or organization on a corporate site, first of all. The real cost for text proofreading is literary negligible compared to the effect that unprofessional content or poorly written articles can create. The initial attitude to a company is formed based on the content and text presented on the main page of a company website. Also, it determines professionalism and competency of its employees. If your company seeks to be at the level of a solid corporation, entrust text proofreading to an expert in this field. It will be a clever finishing touch in the creation of a perfect image.

If nothing but perfection and professionalism comforts you, Essay-editor proofreading agency is your wise choice. Our experts provide competent services and guarantee 100% wanted result.

Why do I edit my essays at It assists me with everything and helps improve my writing

Checking essays: tips on self-editing

Writing essay is one thing and checking it is another matter. It often happens that you write let’s say a 250-word essay and present it as it is without check and correction. It won’t do. You cannot act like this not because your teacher will have too much work or you are just lazy. The main point is that it is necessary to teach yourself to reread, fix, and edit your text.

In preparation for presenting your essay, start fixing it in some time, in an hour at least. This time is needed to get distracted a bit. Thus, when you begin rereading your paper, you will probably notice a lot of inaccuracies, unreasonable repetitions, logic errors, etc. You will also see that something may miss, or some new idea that will improve your text comes to mind. Be ready for that.

Tips on essay self-editing

  1. If you feel the flow of ideas, write without stops to correct a mistake.
  2. When you put the last point in an essay, look through it once. If you notice blunders, underline them. Also, highlight unreasonable repetitions.
  3. Get back to your text in some time. Reread it and fix previously underlined words with errors, as well as new ones that you will notice. Check that the thoughts are presented in the following way: quote + comment, argument + comment.
  4. Do not forget about punctuation. If you doubt what punctuation mark to use, try to rewrite the sentence. Make it simpler. Use parcellation: separate the sentence into several smaller ones.
  5. Finally, check spelling and grammar. Read the text from the end. Thus, you will read every word more attentively.

We all are familiar with the situation when reading text we notice that some phrases have the double meaning, and some words are totally inappropriate in such a context. In this case, it is necessary to turn to professional editing services (of essays, articles, research papers, etc.). Professional text editing allows detecting and removing punctuation, grammar, and spelling mistakes, inaccuracies and flaws of linguistic, syntax, lexical, semantic, and stylistic nature.

Competent essay editing

Competent editing of texts, in particular essays, is an amazing tool to fix and improve your writing. Editing implies search and removal of incorrect and improper words and idioms into line with the requirements of language norms and rules. Professional editing usually implies the following operations:

  • Lexical edit. Assessment of compliance with the language rules and norms related to word formation (errors when selecting synonyms, use of improper idioms and anachronisms, distortion of lexical compatibility, etc.).
  • Removal of errors of semantic nature. Violations of the rules of word usage in modern language (tautology, incorrect construction of word forms and separate phrases, checking the consistency of narration, refinement of the composition of text content, and text formatting).
  • Stylistic editing of materials with the removal of separate words or phrases. The most common flaws are excessive use of clichés, combination of different styles, use of improper metaphors, ambiguous concepts in text materials.
  • Compliance with the requirements of a particular assignment, without damaging readability and meaning. Removal of repetitions, insignificant phrases, and unnecessary details, check of materials for relevance and credibility. In particular cases, adaptation of texts for a certain audience.

Author’s originality of thinking and fancy imagination don’t guarantee the logic and coherence of text, as well as its clarity to a general public. The objective of a professional editor is to make text perfect, preserving author’s style and original idea. If you need a well-structured and logically correct text with excellent stylistics and without errors, order text editing from a qualified copywriter. An experienced editor will definitely manage to convey the author’s message to readers, remove inaccuracies and errors related to the usage of language means.

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Editing of academic papers and official documents

Rapid progress of computer technology and constant development of application software have facilitated greatly the work with academic papers and official documents. “Smart” text editors automatically check spelling and grammar making the necessary changes in the texts. However, users should not carelessly rely on the abilities of computing. In spite of the great productivity of computers, artificial intelligence is inferior to human capabilities in many respects. The programs for automatic check and editing of texts do not detect all the misprints or improper usage of words, cannot recognize incorrect dates or wrong spelling of the proper nouns. Only professional editors of Essay-editor on-line company can understand the meaning of a written text fully, fix it, and make other needed changes in a paper or document.

The necessity for editing of custom research assignments and other papers

All types of college written assignments (essays, articles, research and term papers, thesis and dissertations, etc.), business letters, working correspondence, information guides, reports, instructions, orders, and other papers and documents are subject to the rules of grammar and stylistics (for each individual case). Nevertheless, the basics are almost the same: an accurate presentation of information that excludes any ambiguity or confusion. If academic or official papers contain unclear elements and mistakes, it complicates communicative interaction between the parties (in case of college papers, we speak about the students and professors) and requires additional explanation or clarification.

Incorrect data in papers and documents can cause serious damage to the reputation of a person (or company) and spoil the image. In some cases, it may even cause material damage: if we speak about students, it can be the loss of scholarship (due to the low grades) or expulsion from college / university; if it goes about a company and its official documentation, there can be money loss. That’s why all texts are subject to editing – the check of texts for misprints, semantic and grammar errors, and correction of all detected inaccuracies.

The basics of editing

The editing of texts in academic papers and official documents can be of stylistic nature (when content of the text is completely preserved) and of semantic nature (when it is permitted to make serious changes in the original materials). The first case requires perfect literacy from the author of a text, meanwhile the second case requires serious knowledge of the field and specific terms. The distinctive feature of the academic papers and official documents is about their exclusive requirements for the text content. Accurate definitions, unequivocal interpretation of original texts, clear meaning, and concise presentation of material are the criteria that are fundamental in the work of an editor.

The principles of editing

The main principles of editing are the following:

  • The preservation of information contained in the academic papers and official documents.
  • The use of words and expressions with the precise and unambiguous meaning.
  • The inadmissibility of combination of different styles (only if it’s appropriate).
  • The sequential introducing of changes and preservation of paper integrity.

The nuances of editing

If an often repetition of words and expressions in usual texts and articles is considered a classic mistake, when it goes about research papers and official documents, it is other way around. Most often, specific terms used in a paper do not have suitable synonyms, and that is why they cannot be replaced with other words or word combinations because it leads to the distortion of meaning, which is entirely unacceptable. That is why, in the process of research papers and official documents editing, it’s necessary to preserve the repetition of words in the texts, in which specific terminology prevails. In case when frequent repetitions are kept, the legibility of original texts and the ease of information perception are achieved by turning long sentences into short, as well as formatting and structuring of the texts.

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Get professional support from the most affordable admission assistant at

The process of admission is difficult, and essay writing is one of the things that make it harder. Why is an essay required? Actually, admission essays benefit both the acceptance committee and applicants.

Selecting the best candidates

First, let’s look at the situation from the point of view of the acceptance committee. Annually hundreds or even thousands of people file documents to get to college or continue education (to get a Master’s or PhD degree). Many of them have excellent grades. So how to select the best students if almost everyone is at the same level? An essay paper is that exactly thing that helps the acceptance committee decide on whom to enroll.

The criteria of essay assessment from the point of view of the acceptance committee are as following:

  • How the author answered the question.
  • If there is no specific topic, whether the text is well-structured and appropriate information presented.
  • How well the author writes.
  • Whether there are many mistakes in the text, whether the essay composition is good.
  • Whether the author is able to think critically.
  • Whether the author is capable of thinking in abstractions and coping with the complex topics.
  • What essay style is and whether the author is not too “matey”.
  • Whether there are no unnecessary details, personal information that is not important for admission (for instance, the author writes about a mental disease, childhood, family troubles, etc.).
  • Whether the author makes mistakes inadvertently (for instance, an applicant writes another university name by mistake).
  • Whether the author expresses the thoughts clearly.

Generally, the acceptance committees use an essay to learn more about the applicants because the GPA (Grade Point Average) and test results are not enough. It’s important to know what an applicant thinks and how interacts. An essay influences the impression of a candidate.

The essay role for an applicant

An admission essay is extremely important for the applicants, of course. It gives them the opportunity to stand out from the rest, demonstrate the skills of analytical thinking, writing, and communication. In an essay, you can speak about yourself and your ambitions, share experience, and explain why you want to get enrolled.

Whether you’ll manage to get enrolled depends greatly on how well you’ll write an essay. Nevertheless, many applicants put aside the work on an essay until the final moments. Don’t do this. In order to create a good essay, time is required. You need to think about the topic, draw up a plan, choose the necessary arguments, prepare a draft, check it, let someone read your draft, and finally, write an essay itself. Thanks to your essay paper, it’s possible to stand out from the competitors.

Remember what criteria the acceptance committee considers when assessing essays and create such an essay that will make your admission successful.

Main recommendations on writing admissions

If you write about yourself in a sincere, interesting and fascinating way, your admission chances will increase significantly, meanwhile, a poorly written essay will limit your possibilities. How to create an essay that will impress the acceptance committee?


  • Make a plan and a draft.
  • Answer the asked questions.
  • Make sure your essay has a topic.
  • Reason your statements.
  • Make the introduction ingenious.
  • Write clearly, make sure your writing is easy-to-read.
  • Be honest, confident, and be yourself.
  • Be positive.
  • Express your thoughts consistently, clearly and briefly.
  • Write about you and give examples from life.
  • An essay should contain both short and long sentences.
  • Tell about your future plans.
  • Don’t forget to mention your hobby, work, social activity, or research.
  • Do the “I” statements.
  • Notice your drawbacks but don’t make excuses.
  • Tell why you’ve decided to apply to this particular college / university / program.
  • Give examples when listing your skills.
  • Ask for help.
  • Read your essay at least three times.
  • Ask someone to read your essay.
  • Order admission essays on Essay-editor.

Get professional PhD thesis statement

PhD thesis and dissertation are the papers of qualification nature that prove a high level of knowledge of a subject, ability to reveal a relevant topic, its novelty and practical application. Such a paper, after defense, allows getting a PhD degree.

Before beginning to write, an applicant needs to understand what a PhD degree gives. Except for access to certain scientific communities and authority enhancing, an applicant gets numerous advantages. For instance, he (she) can work as a teacher at college and receive an increase working as a school teacher.

Dissertation: what to begin with?

Planning complex scientific research, it’s necessary to consider how much time dissertation creation takes. The process takes about a year, however, material gathering and its systematization should be started much earlier. Besides, it’s required to publish several scientific articles and monograph. In total, the process may last up to 3 years, require high concentration and much effort.

Big loading and lack of time for dissertation creation and correction are the main reasons for seeking professional help. PhD thesis ordered from Essay-editor company is the guarantee of successful defense and the chance to get a wanted degree.

Main stages

There are common rules of dissertation creation, regardless of its direction and theme:

  1. Select a topic. In this case, an applicant gets help from an academic adviser. If an applicant already has experience in a certain field, it’s better to write a paper based on materials gathered previously.
    In order to select a topic, it’s necessary to look through the published works to prove the relevance of the issue. If a topic is almost unstudied, an applicant may face the difficulties of innovator but make an actual contribution to science. If the issue has been studied for many times, it’s necessary to find strong reasons for research novelty.
  2. Define a clear objective and goals of research. For those who have defended Master’s thesis, it’s important to understand its main difference with dissertation. While Master’s thesis is aimed to prove a sufficient level of theoretical knowledge, a future Ph.D has to demonstrate a practical aspect of a studied object and its application field. Work on this issue helps reject the topics interesting for an applicant, but improper for a PhD thesis.
  3. Work with literature sources. This stage is among the most difficult because it should include search and studying of the work of authoritative scientists and researchers, work with the articles published in scientific journals, monograph, regulations, archive documents. Specify beforehand how many sources dissertation should contain. The list can vary from 100 to 600 works of other authors.
  4. Make an outline plan for the project. This is the most important part of work, based on which research is performed. An outline is required to define the structure of a future research paper, in particular, chapters, paragraphs, and sections. An approximate sample includes: introduction that reveals the main paper theme, research objective and its relevance reasoning, object and subject of study, presented scientific hypothesis, used methodology, got conclusions, reference list.
  5. Do step-by-step work on every dissertation part. If research implies laboratory and other experiments, begin working with this stage to avoid delays related to financing or technical aspect of the issue. It’s also important to consider that any experiment should be based on research conducted earlier but involving author’s idea.
  6. Format dissertation according to the standards and check it for plagiarism. A dissertation should be 80-100% unique. It’s also recommended to check it for repetitive paragraphs, borrowing from other languages, and rewriting.

Cooperate with the best among dissertation revise companies

Appeal to Essay-editor agency. The best PhD specialists who know a certain topic well and have a wealth of experience will work on your paper. Order a PhD thesis, as well as any other academic papers, to defend it successfully and be accepted by your colleagues-scientists.

Best academic writing company shares professional tips on grammar, punctuation, and stylistics

If you don’t know well the rules of the use of punctuation marks, abbreviations, pronouns, etc. Essay-editor best writing company is ready to help.

  • Comma and semicolon

    If you doubt where to use a comma and/or semicolon, read one of sentences out loud. Find the point where you pause to inhale. If a pause is brief, most likely, a comma is needed. If a pause is big but it’s not a full stop, then, semicolon is required. Mind that everything written after a semicolon can be a complete sentence.

  • Dash and hyphen

    When you want to highlight a part of a complex sentence – like this – use a dash. Check whether the elements of a sentence before and after a dash are logically combined, and even if you remove separated by two dashes element, the meaning won’t change.

    If you want to emphasize some words, a dash can also help. For instance: “She took the photos of people she loved – her parents, her grandparents, and cousins”. Besides, you can use a dash to enhance the hue of surprise: “There were photos of her best friends and cousins – and of Lucky, her favorite dog”. Meanwhile a hyphen is used to link words: bad-tempered, narrow-minded, easy-to-use.

  • Try to avoid infinitive division

    This is not always a strict rule, sometimes an undivided infinitive can confuse even more than divided one. As a rule, the division of an infinitive looks pretty clumsy. Imagine: “To be or to not be”.

  • Make sure that your links are clear

    When you say “this theory”, “that point”, or just “it”, which exactly theory or point of view do you mean? Let’s suppose the words “he”, “she”, or “these critics” are used. Think about whether a reader will pause to find out what or whom you mean.

  • Before using abbreviations, always define them

    An exception can be made only when you’re sure that an average literate reader can easily understand an abbreviation. This relates to cases when an abbreviation is used more often that the words, for instance, “EU” or “USA”. Nevertheless, consider the audience, for which you create your text. If readers are experts in some field, they often don’t need (and don’t want) explanations.

  • Never use “that” when speaking about a man

    For instance, “The first man that walked the moon”. These are people, not objects, that’s why it is offensive to use “that” speaking about them. In such cases, use “who(m)”: “The first man who walked on the moon”.

  • Who is what doing what to whom?

    This is the question you should ask yourself when doubting which word to use, “who” or “whom”. If a word performs some action (serves as a subject) use “who”. If it’s an object that receives some action (serves as an object in a sentence) use “whom”.

  • Avoid passive voice

    It usually ruins sentence power and euphony. It’s better to say “Darwin's theory” than “the theory that was formulated by Darwin”.

  • Italics and underline

    It’s allowed to use only one option. Italics and underline mean the same: previously underline served as a sign for printers to italicize words. Underlined italics used to mean that an editor wanted to italicize some words. In such a way, underlying a phrase in italics is the same as the double negative, in fact.

  • Make sure that all your sentences have parallel construction

    There’s no parallel construction in this sentence: “Listening to a new song, I notice it’s dull, banal, and with no sense”. Here it’s present: “Listening to a new song, I notice that it's dull and banal, and that it has no sense”. Another wording: “Listening to a new song, I notice it’s dull, banal, and lacking in a sense”. If you remove any word from the list in last two sentences, it won’t harm the meaning.

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Essay-editor urgent English reviser is the quality guarantee

An initial attitude to your writings defines the quality of a text content and eventually contributes to the creation of author’s positive image, in case if the texts are competently written. A perfect text from a professional copywriter is featured with ideal literacy, impeccable stylistics, and proper vocabulary. Success of your papers directly depends on whether your writing corresponds to accepted literary standards and unwritten rules that only professionals are aware of. That is why competent revising services provided by Essay-editor company have always been and will be in demand.

What are the reasons for ordering expert revision?

The purpose of revision services is to detect and fix language flaws, improper idioms, and misuse of modern language means. Almost every text material requires revision from a qualified expert. It’s obligatory for such texts as all types of academic papers, author’s articles, original content for a website, commercial and business offers, complex technical descriptions, and advertising (flyers, brochures, etc.). The distinctive feature of a professional approach is the preservation of the main meaning of an original text, as well as all the facts and figures presented in it.

Essay-editor professional reviser secures:

  • Correction of wrong sentences, phrases, and words.
  • Removal of unnecessary elements and reduction / increase of a text size (depending on what a particular paper needs).
  • Removal of semantic inaccuracies and lexical errors.
  • Improvement of structure, harmony, and legibility of original texts.
  • Stylistic unity of the sentences and abbreviations.
  • Precision of presented facts and figures.

Text revising is often the last step in the process of text improvement. Professional revision can be compared to the final touch that completes the creation of a high-quality text material.

During the text revising process the following operations are performed:

  • Correction of author’s typos and typist’s misprints.
  • Search and removal of morphological and syntactic mistakes.
  • Correction of errors of word formation.
  • Spelling and punctuation check.

Little inaccuracies and silly typos in solid serious texts can spoil the impression of even the most incredible material. In order to trust a performer fully, a customer needs to be 100% sure about the quality of services provided by a professional reviser who will work on one’s text. That is why expert revision of original texts is an extremely important work that should be performed every time before presenting any text content.

A correctly said word possesses unlimited opportunities: it can breathe new life into an original text material. If you have a “raw” author’s text and it is necessary to make it perfect, use the revising service at A qualified experienced reviser will turn your text materials into stylistically correct, totally error-free, and accurate in terms of vocabulary.

This way of work on a text and its processing is very useful for completely everyone, especially for college students (who need to create dozens of papers), as well as corporate websites, specialized resources, and thematic portals with a big number of pages. If you order a competent revising service from a professional specialist, you are guaranteed to receive a text ideal in all respects.

First-class revision from Essay-editor is comparable with a high-quality restaurant meal of a classic cuisine. The customers who prefer and appreciate excellent products created by competent specialists will definitely enjoy it. Order professional services from Essay-editor certified experts and get the most outstanding text you could only dream about previously. Of course, there are more reasons to order at The main ones are the cheapest prices and available discounts. Our clients get expert services at the lowest cost on the web. Essay-editor team has also cared for a flexible payment system: you can use any system you prefer. In addition, we please our customers by providing various bonuses and presenting numerous freebies.

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Cheap content editors secure professional editing of original texts

The term “editing”, also known as “redaction”, in its literal translation from French means “fixing” or “putting in order”. Its modern interpretation implies elaboration on the content and formatting of a text document according to the particular requirements set by generally accepted standards or special norms. Essay-editor company is aware of all the standards and the latest changes and novelties in the writing field and its certified editors deliver the finest editing services.

Editing of original texts implies:

  • Lexical editing – the replacement of separate words and phrases with the synonyms that have more suitable meaning, thanks to which materials get impressiveness and semantic perfection.
  • Logic editing – the division of a text into separate paragraphs and logic blocks, creation of inner structure with subtitles and lists.
  • Semantic editing – the removal of the violation of word usage rules. In particular, frequent usage of the single-root words and reoptimization of key words and phrases, the usage of separate words and phrases in improper or unusual meaning.
  • Stylistic editing – the removal of the violation of word usage rules. In particular, frequent usage of the single-root words and reoptimization of key words and phrases, the usage of separate words and phrases in improper or unusual meaning.

Experienced website text proofreaders know how to handle a text

Many people think that editing & proof reading of original texts is a simple and fast operation. Everything needed is to find the errors and misprints and it is in the bag. However, this is a superficial approach. In fact, the process of professional editing of the texts and articles is a very hard, laborious and time-consuming work that is subject to several rules:

  • Content purpose and scope of application. An exciting title that literary catches the customers of a website, making them read the whole material in one breath, is created for advertising and selling articles.
  • Text usability. The distinctive feature of qualitative texts is their legibility. For this purpose, big materials of a continuous text (so-called blank sheets) are fragmented into separate parts or logic paragraphs. It is easy to look through them quickly and it is easy to find necessary information.
  • The main idea of material is distinguished separately with the help of formatting with color or font, as well as using separate blocks and colorful frames.
  • When a text is edited, there is performed final proofreading. Having reread the text one more time, you can find misprints, semantic inaccuracies, and other kinds of roughness. Only after that, done material is delivered to a customer to get acquainted with it and render a verdict.

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Do you need to urgently edit your own texts or original articles ordered from an outsourced performer? Do not hesitate to address a qualified copywriter and order professional services. The best specialists work at They will put the words and phrases in order, streamline the paragraphs and sentences, fix semantics, and sharpen vocabulary. Your texts will be grammatically correct and stylistically perfect!

Essay-editor online editing & proof reading agency offers the most competent writing services on the web. When professional help is wanted, the wisest decision it to turn to the experts in a particular field. If you need to create or fix your texts to make them ideal, our expert team will do it competently, quickly and for cheap. Our website has the lowest prices, no hidden fees, flexible and user-friendly payment system. All our customers are guaranteed to get a discount up to 20%. Also, we secure an individual approach to every order, on-time delivery, and the finest performance of necessary work. In addition, every client gets a personal assistant who helps achieve the best result possible. Email us anytime or contact using the live chat. Our site is available day-and-night. We are looking forward to you working with us.

Professional resume & CV rewriters make your documents perfect

Today’s internet environment provides users with versatile information on any request. Trying to attract public’s attention, text authors present interesting and useful materials on many highly demanded topics. That’s why, on different websites, we can often see thematic articles and texts that contain similar content. In this case, the question arises: “How to achieve high uniqueness of text materials?”. There’s a reliable and practical way to solve the problem of text uniqueness that’s called text rewriting.

What is rewriting?

Rewriting is the process of text transformation to get a unique and legible material preserving its original meaning. To rewrite is to paraphrase author’s thought, replacing the words and word combinations with appropriate synonyms and phrases. Professional rewriting includes profound editing and proof reading of text materials. Saying “text materials”, we mean all academic paper types, website texts, formal/informal documents, CV and resume papers, etc. High-quality processing allows avoiding different problems related to plagiarism.

Professional rewriting

Professional rewriting of various articles and author’s texts is a practical and affordable way of getting unique content. This method of text processing has a lot of advantages, among which are the following:

  • Author’s rewriting costs cheaper than original copywriting.
  • High-quality rewriting is the source of interesting and useful texts that will benefit their owner (every text has its own purpose that rewriting can help achieve).
  • The owners of unique (rewritten) materials will not receive claims from content authors and avoid plagiarism related problems. Websites with unique materials will manage to avoid the sanctions of search systems.
  • Optimized rewriting is considered an alternative to SEO copywriting and secures successful promotion of a website according to key request.

Uniqueness and legibility

The final goal of rewriting is to get unique and legible texts. High uniqueness is exclusively for search systems to avoid plagiarism. Also, search systems index well original materials which represent new value. Text legibility is important for the readers of materials who usually prefer interesting informative texts with excellent stylistics, clear meaning, and a good turn of phrase. Such materials are perceived quickly and easy to remember. Qualitative texts are demanded among numerous customers, including students, job seekers, website owners, web specialists, optimizers, etc. Clients choose unique rewriting to update and mainstream their content, to get unique materials (for college papers or to fill the website pages), as well as to promote different resources. They are always interested in getting unique materials at an affordable price. This is the reason why rewriting is so much popular.

The cost of the service

High stable demand for rewriting services determines the pricing policy of the performers. Customers who carry about content uniqueness only are better to address content exchange. There they can purchase materials at very low prices. However, content quality is often of a very poor quality. The reason is that many beginners work for cheap, but they lack experience and cannot provide sufficient quality. Thus, clients need to understand that the services quality and cost are usually interrelated. Nevertheless, Essay-editor professional writing company offers help of qualified and experienced rewriters at the cheapest prices. We guarantee that you’ll receive high-quality plagiarism-free texts with outstanding legibility. Such materials are nice to read, leave good memories, and contribute to the creation of one’s positive image.

Where to order document rewrite service?

Certified rewriting is a new kind of text content processing that combines material uniqueness and basic information preservation. Such kind of rewriting is not available at content exchange. If you want to get it, it is necessary to address professional rewriters. It’s easy to find them on specialized websites or in the top positions of search systems on such requests as “professional rewriting”, “copywriter site”, “services of a rewriter”, etc. A specialist with wide experience in the field of copywriting / rewriting will create useful and readable materials that can surpass the quality of a source text.