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You’ve just passed your high school exams successfully (or something like that) and decided to try your luck with the university? The first thing to do is studying thoroughly all the information available about the institution you have chosen. Visit the website, read the students’ feedback on the Web, ask for your high school teachers’ advice. On the website, you will also find the general and specific requirements for entering the university. Apart from many formal documents (your Highers results, BTEC etc.), you will need to submit a personal statement.

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The current post is aimed to give you a notion about the personal statement written for the university application. We’ll discuss the goal, framework, and execution of the personal statement. Look for the tips!

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When you need a personal statement editing service

If you are born in the UK or live a long time here, you probably do not need the clarification regarding the Personal Statement document. However, if you’ve just finished your college and realized you are going to continue your studies and pursue some scientific goals, it well might be the first time that you actually encounter this document.

In order to make a clear picture of the personal statement, let us discuss first the reasons that lay behind its completion.

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Earlier, the entrance to the university required passing an interview with the admission officer – a member of the admission committee of the university. However, recently this practice has been changed. Now, most of the universities in the UK do not invite the applicants to the personal interview while the entry documents are closely studied. Learn more about the newly introduced UCAS system and its impact on the entrance process.

All the necessary information about an applicant that cannot be relayed in the formal documents with numbers (i.e. exams results) the university derives from the Personal Statement. The latter is the kind of the autobiography written in a free style. The Personal Statement is aimed to represent the most complete and comprehensive information about the applicant – the future university student. In order to cut out the extra information and have a tip as to adding some complementary one, see the published review that will enhance your understanding about writing and editing. Having new questions arising? Welcome to our Live Chat!

   There is an established framework for analyzing the Personal Statement. Browsing (or maybe binge-reading) your Statement, the admission officer must construe the answers for two questions:

  1. Does the university need this particular student for this course?
  2. Does the university need this particular student?

For doing this, the admission officer must make a picture of the student’s skills, knowledge, research potential, personal interests. In the end, the following issues must be ticked in the student’s favor:

  • The student is fit for studying the chosen course. It implies having the sufficient knowledge of the subject, having the related academic and personal interests (for example, if you are going to apply to the History of Art course, the knowledge of the main milestones of the World Art and the principal directions will score some points in your favor);
  • The student has the necessary knowledge and qualities for studying the course. This information includes the estimation of the level of your general and specific knowledge, as well as the research skills and experience in the field. Do not worry if you have none yet – the principal meaning of the Personal Statement is to describe your potential in full;
  • The student can be described as conscientious, thorough and diligent. You might prove this by describing the project (academic or personal) you have successfully completed. See what other qualities a student must possess, and how to describe them in your Statement;
  • The student corresponds to the university requirements. Each educational institution has an image of the ideal student. It comprises both the scientific and personal qualities. For example, among other marks, Eton is known for its rugby team. Playing rugby would also add a score to your application to this university;
  • The student can work in the stressful situation. That’s rather a recent requirement but quite an important one. The modern science becomes alike to the business project – it also needs the fast operation, quick reaction, hard ceaseless work and cooperation. That is why being stress-tolerant will make one of the positive features of your application. Check the mechanism of surviving in the stressful situation along with the key features and solutions for the stressful writing assignments;
  • The student can adapt easily to the new environment of the university. Adaptation is another requirement of the modern society – and the scientific society as well. The atmosphere and the framework of the university differ from those of the high school and college in many ways. The task of the admission officer is to make sure the student can cope with changes – and the student’s task is to make an officer believe in it. Write your Personal Statement confidently, pursue each sub-topic until the conclusion, do not let in too emotional passages and words like Awesome, disaster etc. If possible, briefly describe your adaptation skills by mentioning the hiking hobby, for example.
  • The student is communicative. While many of the young people today experience no problem in communicating on the Internet (social networks, messengers, chats etc.), the number of people not able to communicate directly grows daily. It is important to demonstrate your communicative skills, whether by relaying a short story or (preferably) through the overall style of your Personal Statement and its content. If the projects you describe (for instance, organizing a cheerleading group) are connected with the direct interaction with other people, this would suffice.

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  • The student is interested in the subject. You might be perfectly fit for getting a grade in Linguistics (know foreign languages, have perfect grammar skills etc.) but if you talk a lot about the principle of work of the Hadron Collider, the admission officer might suspect that there is not so much interest in learning more about the language. You must demonstrate you are interested in the course you apply to and yearn or getting more knowledge and skills in this field. Learn how a single thought can be developed into the voluminous and meaningful text. Learn more about the basic and specific tools of editing!

That’s the short list of issues the admission officer must clarify by means of your Personal Statement. Do not answer the listed questions directly; provide the data that will enable the officer to make a clear picture on its basis.

Now, we’ve got a general notion of what the Personal Statement is about. Let us go deeper and analyze the way it should be written – both technically and strategically.

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The primary reasons so many students apply to the personal statement review service

The Personal Statement is the only actually “personal” thing in your application to the university. All the other documents bear a technical character and make a picture of your achievements yet do not reveal yourself as an individual. If you need some of them to be represented in a proper way by using the formal English language – apply for our cheap student’s proofreading service! You are supposed to write the Personal Statement yourself and fill in the gap in the admission officer’s perception of your personality. Let us see what pitfalls might await you on the path to the attractive and impeccably executed Personal Statement.

Starting to write your Personal Statement, draw a preliminary scheme of your narrative. Do it by answering the following questions:

1. What would you like to study and why? Mention the specific issues of the course that make a particular interest for you. For example, the application of the neurolinguistics’ diagnostic of the text in the text expertise. This would show you are aware of the course and have an interest in it. Prove the interest, if possible, by listing your academic works (course papers, diploma works and so on) on the subject. It also works well if you show your awareness of the topic by listing the key scientific works dedicated to the subject. At the same time, do not make your Statement a reference guide for the course. And certainly, list only the works you actually read. You might be asked about them during the interview. If you have a working experience by the specialty of the course, mention it necessarily. Remember that one practical result counts for three theoretical ones. List the conferences, Olympiads and other events you attended and participated in if they refer to the subject of the course. (By the way, should you need any support for preparing your articles or reports for the conferences, you already know the best place to find good dissertation editors at the average cost.) If you have a vivid example from your personal life experience proving your interest in the topic (for instance, if you apply to the Veterinary course and helped a sick bird to fix its wing) tell about it in detail. Such illustrations sometimes tell more than the lines of numbers of the achievements. At least, they disclose your character and other personal qualities that constitute the subject of the Personal Statement.

2. Show that you are responsible and conscientious. Whether you have an own business, participate in charity or volunteer in the social projects, have been organizing some event or just worked, mention this experience in the Personal Statement. It will demonstrate your serious approach, ability to concentrate on the subject, organizational qualities. It will also bring into focus your characteristic as a communicative person, a specific of your interaction with your colleagues and customers. Check the tips for creating the needful mood and impression with your writing – on the Essay-Editor’s Internet page. Here, the content of the work should not necessarily associate with the course you are applying to. The way of dealing with the problematic situation, finding a solution and implementing it is in the primary focus. As well as the ability to concentrate on the task and fulfil it during the assigned time.

3. Your skills and hobbies. Dedicate a part of your narrative to your spare time and the way you have it. Do not mention idling on a sofa playing PC games, though. Tell only the things that might be interesting for the admission officer. Mention the sports you participate in, the achievements you’ve got (both personal and publicly acknowledged, i.e. awards). If you play the musical instrument; study some additional subjects; attend the related or non-related course; learn some language – find a place to tell about it in your Personal Statement. Find the optimal wording for writing about your hobbies – use the sample texts. List the experiences that do not relate to the course you are currently applying to, briefly. Assign some more space to describing the hobbies that support your interest in the course. For example, if you apply to the Archaeology course, the admission officer might give you more points for having a collection of the stones and gems (provided there is a principle in it or at least you know the names of the exhibits). The admission officers are always looking first for the students who are passionate about the topic of the course; your task is to show you are the student they are looking for.

Tip: If you are drawing a Personal Statement for the Post-Graduate course, emphasize your academic achievements and interests. Mention the hobbies along but do not allot them much space. List your scientific works and inventions (if any). Introduce new information gradually; check that it goes in line with the basic text. Do that by using the accurate college essay editing in the online mode. If you’ve got your work (an article, a chapter, a book) published – mention it and describe briefly the thematic of the work and the solution it suggests. List the workshops and conferences you attended, regardless of your personal input to them. However, if you made a report or participated in the discussion actively, you can mention it, by giving a brief notice what the report or discussion were about.

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Personal Statement – the technical part

While writing a Personal Statement for the university, remember there are technical requirements applicable:

  • The Personal Statement is to be submitted through the UCAS online system (for the applications to the UK universities);
  • The number of the symbols used must not exceed 4000. Learn the way of preparing the perfect and deep short essays and make your own one;
  • The optimal thematic proportion of the text amounts to ¾ of academic information (achievement, interests, activities) and ¼ of other type of data regarding yourself (social activities, volunteer work, sports, hobbies etc.). That counts also for other types of the academic texts. Need a qualified specialist to reword an essay? Find one at the Essay-Editor!
  • 100% uniqueness of the text. There is no room for any amount of plagiarism, contrary to the requirements to other academic documents. You can use the data found by other scholars in your essay or course paper, but you cannot copy somebody else’s Personal Statement, as this would compromise the very idea of this document. See the description of the modern anti-plagiarism programs and their technical properties. Knowing the way of check, you can adjust your text properly so it will not return any unwanted result.

The latter point is the most painful one in the modern academic society. It is not easy to write an impressive yet informative Personal Statement and many students tend to borrow some part or even the whole text from other samples available widely on the internet. However, the modern anti-plagiarism checkers usually trace such inclusions easily. In this regard, even if you borrowed one line, the whole Personal Statement might be rejected. Your application as well. Check the ways of avoiding plagiarism by reshaping your text without losing any part of its sense!

The good news is that the Personal Statements are usually tested for uniqueness selectively. However, having the paragraphs borrowed from other essays, especially the ones that are provided on the Internet, would definitely attract the attention to your Statement.

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However, it does not mean that reading the sample texts is useless. To the contrary, we recommend that you read as many such texts as possible. The only requirement is not to copy the text literally and even generally. Read several examples and then start to think about the structure of your own Personal Statement. Determine the things you should talk about and the ones that are better to be dropped.  Analyze the successful passages in these texts, the fragments that attract attention. On their basis, you can make your own clichés that many be used in your own Statement. N our website, we have also organized a separate blog compartment dedicated to the sample texts. If you need some particular text to be represented as a sample, simply contact us!

At the same time, complete uniqueness of the text does not imply you cannot use citations. In case some aphorism or Web meme comes in handy and serves some goal in your Statement, you can use it providing a relevant reference. In this case, this element will not be taken into account during the uniqueness estimation. For that, mark the citation by the quoting marks and indicate its source directly in the text or in the footing. However, do not abuse quoting. Remember the primary task of the Personal Statement – to disclose your personality, not to illustrate it by the assortment of the other people’s statements.

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Composition – an approximate scheme of your Personal Statement

Most of the students write their Personal Statements in the format of an essay. If that is the case with your Statement, you might be interested in our hot proposal – a qualified essay editing for cheap. For students only! However, you are free to choose. If you have some creative idea, you can implement it. The Personal Statement can be represented by means of the table, scheme, even the infographics. However, there is a stipulation – these elements must be comprehensive. The admission officer has thousands of Statements to read; if your Personal Statement requires additional effort to understand, it might well be disregarded. Yet, being creative, you will definitely score some points. Thus, your task is to find a balance and represent some simple yet unusual Statement. Remember to check the way our Personal Statement is reflected, especially if you submit it through the UCAS system. Some elements (e.g. pictures) might be cut out by the system.

Still, if you’ve got no ideas as to the format of your Personal Statement, you can always choose the most convenient essay format. The principal rule for that format is drawing a structure first. If you fail at some point, you can always make use of our quick and cheap essay rewriting option. Ask our consultant about it!

Do not make your Statement a ceaseless unified text line. Outline the sense blocks – break the text into the paragraphs, each having a complete thought. The paragraphs must be connected with each other, placed in the logical order. Dedicate the first (larger) part of the essay to the grounding of your knowledge of the university and the course you apply to and the way you are interested in the course. The second part will contain the description of your personal merits (skills, awards, publications, hobbies and so on).

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After you’ve outlined the information blocks for your Statement, assign them to the categories (i.e. “University and why I want to enter”, “My interest in the course”, “My experience in this activity” etc.) Do not feel like making a logical analysis at the moment? Hire a professional proofreader for the task! Essay-Editor provides the editing support – just to the extent, you need it! Having the categories lined up, write a paragraph for each of them. In this way, you will draw a structure of your Statement. For example:

Paragraph 1. Make a short introduction. I am interested in [course name] because…

Following the Descartes’ theory, I think everything starts with the basics. That’s why I’m interested in the Molecular Biology as the study of the principles and basics of life.

Paragraph 2. What I have been doing, studying with regard to the subject chosen but did not mention in the application form. Use the Adverbs in such paragraphs. In order to find the most suitable Adverbs available in the English language for description of your situation, check the relevant vocabularies.

I have read many studies about the enzymology (including Julianne Lessard) and held some experiments with regard to the enzymes’ potential myself.

Paragraphs 3 and 4. My experience of work and my achievements in the school / college.

At the high school, I attended classes of the Natural Science and a course on the Food Technologies. This helped me to have better insight into the issue of the enzymes. In my conclusive years, I worked part-time at the milk products’ factory.

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Paragraph 5. My other activities that do not relate to studying.

When I’m not thinking of the enzymes’ transformation, I play hockey or have a rally competition with my friends.

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Paragraph 6. My goals for the future, a conclusive phrase.

I intend to prove the additional enzymes’ effects of the strengthening the immune system of a human. For that, I hope to enhance my studies and skills by means of the present course.

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The introduction and conclusion must have a bit more space than other parts of the structure. As you well know, the first and the last blocks of the information are given the utmost attention. If your beginning will turn out fresh and attractive, your Statement will be read attentively, not just scanned by a diagonal. You will have a good chance to make a positive impression. Find out how the Essay-Editor’s team manages to stay on top of the rating of the best editors for students by solving all the academic troubles quickly, copy the contacts to you organizer prog or just save the tab on the Web!

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Performing the Personal Statement proofreading

When you’ve got your Personal Statement ready, it’s time to proofread it. Here, we shall not mention the usual editor’s proofreading concerning grammar, commas, style and so on. If you need more information about it, you are welcome to the correspondent articles on our online blog. There you will get the necessary basics and the handy tips for doing the proofreading yourself or hiring a specialist for the task. Learn the principles of rewriting, get help with grammar and punctuation rules, determine the composition of your sentence – do this easily with our help!

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Within the framework of the current post, we’d like to talk about proofreading in the aspect of meaning. Here it is, your Personal Statement, ready to be saved and copied to the UCAS’ web form page. However, allow a conclusive glance at it. Are there some unnecessary repetitions? Does the text leave too general an impression? Is there anything to add, cut or rephrase?

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Read your Statement again taking into account the following tips:

  • Outline your positive personal qualities. You can write about them directly, but it is better if such information can be derived out of the description of your work and studying experience.

During my last year at the high school, I held four experiments

on the social adaptation and supported my observations

got from the working experience at the school library.

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  • Do not be modest. While it is no good stating “I’m good”, it is quite acceptable to prove it. Describe all the cases and aspects that prove your positive qualities. Remember that it must be done through the description of your knowledge and skills related to the course you apply to. See how modest our editing agency is! For that, just inquire about our cost for proofreading college papers online! There is no analog to our prices – as well as to our level of performance!
  • Do not lie. However tempting it is to enlarge some of your positive qualities, it is better to be realistic. Even if there is a gap in your knowledge or skills, it is better to acknowledge it and draw the ways to fill it in than trying to hide or reject it. Use the quick paragraph rewriting service for fixing such small deficiencies and be confident in both content and execution of your Statement!

I studied the Biology course and have the experience of work

in the animal shelter. There I’ve seen different diseases’ symptoms

but could not categorize them due to the lack of the academic

knowledge. I hope to replenish my knowledge by means of this course

and apply to the position of the veterinary assistant in the shelter

this year. In this way, I will be able to implement my knowledge in practice.

  •  Do not abuse the direct appeal and the “I-statements”. The Personal Statement is usually written in a descriptive manner. It foresees no direct appeal to the reader. Need to rewrite your Statement now? Let us help you! Find all the required tools in the special section of our web journal. However, if your style of writing suggests such appeal, you can use it provided it is not excessive or arrogant (like Do you wish to have a student who is able to tell the tussilago flower from the chamomile?) Start two of your paragraphs with the direct appeal and make all the other ones neutral. Do not begin each sentence with “I”. At the same time, refer the Active Voice to the Passive one. See the particulars of writing in the Passive Voice and make your text a perfect sample of the grammatical English writing! Remember that your current position is an applicant; yet showing you are confident in your skills might give you some additional points as well.

I studied the Resistance of the Materials for two years.

This knowledge helped significantly in constructing my first

Rider-enhanced bicycle.

For the specifics of the Direct Speech usage contact our editor – or just read a related post on our blog. Learn how to use the Indirect Speech properly and never face problems with the tune of your essay!

  • Avoid using wide-known clichés and citations. There are pretty high chances the admission officer sees them for a thousand time. If you have no aphorism in mind, simply relay the thought the way you have it. The more comprehensive and personal it will be, the better. Check the most popular set expressions and aphorisms so you will be able to avoid them in your writing.

Everything in the modern life can be described in form of the scene acting.

That is why I got interested in the way this acting is performed and the behavioral strategies the people use the most often.

  •  Allow yourself a bit of informal style; do not abuse the long (and) technical words or too formal phrases. Use the antique and obsolete words cautiously. They are often associated not only with the solid education but also with the conservativeness and retro style. Remember that you are a student and you key feature is your enthusiasm. The latter might be lost among the formal passages like The studied material has given the basis for the experimentation work. It is much better to write What I learned inspired an idea of the new experiment. It concerned …

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  • Use the humor with cautiousness. You do not know the admission officer’s personality and his or her perception of humor. It is better to avoid jokes and funny phrases. Be informal yet not familiar. The university approves of the vivid and communicative students, but their primary quality must be researcher’s enthusiasm and responsible scientific approach.  Proofread your Statement and replace “blast the Newton’s theory!” with “I do not agree with the Newton’ theory in aspect of … because …” Sometimes, the humorous passages might be just cut. But in most of the cases, the essential thoughts are wrapped up in the shape of a joke. In such a predicament, revision is the key instrument you need, though sometimes it is possible to make a rewriting and do not touch the structure of the essay.

  • If you are non-native English speaker, pay close attention to the way you relay your thoughts. Sometimes, while writing in another language, we tend to use the passages and format that are applicable only in our mother tongue. Search for such non-English phrases and rewrite them using the English analogs. Remember that it is better to describe the meaning in English than select the wrong passage.

Student, “My work has been gliding over the hill.”

Admission tutor, “Did you ski?”

Student, “No, I just meant it had been successful.”

  • After you’ve completed your work and got the final version of your Personal Statement ready, save the file and send it… to the person you trust. It may be your relative, your friend, sometimes even your teacher. Write them a short message like “Proofread my document for tomorrow. Kisses” at midnight. Just joking. Get their opinion with gratitude; the more grounded critics there is, the better you will be able to correct your Statement. Some students even ask for the help of the university current students and post-graduates on the special forums. However, remember that if you will submit your text one on the Web, should the plagiarism check be applied, it will not be easy to prove you were the first to post it.
  • We mentioned that the particulars of the technical proofreading won’t be discussed in the current post. Yet, if you have problems with your commas or do not know which Tense to choose for the second part of your sentence, you can always find support at the Essay-Editor’s. Find the comprehensive Complex Tenses examples along with the rules of preferring some kind of the word category in the different situations on our website. You can apply directly to our editors and order the service you need (the prices are outlined on the website) or ask for the specialist’s advice. If you are keen on learning more about the English language and its writing aspect, all the assortment of the professional articles in this regard is available on the Essay-Editor’s blog. Find the exhaustive data about the editing and proofreading market, the current innovations and the most interesting offers in editing. Learn everything about estimating the qualification of the proofreader you have chosen and selecting the most suitable editing company. Discover the cheapest and the most efficient academic essay grammar checker. We offer you the variety of editing options!

Writing a successful Personal Statement requires applying certain effort. You’ve got to learn the specifics of this document, study thoroughly the information about the university and the selected course. Then, you have to estimate your own experience and skills with regard to the subject of the course. And, finally, relay your narrative in a logical and vivid (but not too informal) way. That’s quite a load of work, so the sooner you start the preparation, the more options for checking and adjustment you will have. See you among the uni’ studentship community!

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