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Our knowledge and many years of experience will help make an effective document that will present you as a professional candidate. Your resume is your individual presentation that makes the first and the most long-lasting impression. That is why before creating it, think about where you are going to submit it, who will receive it, how it will be read, and in what folder it will be put. Keep in mind that the work of an HR manager is aimed not at selecting appropriate resumes but at rejecting the ones that do not fit.

Let’s be honest: a resume paper is not the most important thing in the employment process. A person with unique experience and competences will be invited for an interview even if his (or her) resume is written on a napkin. The things are different if a person does not belong to the category of rare super professionals. In this case, the chance to meet the competitors in the struggle for a dream job increases, and the quality of a resume moves to the foreground.

When building a resume, it is necessary to mention the following principles:

  1. Structure. All the information in a resume should be presented in a specific sequence.
  2. Selectivity. Thinking about your resume, first of all, define its objective, i.e. decide what job you want to get. Analyze your professional experience and select only those facts that precisely correspond to the defined objective. A selective approach will not allow adding unnecessary information to your resume.
  3. Objectivity. Describing your experience and skills, be realistic and objective. You need to be ready to reason everything mentioned in a resume. Also, keep in mind that the pronoun “I” makes your statements more subjective. So try not to abuse it.
  4. Brevity. Resume size should not exceed one page. That is why information should be presented briefly, emphasizing the most important and valuable for an employer points.
  5. Specificity. It is necessary to be maximally specific when choosing the statements. For instance: “I trained two new employees” (desirable answer) – “I was involved in teaching” (undesirable answer); “I reduced the errors by 15% and save 10 000$ for the company” (desirable answer) – “I helped to reduce the errors” (undesirable answer); “I learned new procedures in record time, two weeks” (desirable answer) – “I learn quickly” (undesirable answer).
  6. Activity. Do not be too long-winded and avoid passive forms. Highlight the reached results using the action verbs. For instance: “I fulfilled” (desirable answer) – “I was responsible for fulfillment” (undesirable answer); “I effectively used” (desirable answer) – “I was trying to apply” (undesirable answer); “I took responsibility for” (desirable answer) – “I was responsible for” (undesirable answer).
  7. Positivity. Prefer positive information to negative. For instance: “I was helping the clients with…” (desirable answer) – “I was handling complaints of…” (undesirable answer); “I increased the potential of the product on the market” (desirable answer) – “I prevented the decrease of sales” (undesirable answer); “I was promoted to a position” (desirable answer) – “I moved from a position” (undesirable answer).
  8. Focus on your accomplishments. For example: “I was promoted in three years” (desirable answer) – “I worked at the company for three years” (undesirable answer); “I always performed the work on time” (desirable answer) – “I performed extra work” (undesirable answer).

What should not be mentioned in a resume

  • A title “Resume”, “CV”, etc. (the format of the document shows what it is about);
  • Your physical features and health description;
  • Your weaknesses;
  • The reasons for which you have left the previous workplace.

When a resume is already completed

  • Make sure that in the description of your present job, you use the present forms of verbs and, in the description of the previous workplaces, you use the verbs of the past forms.
  • Check that there are no too long phrases, complex and unclear words.
  • Highlight the necessary headings clearly.
  • Make sure that your resume is formatted in a uniform style.
  • Choose the format that is easy to read: big margins, not too small and not too big font, enough spacing between the lines, etc.

A resume usually ends with the phrase that confirms your readiness to come for an interview: “Thank you for your attention and I will be pleased to meet you and answer all your questions!”.

Resume check

When the work is done, we advise you to review your text two or three times to fix the errors and correct not very nice statements. Misprints in the headings, names of the companies and positions will give an employer alarm.

If you want to show your resume to someone else, choose a person who has recruiting experience. Otherwise, you will get many of completely unnecessary pieces of advice. If you consider several different positions – for instance, “sales manager” and “sales department manager” – create two different resumes.

Bear in mind: every profession has its peculiarities. It is expected that the lawyers would present an ideal resume without a single mistake, meanwhile, for the bookkeepers, it is more important to present particular accounts, calculations, and programs they used to work with. The differences between the “subcultures” of different professions do not allow creating a uniform right instruction for everybody. We have gathered the most common points that concern every job seeker. Of course, we wish you good luck with your job search!

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