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Where to get professional English thesis edit and how to purchase thesis and not to miscalculate

The reasons for ordering thesis paper, instead of writing it on one’s own, are different and individual. Someone is not aware of the subject well, someone else needs to get a higher grade to get a scholarship, others doubt that they will manage to conduct and format their research properly, and so on. In general, there is the demand and it is pretty big. It means that there is supply. Today thesis creation to order is a great niche of educational services available offline in most big cities and online on the Web.

Where thesis can be ordered

Traditionally at almost every university and college, there are so-called “masters thesis makers” who are ready to solve any issue related to thesis papers. If you do not want to appeal to them, modern technology easily turns the question “where?” into the request “what service is more affordable, reliable and safer”.

The segment of internet services related to thesis creation to order can be conditionally divided into three big sectors:

  1. Specialized companies – registered firms that have legal address, office, and staff members.
  2. Internet exchanges – platforms-mediators, on which it is comfortable and safe for the executors and customers to cooperate.
  3. Private writers – most often, these are the mentioned “thesis makers”, i.e. the students and professors who have experience in thesis creation to order and who have decided to go to the regional level.

Each of the formats of thesis creation to order has advantages and disadvantages.

Specialized companies

This is the most solid segment presented on the Web with own websites, the use of which can be compared to the visit to a comfortable office. The only difference is that they cannot serve you a cup of coffee. For the rest, they will answer all the questions in a convenient “selling” form:

  • Target prices;
  • Online calculator or form to order a thesis paper;
  • Preliminary calculation of the price within 10-15 minutes;
  • List of available services and activities;
  • On-line contact with the managers, writers, support team.

All a client needs to do is to tell the subject of research, its topic, and wait for a response. The processing of an order is carried out in stages:

  1. A manager selects an individual assistant.
  2. Terms and prices of thesis creation are specified.
  3. A customer enters into a contract with the company (in order to comply with the legislation, technically, the subject matter of the contract is consulting services or collection of research materials, not the completed text).
  4. A client pays some part of the cost (usually 50%) or the full price. It depends on the company pricing policy.
  5. A customer receives a draft, and any other additional changes within specified period are made for free.

Behind the scenes, judging from the description on the sites, everything is the same as in a real office. Staff members are customer support managers. Writers in most companies work remotely. Thus, a company can hire hundreds and even thousands of competent specialists.

Almost all the sites claim that they call for the cooperation only the specialists in the field of education, in particular, science officers, teachers and professors, etc. The criteria for selection of such specialists are very high and strict, and also, many companies have their own specific criteria that are not presented publicly. At the same time, a big number of employees allows the companies to provide a maximally wide range of services in all the educational directions:

  • Term and course papers, research projects to order;
  • Master’s thesis and dissertations, scientific articles, essays, monographs;
  • Paragraphs, tests, abstracts;
  • Help with preparation for exams, thesis defense, presentation creation, preparation for conferences, etc.

Time frames would be agreed individually depending on the topic and difficulty level. On average, the texts of small size can be written in a day (or even several hours), a term paper takes about two-three days, and thesis needs at least a week.

The advantage of ordering thesis paper in the specialized firms is the fact that this is a deal made officially, though the name of a “product” is not mentioned directly. A document is signed in the office, is prepared in electronic format or in the format of a public offer on the site by giving consent to the terms of a website, filling the order form, and paying for the services. In such a way, the chance for sending money to “nowhere” is very small. The guarantees are documented, the services will be provided, though there can be issues with the quality and timeliness.

The disadvantage of a thesis paper to order on line is the absence of opportunity to choose a performer on your own. There is more, some agencies purposely block the direct contact between a customer and executor. From commercial point of view, this is logic. However, there are cases when a manager-mediator cannot tell the customer’s demands properly and the discussion of the work details turns into Chinese whispers. Also, when a writer is a remote employee, there is no chance for 100% control of his (or her) work.

In order to minimize the risks and not to experience all the possible disadvantages, it is recommended to order thesis on-line on the resources that have many years of experience and good reputation. Essay-editor on-line agency is one of such companies that deliver high-quality services at affordable prices. Thesis papers for sale can be of high quality and cheap simultaneously. Our on-line company proves it from day to day.

Internet exchanges

Less popular but also worthy of attention form of order online is specialized exchanges. For instance, there are famous platforms that you can easily find on the Web. Their main difference with the companies that offer writing services is the direct contact of a client with a specialist. The principle of operation is simple:

  1. An exchange provides an online platform where the parties are registered.
  2. A customer places the order with the description of the topic, requirements, and deadlines.
  3. The executors offer their price for the order, and the customer decides on whom to choose.

Absolutely anyone can become an exchange employee. A client judges about an executor according to the rating and number of successfully done projects. The range of services is unlimited: starting with the assistance with exam preparation or essay writing, and ending with the thesis and dissertation papers creation.

An on line service is an official mediator and guarantor for both parties – an exchange gets the money for one’s order and transfers it to an executor when a customer receives completed materials. The employees of a site-platform resolve the disputes.

By the way, on the exchanges, a customer can buy a ready paper from a catalogue presented in a special section. Such a “second hand” (the paper has been presented and defended, maybe even more than once) is cheaper compared to writing from scratch. However, in this case, forget about text uniqueness. A customer will have to increase uniqueness on his (her) own in every possible way or order thesis paper rewriting. Essay-editor offers rewriting services of high end quality at a low price. If you have a ready paper, send it to us, and we will make it plagiarism free.

Private writers

Numerous but ragtag group of “free spirits” is well represented offline at every university and college, online on social media, and on the internet platforms for personal advertising.

The advantage of this market segment, the members of which also promise to create a high-quality paper to order, is the possibility to find a performer in your city and communicate personally. Face to face dialogue allows assessing at least approximately the level of competence and decency of a writer before paying. Besides, in case of direct hire, it is possible to negotiate. The disadvantage is that there are no official documents that can give any guarantees and, most likely, the disclosure of the confidentiality.

Prices and terms

It is pretty difficult to respond unambiguously where to purchase a thesis paper at the lowest price because every single company and freelancers calculate the price individually, taking into consideration the level of difficulty of research.

Also, the scientific direction influences the price. On average, it is 10 to 30% cheaper to hire a humanities disciplines specialist rather than an expert on technical subjects. It is quite understandable: in order to create a thesis paper on electrical engineering, for instance, it is necessary to be able not only to write competently an introduction, conclusion, and reference list but also to have the skills of conducting practical calculations, production of graphics, schemes, etc.

Comparison of the starting prices for thesis papers

There are some minimal figures that are for informational purpose only. You can easily find them on the internet, they are freely available. Almost all the customers want to get the result quickly, with quality and for cheap. Nevertheless, most companies can offer only two of these criteria. An urgent online order of thesis, increased demands for the content and uniqueness will lead to the price increase. A good way to save is available almost on every website – most specialized resources offer discounts, seasonal sales, bonuses for attraction more clients, etc. At, you do not have to choose: get it all at once. Order professional services, get them done quickly, with quality, and for cheap. A discount up to 20% is guaranteed to every customer.

Payment methods

The most widespread forms of transferring money are bank cards, e-wallets Qiwi, WebMoney, and so on. You can pay in cash to the companies that accept orders for thesis creation in their offline offices. It is also possible to pay from one’s mobile account or through post offices. When you cooperate with a private writer, payment methods are more limited – they are cash, transfer to card or e-wallet.

Guarantees and quality of work

The official members of market, i.e. specialized companies and exchanges, provide their customers with the set of guaranteed options. Every website offers to buy a thesis paper with plagiarism free guarantee. Other safeguards are:

  1. The warranty period and time frames for free refinements.
  2. Confidentiality. Most services commit to maintain the fact of cooperation under wraps, provide to the client the possibility to stay anonymous even for his (her) personal writer, who creates the client’s thesis. Some resources emphasize the regional principle of executor selection that makes it impossible to delegate a student’s order to his (her) professor.
  3. Financial safety. Here it can be mentioned the possibility to pay for the order in parts.

“Individual entrepreneurs” due to their unofficial status do not provide such guarantees. Nevertheless, this is not the reason to treat their services as less qualitative. Thanks to the direct contact with an executor, you can bargain and impose some additional obligations on the writer that a company with a typical agreement and hundreds of orders may reject.

Of course, it is up to you to decide where to order your thesis. The greatest advantage of the companies and exchanges is the official agreement and guarantees. However, it is possible to agree on the price and terms with a freelance private writer. Anyway, when choosing an executor that will create thesis to order, it is necessary to consider the following:

  • How well an executor knows the topic;
  • Whether there is the possibility to control and change the process of writing;
  • What other students and internet users say about a potential executor.

Of course, much depends on you: the more accurately you formulate the task and the more materials you provide, the higher the chance to get a high-quality thesis paper is, without worries and many refinements.

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How to purchase high-quality goods and services and not to overpay?

In order to save your time and energy and not let you waste them on search, we want to tell you the reasons why it is worth giving preference to our website.

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  10. Experienced, polite and friendly team. Our staff will answer your questions in details and, if needed, will conduct additional consultations to help you choose correctly and get the finest result. We have specialists in different fields, i.e. writers, editors, proofreaders, revisers, copyeditors, copywriters, and so on, to ensure a comprehensive approach to your papers.

PhD thesis editing is the way to your perfect thesis

Steps to take to do thesis perfectly well

Educational system has a lot of goals and objectives, among which is to develop student independent thinking and train the skills of research work. That is why it is necessary to create thesis when finishing studies. It is not a regular college paper as some students think. Are you sure you are aware of how to do thesis correctly? In this post, we shall present you a full guidance on how to make your thesis paper perfect.

Preparatory stage

  1. The selection of academic adviser. This is the step when paper creation begins. Of course, we are speaking about a paper, which should bring its owner the highest grade. First of all, every teacher or professor has his (or her) range of interests, on which thesis and dissertation topics depend. Second of all, every teacher has his (her) own temper. If your academic adviser is not the most helpful person, it complicates the process of a perfect thesis creation. However, do not worry, usually professors behave professionally and treat good students properly. Anyway, care for the choice of a future academic adviser as soon as possible.
  2. The selection of topic. Usually, the students have the right to select a topic by themselves but not every time. First of all, as it has been mentioned, it is needed to choose an academic adviser correctly. Choose among those professors whose sphere of activity is the most interesting for you. After that, you can discuss with your adviser the range of subjects that can be used for thesis.
    If you approach your academic adviser in advance and show that you are sincerely interested, mindful, and have an adequate attitude to the issue, a good professor will agree to consider a couple of options. It would be better to get few topics and a break for a week to reflect on information and decide, which topic seems easy, complicated, or more interesting. At least, you will protect yourself from the tortures related to the question: “how to create my thesis paper if the topic is so much weird and unclear?”.
    Also, consider that all the research papers written previously can be used as the basis for your thesis. So think in terms of effectiveness and look forward. The smartest students select the subject for their future thesis when they are in the first or second course.
  3. The examination of general data. Almanacs, journals, books, dictionaries, review articles on the Web (or the posts on Wikipedia, for instance) let you understand the subject in general terms. It is not recommended to ignore this stage, otherwise, it will be difficult to make a good outline. However, it is also not recommended to be up to your ears with the materials because it may happen that an academic adviser will make some changes in the outline and will ask to emphasize some issues and remove others.
  4. The creation of outline. Having got a general idea about the subject of your thesis, start making the outline. In fact, there should be 2 outlines: the 1st one is brief and the 2nd one is more detailed. First, do the brief one and discuss it with your academic adviser. Then, write a more detailed plan in the form of statements to each paragraph. In every statement, it is required to mention what it is going to be about, what issue will be presented. Show this plan to the adviser again. It would better to redo the outline for five times than to rewrite the whole thesis even once.

Material collection

  1. The method of finding material. So the outline is approved and some sources you already have. What is next – to jump into information? There is the risk to sink or, vice versa, to wander for a long time trying to find data related to the topic that almost no one has researched yet.
    First, look at the outline and statements to understand what exactly is needed to be found. Then, study your list of sources and literature. Distinguish two main groups:
    • “flagships” that will provide the most information;
    • support materials, from which you will take a couple of statements and quotes.
    It would be ideal if the number of flagships is from 3 to 5. Having copied someone’s dissertation or combined several articles, you will hardly get a good grade.
  2. Search for materials on the Web. The fact that books, articles, dissertations, and sources are actively digitized has led to the situation when it is easy to find the “flagships” on the Web. Even, for instance, the curse of students-historians, i.e. the medieval sources, is no longer the curse. The enthusiasts have published everything they could and continue working today.
    Previously it was necessary to buy rare books or search them in the libraries. Nowadays, almost everything is available online. Thanks to the World Wide Web, the creation of any academic paper became much easier and much more complex simultaneously. The reason is that you cannot just copy a text. It is required to make it unique. All the things you can see on the Web, your professors can see as well.
    Now be attentive, we want to share something really helpful. Pay attention to any data that is not freely available. It will be needed to pay to download the documents but the prices are not very high usually. In return, you will get a unique text that can become your “flagship”, and uniqueness of your paper will be 100% because the material you use is not freely available. Also, it will be easier to write the conclusions when you have a good example in front of you.
  3. Conducting research in the libraries and archives. Unfortunately (or luckily) not every single book and journal can be found on the Web. For instance, in order to combat piracy, it is possible only to purchase some new books, and some old ones can be not digitized. Sometimes your academic adviser can demand to add the materials from this very unavailable book to your paper. So do not forget there are many libraries that traditionally work, and students are the main visitors there.
    Sometime it is needed to dig through the records or old newspaper archives. A student of history department, journalist, or jurist can suffer from such a fate. If you do not belong to them and already look at the prices for thesis to order, do not delay too much because essay-editor experts will need to dig through the archives instead of you. Of course, it will require some time.
  4. The translation of foreign material. Does your academic adviser think that your thesis should maintain links to foreign books or articles? This is harsh but there is nothing to do. Fortunately, you can appeal to professionals and order to translate the needed pages. If this option is not affordable to you, it will be required to do it by yourself then. It will be necessary to understand at least general meaning of a text and find the fragments that are needed to translate. Such an approach will cut your expenses up to ten times.
    If you cannot realize what is written at all, consequently you cannot find the necessary paragraphs. How to act in this case? Naturally, the full translation of a book is not an option because it is too expensive. A good way out is to order the analysis of a book highlighting essential information on your topic.
    Another helpful thing: if you find foreign texts, which no one has translated yet, and use them in your paper, you may stay completely calm about plagiarism issue. You got a super “flagship”. The most difficult and significant is to get it. Some students buy somewhere (on Amazon, for instance) the books relating to their topic in a foreign language (the texts that are not available online) and please their academic advisers with the brilliant papers. The risk to get caught is minimal. Only if your professor bought the same book as well…
    Also, there will be no reason to worry about uniqueness of your paper if our experts work on it. Contact us saying: “check my thesis for plagiarism”, and we shall do the rest.

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Buy thesis paper editing for cheap and be sure about its top quality

Previously we started to speak about what to do to create an excellent thesis paper. Now we want to continue sharing helpful tips that will help achieve perfection. Here are some more steps that should be taken at the preparatory stage.

  1. The creation of reference list. Most professors tell what research works to take to base on when writing a thesis paper. This is another reason to consult with your academic adviser before you start writing. However, as a rule, the materials that your professor recommends are not enough. A student needs to look for the appropriate sources on his (her) own. The list of books and encyclopedias only will not do (although you can mention them as well). A reference list should maintain research – the articles in scientific journals and collections, as well as monographs.
    Sometimes it is required that the list should also contain the works in foreign languages. Do not try to just add a hundred of foreign titles, having copied them from the reference list of someone’s monograph. It is better to mention only several works, which you have read and used for sure. Professors are not silly and naïve. They can easily ask you: “Where did you get this rare article in German mentioned in the reference list? What is the color of its covering?”. Just be careful with something like this.
  2. Finding the sources. Not every specialty or faculty requires this stage, but sometimes it is obligatory. For instance, historians use the chronicles, annals, memoirs, diplomatic documents, archival materials as the sources. Philosophers use the works of wise representatives of antiquity and modernity, from Aristotle and Kant to Sartre and Kierkegaard. Jurists operate the sources of law, in particular, the laws, orders, constitutions, case law materials, etc. Philologists use belles-lettres works and literary texts. Do not confuse the sources with literature. When creating thesis, they are written separately.
    If the requirements to thesis in your field include the sources but you present only monographs and articles of researchers, do not expect that you will get A+ or another sufficient grade.
  3. Is it necessary to write a practical part, do calculations and drawings? This is the question that you need to make clear during the first consultations with your adviser. Not all the faculties have such demands, but if your specialty requires them, most often, this part is the most important and pretty problematic.
    Usually, the future educators, psychologists, jurists, economists, and managers face a lot of problems with it. A practical part should be written based on the experiments, interviews, surveys, or practice at a particular enterprise. This is the problem. It is very difficult to fulfill everything you need in a day, and also, agree your actions with the administration of that very enterprise.
    Here is an aide-memoire for students who want to use thesis creation services: if you want to get a real practical part, place your order as early as possible. The experts of our site can fulfill even the most urgent orders but a practical part requires more time, anyway.
  4. Special requirements of the faculty and professor. It is well-known that every educational establishment has its own special demands. You need to ask your adviser about what special demands for a thesis paper there are. It happens that a student presents a completed thesis paper and finds out that he (or she) has not considered “the essentials”.


  1. Structuring and compilation of material. So the material is collected. Now it is necessary to divide it into the paragraphs and chapters. This stage might seem simple but it also has its pitfalls. Some students think that the more information they have the better. As a result, their paper is much bigger than allowed. It is important to know that this is a mistaken approach. Your task is to identify the most important. The material that will be presented in your thesis should support your personal conclusions.
    One more thing: compile wisely. Your adviser perfectly knows all your “flagships”, most likely. That is why do not just copy information but operate it properly. Thus, do not write the whole paragraph but make a mosaic from sentences taken from different paragraphs.
  2. Footnotes. Do not leave the procedure of footnotes creation till the last minute. You risk getting confused and not having enough time. It is better to do footnotes at once, right after you use a fragment from a book or article. By the way, make sure that you know how to do footnotes. If you are not aware of it, our specialists will help cope with the task when editing your document.
  3. Taking care of text uniqueness. Thanks to the Internet, this is no longer a problem to find information to create a thesis paper, but there has appeared another problem of plagiarism. Today most professors ask to present thesis not only in hard copy but in electronic form as well, in order to check it for plagiarism. That is why when you have compiled the materials, proceed to making your text unique. The experts of our website will help you cope with this difficult task easily and quickly. If you buy master thesis on our site, 100% uniqueness is guaranteed. Usually, a paper should be at least 70% unique, i.e. it is allowed 30% of non-unique information (quotes, terminology, and so on). However, an academic adviser can also have his (her) own demands to uniqueness that should be taken into consideration.
  4. Conclusions, personal opinion. Most students write their thesis as other types of academic papers. However, there are many differences, and the biggest one is that a thesis paper should contain a great share of personal contribution, thoughts and ideas. That is why if you want to create an A+ paper, you need to use your brain, reflect a lot, and analyze the materials. Every paragraph and chapter should end with your personal conclusion on the topic. It is allowed and even recommended to confront the authors that have already written something about your subject (within the bounds of reason, of course). In general, the more your own conclusions presented, the more original your paper is, the higher your chance is to get an excellent grade.
  5. Presenting a draft and making corrections. It is better to present the paper in parts (chapters and paragraphs). First of all, you will show your adviser that you really work. Second of all, you will have time to change your direction if something goes wrong, and it may happen for many times. Although many professors do not like when they are often bothered and most of them encourage students’ activity and independence.
    Bear in mind that if you present an already done paper, an academic adviser will judge it critically and make many remarks in 99,9% of cases (0,01% is for those who do not care at all). One of the reasons is that you have not sought advice, and it probably means that you do not respect your adviser’s mind.

Practical part creation

The following steps might not be needed if you study at the faculty that does not require adding a practical part to the paper. If it is obligatory, this information should help.

  1. An arrangement with an enterprise where you will conduct your practical activities. It can be a school if you are a teacher or psychologist, a hotel if you are the student of “hotel services and tourism” department, a plant if you are an economist, etc. Science students work at the laboratories. Students who learn exact sciences may also need laboratory based tests.
    Anyway, it is necessary to arrange a visit and practical work, first of all. If you just come without notice, you can be not accepted at all. Also, do not expect that you will be allowed to conduct your tests at once. Most likely, they will set a date convenient for the administration and curator.
  2. Preparation of the set of practical events. Before going to an enterprise, prepare the plan of practical activities, experiments, or questions you have to the administration. It is very important that your academic adviser approves all of that. You do not want to conduct practical event once again, do you?
  3. Material collection. So here is the time to work with the test subjects or conduct laboratory experiments. Go ahead! Try to do everything carefully not to redo it for several times. Some students do not care much for information collection, but if you want to create an excellent paper, you need to avoid such a policy.
  4. Material processing. At this stage, you will process everything you have gathered at the enterprise, where you have been conducting the experiments, tests, interviews, surveys, or any other research work. Now it is time to calculate everything, make the tables, drawings, graphs, or even make up a business plan with recommendations.
    he most important is that the conclusions in the practical part should prove your hypothesis presented in the introduction. Do not overdo trying to demonstrate “nice figures”, though sometimes it can be necessary. Just try to make it look believable. Of course, it is better not to cheat at all.

Completion point of thesis creation

  1. Introduction and conclusions. That is right, these thesis parts are created the last. It is clear about the conclusions. But why is the introduction written in the end? The reason is that in the process of paper creation, especially during the work on a practical part, your hypothesis can be disproved. In this case, you will make a new hypothesis that will meet your conclusions. It might look like cheating but many papers are created in this way.
    Goals, objectives, and the rest should match your conclusions. That is why these two parts of thesis, its “framing”, are created the last and in parallel. Since thesis can be changed for many times, there is no point to write the introduction at once.
    By the way, for most students, the introduction and conclusions are the hardest pieces of work, meanwhile, for the experts, they are the simplest ones. Why so? The reason is that they are usually made from a template. These are the template thesis parts that are created according to the strict demands. Having understood the template, you will facilitate the writing process greatly.
  2. Formatting. It is required to find out not only the rules of cover page formatting but also many other nuances: how to present the tables, formulas, appendix, etc. Most rules are general to all the educational establishments, however, there can be some differences that you need to find out and take into consideration.
  3. Reference list, footnotes, title, appendix, numeration. Now you need to write the books and articles alphabetically (by authors’ last names), considering the rules of presentation. The sources are usually presented separately and can be divided into groups. In order not to have problems with numeration, use automatic lists in Word. Once again, we recommend not leaving the footnotes to the last minute. The appendix is usually presented in the end and its pages are not numbered. Do not forget about the title. Create the cover page and the work is almost done.
  4. Proof reading and footnotes check. The fewer mistakes and misprints your paper maintains the better your adviser will treat you. A serious paper claiming to get a high grade does not tolerate errors. That is it… almost. The final result depends on how you will manage to defend your thesis. This is another thing. Anyway, if you have followed all the steps carefully, a high grade is 90% in your pocket.

I know thesis creation can be easy if professionals edit my thesis

Can it be easier? Of course, it can. If these steps to an excellent paper seem too difficult for you, order your thesis paper at However, keep in mind that if you claim to get a good grade, you will need to work a bit, anyway. Even if you have your thesis done by our experts, we strongly recommend taking at least first eight steps.

Besides, in order to get a high grade, it is better to visit your academic adviser and get consultations a couple of times. Do not worry, our specialists will tell you everything you need to know to order thesis properly and get the supreme results!