The Paragraph Rewriting Service and Its Logical Background


Paragraph rewriting service

You are a student and you live by your studies. You always do your assignments well beforehand, check them diligently and submit long before deadline. You are always first to catch the teacher’s idea or to forward a studying initiative. All your assignments and papers are neat and clear, smart and full of  sustainable arguments. Sweet picture, isn’t it? And as much far from reality as most of the Instagram pictures.

While the latters are usually edited by the graphic editors, most of the writers choose the live professional editors for the working out of their texts. By the way, see the factors marking the professional academic texts. What is important to know about the essay editing services, is that their result does not distort the reality, unlike the one of the graphic modifications. The editing is aiming for improving the text without meddling with the author’s ideas. That is why sometimes it is enough just to proofread the text properly or make a rewrite of some of its parts. The latter is called paragraph rewriting.

What is paragraph rewriting service?

As we already mentioned, the partial rewrite of the text can be very helpful, especially if your text is rather good at logics and has a strong idea. Some parts of it, though, can be weaker than other ones and smudge the overall impact of the paper. But how to define which part is a weak chain?

When a linguist is analyzing a text, he or she always divides it into the sense fragments. Each fragment must have a completed thought or idea. Usually these fragments are also separated from each other in writing – by the indent settings. These fragments are called paragraphs.

Thus, a paragraph is a logical unit of the text. Within itself, it should contain a description of the idea or its element, and act as a separate fragment. At the same time, the paragraph must be performed in the way showing its connection to the previous and posterior paragraphs, and maintain a single style with them.

So, the paragraph is more a unit of logics than linguistics. That is why, it is used for the solution of the logical issues within the text. As to the pure linguistic ones, the paragraph’ approach does not prove to be much effective. When you need to check the grammar or spelling, it is of no avail to check the paragraphs. You need a word or a sentence as a checking unit. However, when you need to trace a connection between the arguments, to define the text consistency going with paragraph turns out to be a perfect solution.

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Let us briefly summarize the cases in which you will need to analyze and correct the paragraphs:

  • Abrupt or too lengthy descriptions. If you feel your text lacks straightness, or is too scarce for explanations, you definitely need to analyze your paragraphs. Do they all show the same unfavorable dynamics? Are some paragraphs featured with more consistency and sense than others? Such an analysis will give you a key to understanding your own style of writing, - and improving it. If you wonder how to compile a grammatical and logically consistent text, see the algorithm in our post one the ways and background of the essay writing
  • Clash of topics within the text. If upon reading your paper you feel there are two or more separate narrative threads, use the paragraph analysis. Go paragraph by paragraph until you feel you have stumped onto another, different idea. This will help you to outline all the clashing fragments and contemplate on the way of their unification. Or just deleting some of them.
  • Inconsistent narrative. If your idea goes smoothly and then is abruptly cut without any ground, you need to spot exactly the place in your text where it happens. Again, here the paragraph is the minimal unit of your investigation. It is most likely that, upon tracing the gap, you will need to write another paragraph or two or even more to fill it in. Though, sometimes it happens that the right ending has been hiding somewhere else in the text. In this case all you need is to spot it and replace to where it belongs.
  • Boring style. Though there can be more than one reasons behind the indicated problem, it often happens that the annoying lengthy explanations and alike examples are due to the author’ sticking on to some particular idea. Finding the other ideas worth developing in your paper, go on eliminating the unnecessary explanatory paragraphs that just rephrase the ideas already well reflected and supported in your paper. Sometimes the author cannot properly estimate his or her own style, as being too attached to it usually disables the high perspective view. Meanwhile you can always entrust the revising of your paper to reliable editors online. This will save you both the cost and time needed for the fulfilling of your order.
  • The false logical connections. Sometimes, when your arguments are not strong enough, you can subconsciously act as heir defender and thus add some more lines in order to make a ground for them. Yet when you read this very text the day after, you feel it lacks the persuasive strength and is rather flimsy in its evidence base. See the grounding of the correct logical connections and conclusions. Do not hurry on to weed out the respective paragraphs, though. In this case, the problem is more of a global kind, so it must be addressed accordingly. Write all your evidence and arguments on a separate sheet of paper. Then analyze each one as to their overall character (relevant / irrelevant for the present issue), evidence base (well-grounded / poorly grounded), illustrative power (enough of bright examples / scarce and flaky examples). Upon determining the strengths and weaknesses of each argument, you’ve got to decide either on the argument’s further development in your paper (better proofs, more examples) or its elimination from it. The implementation of your strategy will be the point where the paragraphs approach enters the game again.

We have outlined the general cases in which the paragraph editing is applied. Certainly, each one can have millions of individual examples and situations that would require a special solution. However, a general algorithm depicted above can be called a universal one and may be applied as basic for all such cases.

While the paragraph editing may seem a relatively simple task, it actually requires the use of knowledge from the different fields, as well as sharp logical mind. See the examples of the text editing implementing all similar techniques, on our website:

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How to rewrite a paragraph

In the previous chapter, we have shown the reasons and motives behind the paragraph editing. They mostly touched the notion of the paragraph and its importance as an analysis unit. However, implementing the rewriting onto the paragraphs also has its own peculiarities that are the subject of the present chapter.

To rewrite a paragraph effectively you will need to make the following steps:

1. Define the reason for rewriting. Be it the boring inanimate style of your narrative or the superfluous logical background of the paragraph idea, or just the need to make a tighter connection of the fragment with a whole text, - your tactics will be different. If the lack of emotions and vivid narrative is your primary trouble, you will most likely pay more attention to the attributes and adverbial modifiers and their synonyms (for example, undoubtedly significant is to replace very important). If you feel the gaps in your defending moors of logics, you will be looking for the rewrite of the sentences or even of the whole paragraph to underline the importance of your position and its sloid ground (sometimes all you need to do in such cases is just to insert a more developed description. Instead of writing The experiments proved take some time and printing space to explain what experiments and in what part of them proved your conclusion). To enable the logical connections with the other parts of the text it is often enough just to insert the relevant generalizing or summarizing adverbs (To the contrary, subsequently, thus, nevertheless and so on).

2. Select the rewriting technique. We have listed some of the techniques above, however it is just an extract from the full list of the rewriting methods. The full account of them you can find in our article illustrating how an expert rewrites the essay. Here we’ll just mention the most popular ones:

  • Synonymizing – replacing the words or word-combinations with the synonymic constructions. For instance, using a bird in a hand instead of enjoying the effect of the present possessions
  • Deleting the third item. Usually the third attribute or a homogeneous substantive is an unneeded extra. See the phrase These colorful sugar-smelling blooming flowers were the second in a row of the things that she enjoyed.
  • Adding the attributes. If your text is rather a dry logic carcass than a vivid narrative, it won’t harm to bring a bit of life into it. Complete the phrase The grammar is a set of rules for the word-combinations with the academic attribute formal, and see that not only emotion appeared, but the sentence acquired more precise meaning. If you lack the appropriate attributes in your active vocabulary, you can use the dedicated Internet sources or printed vocabularies. It is reasonable also to check what the best of the quality article rewriter can offer. We are sure you will be satisfied with the result in 100% of cases!
  • Redressing, or deep rewriting. When the paragraph is weak and bad all the way through, there is no other choice but to perform a deep rewrite. Though sounding scarily, it means only relaying the sense of the paragraph in completely other words and sentences. For example, McGregor was the first to discover the progression. The famous progression was first discovered in 18th century, by McGregor. Knowing well the transitions between Passive and Active voice will be very helpful. See how the lengthy and bulky descriptions can be substituted with the brilliant tailor-cut idioms in English. While you can use the idioms vocabularies available online, we recommend to enjoy the assistance of the experienced linguist – the professional editor. Such a specialist will select the rare and unusual yet elegant idiom for your text that can even make its special feature and mark positively your style.

3. Compare the rewriting result with the initial paragraph. If the challenge is beaten, read it in the context of the whole paper. Has it improved? If positive, the aim is reached successfully. If no, go back to some previous steps and either choose another rewriting technique, or get a clearer vision as to the reasons propelling you to perform a rewriting of your paper. If you feel worn out until this stage and need a fresh breath, you are welcome to use the services of the professional rewriters and editors. The full description of the merits of working with our company, as well as of the useful life hacks for your paper writing, is available on our website  

The paragraph rewriting is similar to rewriting of any other piece of the text, but is featured with the logical completion of the idea within its body. Thus in most of the cases the unsuccessful paragraph is to be fully rewritten using the technique of the deep rewriting. See the samples of the impeccable texts and the way to construct them, by the next links:

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