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Do you have your text written and now you need to revise it? Are you too tired or do not have time to do it yourself? No problems: our professional revisers will gladly do this task for you. All services are very cheap, including revision of essays and other academic papers. You can afford to edit documents every time you create them. Additionally, you will get a discount up to 20% and various pleasant bonuses and freebies. The clients of our site always benefit more. Now we want to prove that we really care for you and we are ready to share a couple of our professional secrets on text writing and revision.

Essay writing and revision: plan and lifehacks

What to do before writing and after it to get a satisfying result? Our specialists in writing field have created a very detailed instruction on how to divide time correctly and check your work afterwards.


1. Refresh your memory. Sometimes you have extremely little time and, naturally, you cannot fill in the gaps in your knowledge in a moment. Also, you should not replace the preparation with the learning by heart a huge amount of facts and arguments that could be possibly used. Such actions can lead to many factual and logic mistakes. If you do not know something, do not pretend you know. It is always better to use the facts that you are sure about. Instead, look at your knowledge database. Recollect everything you have read previously and answer a couple of questions:

  • In which cases you can use the arguments recollected?
  • Are the arguments actually suitable and strong enough? Try to be more specific, using keywords, for instance, immorality, friend betrayal, goal achievement. They can be used in a topic “Does the end justify the means?”.
  • How exactly is this problem revealed in a text (characters’ descriptions, specific episode, story line, etc.)?
  • Describe or say it in detail what exactly the argument is and how it is connected with the key words. Check the correctness of the facts, dates, names, using books and manuals.

Why do you need professional revision?

All this allows systematizing information, and it means that eventually you will spend less time on preparation, writing, and revision. Also, such an approach prevents from making factual mistakes. If you create a draft of your future text, it helps direct your thoughts correctly, thus, it will be easier to select the most suitable arguments for your topic. This is one of the most common errors: selecting arguments, it is easy to be mistaken and deviate from the topic. Naturally, if it happens, the grade cannot be high.

Another use of such a method is that it makes clear what arguments you lack. Let’s say you write well the essays on the topic “Loyalty and betrayal” in the romantic relationship. What will you do if you get something different? For instance, loyalty in terms of friendship. In any case, there is no need to worry because our specialists can written any essay and literary any topic for you.

2. Plan time. Usually, there is not that much time to create and check an essay to make it flawless. You need not only to write an essay on a new topic but also make sure that there are no mistakes at all text levels. It all means you need to care for correct time allocation in advance. Essay creation often includes the following stages:

·         Topic selection;

·         Plan creation;

·         Draft writing;

·         Draft checking for errors;

·         Draft rewriting, turning it into a final text;

·         Final text rechecking.

However, bear in mind that this is only one among the possible plans of time division. You will find your own approach with time, it comes with training. If this is an essay for final test, you will be limited in time. So you can start a timer and train to create an essay, being time limited. Also, note how much time every stage takes.

When you finish, analyze at what points you have lost precious minutes. Let’s suppose that you do not have time to check your text because you waste it, looking for suitable words, starting over for several times, and so on. In this case, you need to think beforehand how you can save time. For instance, creating a draft, you may not search for perfect wording but work on it later, when improving the text.

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Beginning to write

1. Select the topic correctly. The topics are presented in advance, so you will have enough time to think it over and select the one that you like the most. Compliance with the topic is the basic assessment criterion so you should approach it seriously. Here are a couple of tips that will help you make sure that the topic selected fits you.

·         You understand the topic well

This point is especially important if a topic is presented in the form of one’s quotation. Imagine that you friend sent you such a message. What will you answer? Will you manage to understand what your friend means or will you want to ask a couple of clarifying questions? There is nothing bad if you do not understand the meaning at once. If you are limited to time, it is better not to risk, selecting difficult topics, especially if you have simpler and clearer options.

·         You have examples and arguments

In order to make sure that the examples you have match the topic selected, highlight the key words. For instance, in a topic “Do you agree with the statements: “Loyalty is a testament to power”?”, the key words are “loyalty” and “power”. It means that you should have such examples (book story lines), in which the characters have to make some effort, overcome themselves to stay loyal. If you realize you do not have suitable example, select another topic.

·         You like reflecting on it

If the previous points are equal, you should select the topic that interests you. The essays written by a person interested in the subject are always good, at least in terms of content. They maintain fewer clichés and someone else’s thoughts. This fact influences several other assessment criteria: composition (structure), language quality, and compliance with the topic.

2. Brainstorm. Some people use ready learned patterns to fight the fear of a “clear sheet”. However, we would not recommend acting in such a way. First of all, memorized someone else’s text is equal to plagiarized text. Second of all, the risk that you will deviate from the topic increases significantly, and this is the main assessment criterion.

If you are not sure what to begin with, do not try to formulate specific phrases: you will only waste your time. Instead, take the notes of everything that comes to your head, i.e. the thoughts on the topic, examples, arguments, associations, etc.

Is a topic presented in the form of a question? Write down your brief answer and start developing it. Let’s suppose you have selected a topic “Can a person be judged by one’s goal?”. First, you simply answer: “Yes, one can be judged”. Try to understand why you think so. For instance, you believe so because the goal defines one’s priorities and influences the way a person build his (her) life. What examples can be presented to prove this? Why does this very example prove that you are right? These questions will help you reveal the topic logically and consistently.

Before start writing, make up a plan. Determine what exactly you are going to speak about in your text: note the content of every paragraph briefly. It will help put your thoughts in order and not to deviate from the topic.

Checking the text

1. Have a rest. When you write a text for several hours, it seems that there is nothing to improve in it. It is not like that. Nevertheless, such feeling is present and that is why students present their text, not having checked it carefully enough. In order to look at the text with fresh eyes and not to miss the mistakes, take a small break. Relax. Have a little walk. Look out the window to let your eyes rest a bit as well.

Having restored your energy, start checking. Read your draft as you usually read it and pay attention to the following points:

·         Logic structure of the text

Are there any sudden abrupt jumps from one issue to another? Is one and the same thought repeated for several times?

·         Compliance of the text parts with each other

Remove the main part and read only the introduction and conclusion. Did not you deviate from the topic? Did you conclude or jump to another thought, which you did not mention in the beginning? Check you arguments for the accordance with the topic key words. Does every example suit the topic selected?

·         Presence of repeated words and constructions

Usually, repetitions are the manifestation of poor language. Try to replace the repeated words with the synonyms and pronouns what it is appropriate. The manifestation of the same syntactical constructions (i.e. sentences) is the repeated conjunctions. Such sentences should be paraphrased and rewritten.

2. Reread from the end. Right after finishing the first check and making the necessary correction, you can proceed to the search of punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes. For this purpose, start reading the text from the end: beginning with the last sentence, phrase after phrase. The point is that, reading from top to bottom, we follow the sense and do not pay attention to grammar. In order to avoid this, professional writers and revisers made up such a trick. Do not forget that we can check your grammar online quickly and professionally:

You can check the spelling of difficult words, using vocabulary. However, the difficult words spelling is not the most widespread problem. Here is the list of the issues that usually cause the most confusion.

  • Orthographic: the spelling of difficult combinations of letters, correct forms of irregular verbs, etc.
  • Punctuation: commas in complex sentences of different kinds, punctuation marks in the complex sentence without conjunctions; use of introductory words (constructions), etc.
  • Grammatical: the violation of temporal correlation of verb forms; the violation of the subject and predicate connection; wrong word order.

Review all the necessary rules not to miss a single mistake in your text. We have already prepared the list of fundamental grammar rules for your convenience:

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Anyway, whatever time you have, especially when you understand you do not have much time, you can always rely on our experts. We always deliver every order on time. All the requirements set to your paper will be satisfied. Our professional revisers will check your text and remove every mistake at all levels. If you appeal for our expert help, you can be 100% sure about the highest quality of your papers.

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