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The range of services provided by Essay-editor.net company is very wide and characterized by highly professional nature. It includes creation and correction of such papers as Master’s and PhD thesis, coursework, term papers, abstracts, reports, essays, business plans, presentations, individual research projects, creative projects, articles, and so on.

Our company works for over 10 years and specializes in academic writing, editing, proofreading, rewriting, and revision. Over recent years the list of our services has been extended, and now we work with all types of student assignments on any subject. Also, we cooperate with the students of different educational institutions from all over the globe.

Why is it worth cooperating with Essay-editor.net?

First and foremost, this is a high professional level of specialists who work in our team. Having set a high bar, we continue keeping premium quality of every academic paper, starting with dissertations and ending with paragraphs. Whatever assignments you need to do, be sure that here it will be done perfectly.

We guarantee:

  • VIP approach to every customer;
  • the use of unique, rare sources for work;
  • provision of all information about performed work;
  • on-time delivery of a fulfilled order;
  • performance of all the necessary corrections;
  • a particular order is fulfilled by the specialists with appropriate knowledge and experience;
  • flexible pricing and discount system;
  • pleasant perks and bonuses for every client.

The price of every order is calculated individually, taking into account the type of work, volume and urgency. Anyway, we can assure that our prices are quite cheap and affordable to students. Your comfort and needs are the most important things for us. Thus, we do our best to meet all your requirements and make you satisfied with the result.

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Also, we would want to emphasize the importance of having error-free texts. It is especially significant when we speak about such academic papers as coursework, Master’s and PhD thesis. Mistakes are not allowed, and even a single one may cost too much. In order to remove all the mistakes and flaws in your writings, we suggest that you order qualified and premium-quality proofreading services. If you purchase them on our website, you are ensured to have excellent papers: http://essay-editor.net/blog/five-reasons-to-hire-a-proofreader.

However, there is another question that confuses many students. Do you really need to continue education and get a Master’s degree, and maybe even proceed to the next stage? Let’s try to figure it out.

Master’s degree – what it is, benefits, and difficulties

It would seem that having got a Bachelor’s degree you can stop. Many students cannot study that long because they create families and start having other needs that require money. Nevertheless, a little percentage of students decides to get a Master’s degree. What is it – a privilege that promises many benefits or a hard work? Let’s try to find it out.

What is a Master’s degree programme?

Master’s degree programme is a studying course, the purpose of which is to obtain a Master’s degree. Within this educational programme, the specialists who focus on scientific, research, and teacher-training work are trained. Owners of a Master’s degree should possess an advanced scientific basis and methodology of scientific work, and also, be aware of modern information technology and methods of getting and processing scientific information.

A Master’s degree programme usually takes 2 years, if you are a full-time student. At first sight, this is not so many, but even these 2 years can play a big role in one’s life. Also, it is necessary to get a Bachelor’s degree first, which takes 4 years of studying. 2 additional years of education play a significant role in a student life since they provide a full scientific course.

However, not everyone can afford it. Only those people who have performed well during a Bachelor’s programme may proceed to the next step. A Master’s degree programme implies full-time and part-time forms of education. In both cases, there will be required to dedicated 2 years to it. An individual plan of training is created for a student who wants to get a Master’s degree. It should be approved by the Dean of faculty. This plan is a main guiding document. The specialization of a student, volume and terms of studying, forms of assessment, and the topic of Master’s thesis are defined in it.

Master's thesis is created under the guidance of a supervisor who is usually assigned by an educational institution. If the topic of thesis is related to several subjects, a student might have several consultants. As a rule, they are no more than three. Anyway, our professionals will help you with whatever task you have: http://essay-editor.net/blog/make-the-right-choice-get-the-best-proofreading-help.

The students who will manage to defend thesis will get a certificate that proves their degree. Now it is time to discuss why students need to get a Master's degree. Of course, a big percentage of students does it to get some particular privilege.

Master's degree benefits

  • Getting advanced knowledge in a specific field;
  • Opportunity to be engaged in scientific and research work during three semesters (the fourth semester can be completely dedicated to thesis writing);
  • Students who get Master's degree can get some credits for further stages of education (we mean post graduate studies);
  • Experience of Master's thesis creation helps at the further stages (when it is necessary to write PhD thesis);
  • Students get teaching experience;
  • Master's degree provides more opportunities for employment, promotion, and increase in wages.

Now we are going to share some useful information for those who are only getting ready for Master's thesis creation.

  1. Choose the subject. Think about what topic you would want to present in your research. Maybe it will be a particular problem or a gap in a modern educational activity that has been bothering you for years. Maybe you wanted to study this issue long ago but did not know how to approach it.
  2. Select thesis. The basis of any scientific work is studying of a specific thesis or issue, which will be the core of research. A great share of success depends on a property selected thesis.
  3. Carry out research. It goes without saying. This is an important part of your paper. Your goal will be proper carrying out of research that you will present on paper. You might have many ideas that will be correctly directed. However, bear in mind that all this should be competently structured and presented in writing.
  4. Choose the members of the committee. Usually, the committee consists of three professors: the head and two professors who will read your work. It is better to choose those professors with whom you have good relationships, who can help you with your project, and who specialize in the sphere, to which your work is related.

In general, this is the main information about what for a Master's degree is needed, and what is necessary to do to get it.

Master's degree pros and cons

As we have already said, only students with a Bachelor’s degree are allowed to study for getting a Master’s degree. If you are not the most ambitious person, there is the chance that you will never need a Master’s degree. On the other hand, it cannot be excessive and may come in handy anytime. We also want to speak about this academic degree from the point of view of the increase of competitiveness in the labor market. It may sound a bit harsh but this is the reality - we are stuff in the labor market.

There are some positions that require either a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. As a rule, these are the top layers of administration in government services, leading specialists, and so on. In this case, you are encouraged to continue studying, and a Master’s degree means that you would have competitive advantage when applying for a certain position in public service.

In spite of this, there is another situation. There are many jobs without official employment. On the one hand, salary is bigger and responsibility is smaller. Also, education, as a rule, does not play any crucial role. The most important is to have particular skills and abilities. At the same time, there is a huge disadvantage - the absence of official work experience, no records, and often no guarantees at all. Simply put, such employees are not secured and cannot feel safe.

Although, today many people do not care for this. They prefer more beneficial income to some stability and just save money for the future. Another point why a Master’s degree is necessary is that it is obligatory to have it if you want to get a PhD degree.

However, if PhD is not your goal, it is necessary to admit that there are almost no advantages of a Master’s degree compared with Bachelor’s. Also, a Master’s degree programme is another 2 years of learning, and if you do not like this, there is not much point to continue education. Another reason against is that most employers are interested in your practical skills and not certificates and diplomas.

However, if you decide to get a Master’s degree, we will be happy to assist you with all the assignments you will have, especially with your thesis. Our specialists perfectly know how to create, edit, and proofread it properly. Turn to Essay-editor.net for competent assistance!

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