Five Reasons to Hire a Proofreader

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reasons to hire a proofreader

How many times did you stumble on a petty mistake in your essay and regretted the text hadn’t been proofread before? Apply to the Essay-Editor on the constant terms and you will experience no more troubles this way!

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In this post, we shall consider a routine situation. A student has received an assignment to write an essay for Natural Science. He or she had had plenty of ideas regarding the content, has chosen the most brilliant one and compounded the text. However, due to some reasons, the final text version has proved unsatisfactory – it has too many mistakes and incongruities. We shall see how engaging a proofreader will help our hero to improve the essay and receive a deserved top grade for it.

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Today, the quantity of texts a regular citizen receives daily is quite a large one. However, not all of them are performed on a high-level and can add to your knowledge of the grammatical writing. It often happens that the advertisement and other public texts are performed with mistakes, sometimes quite funny ones.

The road sign states “Destructive explosion underwear”. Do I have to wear one to pass?

Thus, not having considerable experience of reading the thoroughly-checked texts (such as books) might result in the poor writing skills. Get the valuable tips on the books to read to improve your English. Consider the situation we described above. A student has got his or her essay ready, it has a good background, a consistent framework yet the author is completely unaware with regard to its grammatical properties. What to do? Hire a person who knows!

Let us list briefly the ways the experienced proofreader can improve your essay:

  • Grammar. Grammar is the pain of the most writers, even of the experienced ones. Especially, if they are non-native English speakers. Certainly, most of the authors know the rule of the Sequence of Tenses and can apply it. However, some more difficult rules (such as a choice between the Gerund and Infinitive in the sentence) can make a problem. Much to many of the students’ relief, there are just a few such rules valid for English grammar and punctuation. See them following the link.

Being or not being – that is the question!

It seems to me, there is some grammar mistake there…

Otherwise, the rules might be quite simple, yet not good for memorizing. As such, there are rules that prescribe the use of certain prepositions.

Do you know all the rules of the grammar?

Do you know all the rules for the grammar?

Do you know all the rules in the grammar?

Take it easy. I know all the grammar rules.

The academic proofreading makes a separate chapter of the editing services. It is due to the specifics of the style and execution these papers require. Hire a knowledgeable specialist and get the reputation of the most grammatical academic writer!

Certainly, an educated proofreader will be able to find and rectify all your grammar fails easily. With our services’ policy, you will also get a full list of mistakes and recommendations for improvement of your written English. Try it yourself!

  • Typos. This category is the simplest, the most obvious and the most upsetting one. It is not so bad to receive a “B” for your essay if you did not know some grammar rules and had made some mistakes. But, if there were typos and slips of the pen, that’s the most unpleasant thing. Find the quick and cheap academic editor, just to fix such mistakes.

During the botanic experiment, the plant holes have been duck and the threes planted.

It is the first time I hear about birds’ planting.

Sometimes, it is not the writer who allows a typo, but the autocorrect program. Never trust to the machine completely, as its database might not be perfect. It can miss some specific terms, for example, synonymize or drivetrain system. This would lead to the clumsy and sometimes funny mistakes.

When the aircraft comes in contrary wing, the claps can be heard if they were not shut (instead of wind and flaps)

A professional will read your text thoroughly and will correct all unwanted mistakes. In case the thematic of the essay is a very specific one, an editor might need your help in choosing the right word or a phrase.

Sometimes, a whole paragraph might be full of typos. Get the economical paragraph rewriting service and solve all your writing problems!

  • Punctuation marks. You must be thinking something like “Oh, bore…” now. And yes, punctuation means commas. But the other things as well. Punctuation also includes apostrophes, brackets, ways of ending a sentence (question mark, exclamation mark, ellipsis etc.). We use punctuation almost every time we write. Starting a sentence with a capital letter is also a punctuation rule. Be there no punctuation at all, readers would be often at a loss coping to understand the text.

the reasons for the World War I are the ones to be derived from

this letter the British Admiral David Beatty sent during his first days in charge he administered a new tactic.  

Without capital letters (in The, During), periods (after sent),

commas (after charge), it is difficult to comprehend the text.

Whatever is your level of punctuation skills and knowledge a professional would only help to increase it. Let alone the commas that are becoming the extinct element in the everyday (written) communication today. Order an assignment rewriter service, if you are not sure about your punctuation, and be confident in your writing!

Making your text grammatical is not an easy, yet quite a manageable task. Consider the option of hiring a specialist in linguistics from and ensure the text is free from any unwanted elements. Get a top grade!

Find the editing service you need for your text, and we shall ensure its optimal performance! See the links to our articles below:

How to find the best paper proofreaders

In the chapter above, we have outlined the skills the efficient proofreader must possess. It is highly important that the proofreader would have the ample knowledge of all the language rules as well as the skills of their implementation.

However, it is not only a good theoretical and practical knowledge that makes a worker a professional. Real professionalism lays in the knowledge of the person’s performance limits and perspectives and in the correct estimation of the possibilities. See the definition of the professional in the popular dictionaries.

A professional who has sufficient experience in editing knows that simply adjusting grammar and punctuation and weeding out typos would make your text less irritating yet not much more attractive. There are additional aspects to be considered if you plan to perform a thorough proofreading.

Thus, apart from the three fields of knowledge stated above, the proofreader must know (and be able to perform):

  • Formatting. For the positive image of the text in the reader’s mind, the external structure and the way of execution are no less important than an impeccable grammar and all the commas being in place.

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Imagine the grammatical text featuring the interesting narrative but going plainly, without paragraphs’ breakdown and any markings, highlights etc. Would you read such essay until the end? The chances are higher otherwise.

An editor, who is experienced in working with academic texts, knows well how to highlight its structure and strong features. He also knows how to conceal the weak ones.

Imagine that you are writing an essay about the myths of Ancient Greece. You’ve got plenty of information but do not have the time to arrange it properly. The best solution, in this case, would be to arrange the main data in the view of the list, while the additional information would serve as the illustration. Besides, it would help highlight the heading of each item on the list in some way (e.g. bold typing) and the illustration in another way (e.g. underlining).

- Mr. Humphrey, I received your essay but there was nothing written in it.

- Oh, probably I highlighted the main information with the wrong color!

  • Referencing. In any academic text, as well as in any other serious texts, never use the ideas that aren’t yours, without proper referencing. It is highly important to know all the information that relates to the topic you reflect. In this way, you will be able to ground your ideas properly and not to steal involuntarily any part of it. For securing yourself from such failures, simply apply for our editing and proof reading services. We guarantee the 100% uniqueness!

The way of referencing might differ in different academic editions, and even in different educational institutions. That is why it is important to study all the technical part of the requirements for the essay writing properly. Then, you will be able to execute your references properly.

When quoting someone, spend some time and effort in order to ensure you are quoting a primary source.

It is no good quoting a work of the student that is based completely on the professor’s scientific article.

So, becoming a professional proofreader requires mastering a huge volume of information as well as acquiring several specific skills. Welcome to our special editing website, where the needed qualities and the ways to obtain the necessary information are relayed comprehensively. You will also find a lot of information regarding the formation of the price for editing services, choosing the right specialist for your essay or dissertation, developing your English speaking and many more! For example, you can always check the relevant proof reading rate for PhD thesis. Get the best service at the average price! Check the four compartments of our blog that offer various data on different aspects of writing and editing, as well as providing a special support for non-native English speakers – both students and postgraduates. You can contact us anytime and ask any question with regard to your English writing – we shall be glad to assist! Make the default tab in your browser and stay informed of all the news in the editing world!

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