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We make your final step to a doctorate degree easier. You must have spent so much effort on research and writing that editing seems impossible to you. Do not worry and simply order this service from our experts. We are here to turn your dissertation into an impeccable paper.

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How do I find an editor for my dissertation?

Actually, it is challenging to get a good professional who will check your academic paper with skill. The thing is a dissertation is a serious document containing valuable information and you cannot risk it. The chosen editor must improve and not spoil this treatise.

#1 Realize what you expect from the editing

Since editing is a vast concept, it covers a bunch of aspects connected with the improvements of the texts. For instance, you might need only proofreading services, that is the correction of grammatical mistakes. Some students require a comprehensive check, including improvement of the style, adding some new information, deleting unnecessary facts, etc.

Make sure, you understand what type of editing you want to order. Thus, plenty of professional editing agencies specialize only in proofreading and are not able to adapt your dissertation to the required citation style, for instance.

We are proud that Essay-editor.net is well-versed in all types of editing and related services. We check and correct everything you wish, starting from spelling and up to reorganizing your ideas.

One can use our checklist to determine all the crucial moments of the editing service. Here is what this type of help may include:

  • spell and punctuation check;
  • revision of the vocabulary and professional terms used in the text of the dissertation;
  • deleting of tautologies;
  • fact-checking;
  • citations style check;
  • fixing the logic and coherency;
  • text restructuring;
  • improving smooth transitions between abstracts, etc.

When placing an order on our website, you are free to add any requirements concerning the academic style, peculiarities of your subject, professional words, and other essential aspects. Our Order Form has a special section for your personal instructions; besides you can discuss all the problems on our live chat.

Mention points that are important to you, add your own ones and tell about all these details to our editor. By doing so, we avoid misunderstandings, and you will get the best results from our work.

#2 Ask around about editors

Feedback about the real experience is the most valuable. Ask your friends or colleagues if they ever turned to professionals to check their dissertations or any other pieces of writing.

As for Essay-editor.net, we have published several true reviews on the website to demonstrate all the seriousness and effectiveness of our work.

#3 Discuss your questions with the representatives of the chosen editing service

Practically, all the companies have a live chat for communication with clients. Pay attention to the way they talk to you.

  • Do they have a good level of English language?
  • Do you need to wait for hours until they reply?
  • Are the answers about the dissertation editing service informative?
  • Can they guarantee the possibility to track changes in your project?
  • Is the live chat available at any time?
  • How polite is the support service?
  • Can they demonstrate a sample of their editing work?

Make sure you do not speak to a chat-bot and consider the manner of discussion.

We, here at Essay-editor.net have established a super convenient system of client support. Working 24/7/365, our agents are ready to clarify any nuance of our cooperation whenever you wish.

#4 Start with a short text to check the level of their editing service

Take your time, you do not have to send the whole dissertation to the first random online editing agency. It is, above all, a matter of privacy and confidentiality. You'd better begin with a little piece of writing.

Thus, on our website, you can order the editing of any dissertation chapter (a reference list, introduction, summary, etc.). Even a couple of pages are enough to evaluate how competent our service is.

The difference between a proofreader and an editor

When searching for an editor, you might have been confused by the variety of specialists in this sphere. To clarify this issue, we provide the definitions used in our professional editing agency.

The proofreaderis the one who checks your dissertation at the so-called "micro-level." Precise attention is paid to every sign, letter, word. It means, that this professional is responsible for the grammar, syntax, punctuation, the correct use of the measurement system, etc.

The editorrevises your paper from a global perspective. He/she monitors the tone and voice of the text. The focus is on the structure of sentences, the composition of the overall paper, readability, and logic.

Make sure the difference between these two concepts is clear to you, as it determines the type of service you order to improve the dissertation. If you still have any questions, please contact our support agents. They will give you a detailed explanation of our proofreading and editing services.

Whether you need an editor, dissertation proofreader, or any other specialist to check your English text, you can always find a good one on our portal.

Can anyone write a dissertation?

It is our belief that a dissertation is a special treatise requiring significant intellectual work, great patience, outstanding research skills, and a strong motivation to get a Doctoral degree. Not everyone has all these traits, and hence only talented, highly disciplined, and enthusiastic people can successfully cope with it.

The same cannot be said about editors. These specialists work according to specific rules and instructions, and it is possible to master this science for everyone. This minimum requirement is enough to check the dissertation and adjust it to modern academic standards.

As for editors from Essay-editor.net, their capacity goes far beyond common norms for the editing service. It is a good reason to opt for them if you wish to improve the dissertation significantly.

Why choose our editors for your dissertations?

✓ Rich experience

Our editors have been working in the sphere of education, science, and research for years. It is about writing and editing texts, as well as consulting functions. For now, we have enough knowledge of how to work with any dissertation. With an eye for detail and a grasp of balance between correcting errors and imposing our views, we make your paper as perfect as possible. It will be the best presentation of your research results, and you will easily submit it.

✓ Reliability

The team of our editors is well-organized so that you always get your brilliantly edited dissertation before the due date. Respecting your requirements to the final draft and deadlines, we always give you what you expect. The live chat is always available to take your questions and give informative answers. You are free to learn everything about the stages of our editing process as well as see intermediate results. If you want to look at certain edited chapters of your project, we will send you some of them.

✓ In-depth understanding of college and university disciplines

Obviously, dissertation editing services cannot be provided by amateurs or unqualified freelancers. That is why we work only with experienced specialists and former alumni of reputable educational institutions. Our dissertation editors are aware of all the nuances of academic writing and serious requirements for dissertations.

In addition, Essay-editor.net has consultants practically on all majors. So, you should not worry even in case of a narrow topic of the dissertation.

✓ Open-mindedness

Apart from specialization in academiс disciplines, our editors have good erudition. Broad knowledge helps us to work fast and effectively, as well as to avoid wrong corrections in editing dissertations. It is a perfect background for making smart decisions in the sphere of academic writing and editing.

✓ Additional suggestions

If you do not mind to add some information to your dissertation, our editors can share their thoughts. We do not doubt that your thesis is good enough, yet if you are interested in getting fresh ideas, the editor of our team will give you a couple of them. However, we never change your writer's style and the core moments of your dissertation.

✓ Constructive solutions

A good editor is the one who gives the best shape to your text and brings it closer to the intended purpose. The job of our editors is to prepare your thesis for its defense and not to interfere in the sense of the dissertation.

For this goal, we provide an effective and objective check of your paper. Our dissertation editing is aimed at accurate detection and corrections of mistakes, as well as offering helpful recommendations.

All in all, our editor gives the best to your paper. We understand that the defense of the dissertation is a crucial milestone in your life and try our best to make it flawless in all respects.

Our guarantees

✓ Decent quality

We are sure you will like your ideally edited dissertation. If we do not meet any points of your instruction or conditions mentioned in the Order Form, we will send your money back. However, the situation when we break any terms is rather rare, as our team is interested in perfect results. It is a matter of our well-earned reputation, and we mention this opportunity just in case of force majeure.

✓ Affordable cost

Our service is not the cheapest on the web, yet we offer a modest price for a perfectly edited paper. However, it is the lowest possible sum of money for competent help and efficient results. The cost per page is not very high, as we provide discounts for big orders.

Fully corresponding to the high level of delivered assistance and time spent on responsible editing, this payment becomes your good investment in future success.

We want to thank you for your first order and are happy to give you the first bonus. Learn more from the support agents of our experienced dissertation company.

✓ Timely implementation

Time is even more valuable than money, especially when it deals with writing a dissertation. The educational institutions have strict schedules for candidates, so we realize all the importance of your deadlines. Your edited dissertation will be compulsorily delivered by the due date.

✓ Instant feedback

You do not have to wait for ages to hear a reply from Essay-editor.net. The team of our support managers works all the time. Even if you decide to edit the paper at night or on holiday, there is always a team on call. These guys help you order editing services and answer all your questions.

We realize that you need support during the whole dissertation editing process. Nobody wants to be in the dark when it deals with such a crucial project. Thus, every client gets an opportunity to track changes in his/her dissertation editing.

✓ An individual approach

Sometimes the writer needs special attention from the editor. It is not always about requirements for the dissertation but about polite communication too. Understanding the psychology of the authors, we provide our corrections in a neutral manner.

Besides, we have flexible terms of cooperation, and we are ready to consider any specific preferences. Whether you need it in Microsoft Word or Google Docs format, APA or Chicago style, the entire document or only its part, we will help you with that.

✓ Fast speed of dissertation editing

If you edit the paper on your own, you spend a lot of time. Everything goes quicker when a team of dissertation editors starts working on it. In fact, you hire a strong team of specialists. We divide dissertation editing between a fact-checker, an English proofreader, a style checker, a consultant specializing in your theme, etc. All the specialists are lead by the main editor.

What you get with our professional editing

When using editing services you will never know about the difficulties of endless proofreading, correcting, and rewriting. In fact, there is plenty of issues between writing a dissertation and its defense. You have to change the text every time your professor or consultant makes remarks. As a rule, graduate students do it very often until they meet the expectations of the thesis supervisor, and all the requirements of the academic world, in general.

The thing is that you have to bear in mind a lot of details concerning formatting, grammar, structure, etc. Let alone the necessity to analyze tons of information. We know that it is challenging to focus on intellectual work when so many tiny things distract you. With our dissertation editing, everything is different. We offer a brand new approach to your study and science career. Focus on your research activities and generation of new ideas, while we help you to organize, formulate, and proofread them.

Benefits you receive from our dissertation editors:

  • without grammar and stylistic mistakes, your text sounds more professional;
  • a perfectly edited dissertation from our team is always compelling;
  • you receive the free time that you can devote to other stages of work on our dissertation (preparation for oral presentation, discussions with your thesis supervisor, etc. );
  • we shorten the gap between writing the dissertation and its defense.

Our dissertation editing service is precisely what you need on your way to the Doctoral degree. Here is why.

✓ We specialize in English grammar

Even if you study Linguistics or Philology, you might lack experience in English grammar. This language has a lot of strict rules and exceptions. And if you are not a native English speaker you, even more, need a competent proofreader to check your vocabulary and sentence constructions. Our dissertation editors have a good educational background, but more important is that they constantly work with academic projects, science articles, and research papers. These texts help to remember all the nuances of the English language.

✓ The outcomes of our dissertation editing service are precise

As a modern progressive student, you obviously, use software to check grammar. However, cutting-edge AI-driven programs still cannot replace human proofreaders as they are not able to guarantee 100% accurate results. The edited dissertation from our assistants does not contain any mistakes or imperfections. It is because our specialists pay attention to every single page, paragraph, and sing of your treatise.

✓ We are aware of the most complicated rules concerning scientific writing

It happens that the norms of formatting are so incomprehensible. You need to spend hours or even days to understand what is what. All those nuances about the style of citing, the quantity of references, the required structure, rules of how to quote, etc. can exhaust everyone, but not our specialists.

If you order an editor for dissertation on our website, you can be sure that we consider even the most complicated requirements. The professional skills of our team members ensure the top not-notch level of our services.

✓ Our services give you a fresh set of eyes

The outside perspective is essential when it deals with writing serious life-changing projects. Do not let Microsoft Word be the only one that checks your dissertation. If you appreciate your academic reputation, show your paper to someone who is well-versed in such documents. An expert review from our team is the right decision. We will thoroughly check everything in your text starting from the first word on the title paper to the last symbol in the reference list.

✓ You receive an objective evaluation from our experienced dissertation checkers

It is not about corrections only but about notes and recommendations from our assistants too. When you hear questions on your project in advance, you have time to prepare answers to them. It is good when you get the first opinion from the representatives of our professional editing agency. We do not judge you and instead offer to pay attention to some details before your professors do it. This is how we contribute to your successful defense.

Editing services from expert specialists always do good for your study and science career. However, people opt for our dissertation editors for various reasons:

  • a lack of time on dissertation editing,
  • insufficient knowledge of the English language,
  • reluctance to sort out formatting rules (and other standards about dissertations),
  • the aspiration to come up with a unique and flawless dissertation, etc.

We take editing as a serious service helping students and young researchers to succeed in their education and science occupations. Our team believes in the power of expert knowledge and applies it to make your study easier. With a flawlessly edited dissertation from our company, you can compensate for your weaknesses.

In their work, our dissertation editors are guided by the following principles:

  • only the highest level of services;
  • a science-based approach to editing;
  • taking up even challenging tasks with dignity;
  • using progressive technologies to optimize the process of dissertation editing;
  • punctuality and adherence to the discipline;
  • attention to every client of our services and his/her requirements.

You have created a dissertation, and now it is time to show the best of it. Do not let your ideas remain in the shadow of wrong formatting, poorly organized structure, or plenty of mistakes.

Professional dissertation editing services

Dissertation service offered by our company is a fast and affordable way to gain advantages in your academic career. The online dissertation editor at Essay-editor.net will help you with your document during the writing process and after it.

PhD editing services involve improvement of clarity, organization, sentence structure, word choice, tone, style and coherency of the academic paper. They may cover the rewriting of certain excerpts or revision of your ideas and facts. The professional dissertation editor will provide constructive comments and advice on how to improve the quality of your scientific document.

Since we have a large team of skillful dissertation editors, we will find the best expert in your specific field of study. Our specialists have already worked with thousands of academic papers. We guarantee that your project will be entrusted to the top editor who has experience in your research area and can help you receive positive results.

Our editor will turn your dissertation draft into a completed paper ready for submission and publication!

Features of our skilled editors

Working in the sphere of professional academic editing for almost 10 years, our company has put a perfect team of experts together, who can produce the highest quality for our clients. We employ editors with Ph.D. and Masters's Degrees only. In addition, we have members who work in this business for their entire life. Our editing company works only with native English speakers from the USA and UK. We are sure that our professionalism, literacy, and attentiveness to details will make your paper shine!

What you need to know about our dissertation editing services

Our dissertation editors can become your reliable assistants on the way to your academic accomplishments. It is so awesome to know that there is someone who can support you at this difficult stage. Whether your issues are about a sentence structure, a complicated scientific style of writing, incomprehensible English orthography, formatting a list of table, etc., we are always here to help you out.

Our editing services are built on trust and professionalism: we always keep our word and implement what we have promised. Taking your order as a commercial secret, we do not disclose any information about it. All the terms of our work are transparent and available to everybody. We respect your author's rights and do not use any of your materials for other purposes.

Of course, our editing services are not about doing magic and bringing you a cherished degree with a magic wand. The online assistance from our dissertation editor deals with competent solutions, effective editing help, and first-rate service.

Online editing from our agency is a perfect opportunity to turn the dissertation into your best ever project. Having united your ideas expressed in the first draft with our competent knowledge of science papers, we would reach the highest results. So let's not waste time and start our cooperation!