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Writing a term paper is always a headache for students, unless they diligently studied throughout the year, were in time with all of their assignments and did not venture into any of the entertainments. Do you know such students? We don’t, and that is why we post the information on the term paper’s writing and editing.

What is term paper editing service dealing with?

If you check our website, you will see the numbers below reflecting a mass of the orders placed and fulfilled at our editing company. While almost half of them can be described in three words, “Edit my paper”, about one third of this quantity actually mean the term paper. Though all our customers are unique, still the mistakes they make in their term papers are alike for the most of them. We have grouped these mistakes and worked out a general recommendation on dealing with them.

  • The main idea is inconceivable. This is the most frequent mistakes first-year students do. The term paper aims to summarize the work a student has conducted throughout the year and outline the problematic issues and the ways of the further development. However, being engaged with the topic, a student often highlights several topics at once. Since the term paper is limited by length, it leads to the general description of each topic, without getting into detail. Thus the term paper reminds of an essay, while it should be closer to the scientific report. Emphasize only the most important arguments and conclusions. Instead of writing:

In conducted an experiment on definition of the substance received from the spawn of the fungi. Then I put an experiment with the grass surrounding the fungi.

State: I conducted a series of experiment that showed the chemical content of the spawn may vary slightly depending on the surrounding area of the fungi, especially the grass.

  • The actual work of the student is represented scarcely. It is especially inherent with the foreign students. Following the formal style and the rule of impersonality, a student describes the topic in usual, detaching if a small part for his or her own achievements. It is good, we must note, to show your profound knowledge of the topic. However, the primary goal of the term paper is to show your results and your prospects. Give a concise description of the subject and its development and dedicate the rest of your paper to your own work (studying theory, conducting experiments and labs, performing practical, verifying the facts and conclusions and so on.).
  • Grammar mistakes. When you write quickly, you do not always check whether the sequence of tenses is used properly or if the verb corresponds to the subject in your sentence. Besides, when your head is full of sparkling ideas, it is quite easy to start writing about one subject and end the sentence with another. Such passages left without proofreading, can make a real puzzle for the reader, however it would scarcely be a pleasant one. Be sure to proofread your paper and exclude all typos, mistakes and misunderstandings. Pay attention to the simple things. They are most likely to contain the mistakes. Our brain doesn’t wish to waste its energy, thus if think about something as insignificant or simple, we are able to skip even a gross mistake there. And it also happens that in the rush of the paper writing, you just cannot think of the grammar rules, however accustomed and simple they are. Be sure to check the usage of the present simple tense, the indefinite articles, the structure of the simple sentence and other frequent grammar mistakes students make in their papers.
  • The paper is not executed properly. Even if you’ve got a literary talent, your view of the subject is quite fresh and innovative, you spotted the acute problems and found the brilliant solutions for them, it still can be not flawless. When the work is done already, many of the students feel relief and relax, forgetting about lining their paper up with the requirements of the college. For a big part, it concerns the execution of the references and citing within your paper. Though in general the requirements of colleges for the quoting and references coincide, the way of their introduction and the precise numbering of pages / clauses of the cited sources may vary. Get to read the instructions of your teacher before you start to write your paper, if you’re unsure as to some point, examine it again or contact the teacher for clarification.

This is a general outline of the problems usually arising with the students’ term papers. It is great if you managed to spot them and rectify. However, if you have doubts, you can always apply for assistance of the dedicated services.

When using editors’ support, be sure to memorize your mistakes, account of which a professional editor will always provide you with. The primary goal of editing is to provide you with the grammatical and well-composed text; however, one of its secondary goals is to increase student’s educational level. Examining your own mistakes and the ways to fix them will let you realize your weak points in grammar and show the direction of the proofreading optimal for your paper. For other aspects of the proofreading and editing services and their usefulness for students read in one of our recent posts http://essay-editor.net/blog/editing-services-for-student--upgrade-your-science.  

What term paper would please your professor

Writing a term paper, you aim to reflect properly the topic and your work throughout the semester or a year. It is important to avoid the above listed mistakes and reveal the new edges in the subject. However, being involved into the paper, always keep in mind it will be read and estimated by your professor. That is why we decided to look at the term paper with the eyes of a teacher and outline its general features that would be marked as positive and earn you a first grade.

1. Unique and substantial content. The general advice to teachers for responding the student’s writing usually pay significant attention to the content of the text and the ways to estimate it. The professor is primarily interested in the way you study and adopt material, the way you analyze it and implement in your works and project studies. That’s why your paper first of all should be coherent and logical. If you are puzzled by some of the paragraphs in your term paper and cannot conceive the way of their connection, you can always contact the reliable service that proofread paper for students. Such service usually is tailor-cut to the needs of the students and its professional employees are well aware of the requirements of teachers to the student’s paper. Your paragraphs will be rewritten so to form a connection, while the primary ideas will stay the same. It is a good opportunity for you to learn how your term paper may be changed for better and apply the similar methods for your further papers.

Make sure you’re not quoting too much. Two or three short quotes are usually acceptable, but for most cases, use rephrasing of the materials you read. The ability to put an idea in other words is a good way to show the flexibility and variety of your mind.

2. Creativity. We have mentioned before that teachers are interested more in the ways you think than in the actual results of your thinking (unless they are really outstanding). Presenting the unusual conclusions or making parallels with the non-crossing fields illustrates your eagerness and interest in the subject and its development, as well as peculiar character of your mental process:

The solution of this mathematical equation should be performed in levels that remind of the spiral – always required to consider the previous element and the basic one.

Creativity can be shown in the way of the paper’s execution and representation of the results. Instead of providing a conclusion with several paragraphs of the written text, summarize it in the table or a diagram, with the relevant description and remarks. However, do not allow your creative potential to overflow and violate the instructions for your term paper. Regulations first.

3. Grammatical text. The grammar and punctuation mistakes can irritate enormously the reader. Instead of grasping the sense and watching its unfolding, he or she is propelled to struggle with mistakes and correcting them in order to get to the sense. Except for the reader’s discomfort, it also rules out such qualities as accurateness and attention to detail out of your characteristic. Be sure to proofread your paper upon writing it, run it through the spellcheckers and grammar checkers, give it to a friend for proofreading. Pay attention to the choice of Tenses (remember the Sequence of Tenses rule), correct pronouns’ usage, do not overcharge your text with adverbs and passive constructions. Below is the example of the text that shouldn’t be followed:

It is highly possible to presume, then, that the negative impact of the manipulative advertisement technologies on social networking is inevitably observed in them.

Better to edit it as follows:

We presumed, then, that the negative impact of the manipulative advertisement technologies is observed frequently in the social networks.

Your professor would also pay attention to the word choice and the overall style of your term paper. If available, he or she will compare it to your last year results. It is good if the progress will be spotted; your language has become more refined and precise, your style more congruent. However, if the pace of your language development is slower than that of your mind and ideas, you can always consult the professional editors and perform a rewording for your text. Learn more about the principles of the professional rewording, by means of our article http://essay-editor.net/blog/excellent-text-but-weak-wording--reword-my-paper.

4. Correct presentation. The instructions that your teacher gives you for writing your term paper are not just a pure formality. They are worked out to ease up the understanding of your text, to let the teacher to grasp the whole meaning just glancing at the “attention stops”. They also serve to the unification of term papers, their proper storage and categorization. Make sure you compile your paper in accordance with the requirements. Use the right font, spaces, numbering. Use the scientific style of writing. Give the proper information in the sections where it is required. Do not repeat yourself. If the instructions seem the same for different clauses, seek clarification with your teacher; however try to read them again first. It may happen that a single word missed out at the first reading, changes the whole meaning:

Provide the samples of your experiment. – Provide the examples of your experiment. – The first sentence presumably states the need of the material’s description, while the second requires providing a short description of the experiment itself.

5. Prospects of development. It will certainly score you a point or more if you show not only the solution of the current problem, but also the prospects of it development. This will show you are able to think in a larger scope and analyze the factors influencing your work. Briefly, do not put a full stop in the topic, put a comma and show the ways of its further unfolding. Otherwise, put an ellipsis.

Besides, such prognostic activity will also include the analysis of the drawbacks of your current work and the ways of their rectifying. Being self-critical is also an important quality for the scientist.

Our psychological experiments, though considering a wide range of the individual psychological factors, did not take into account the social interaction between the participants. It might be a good point for the future researches.

Compiling a substantial, perfectly executed term paper, with a touch of creativity, outlining the results of the actual work and its future perspectives, will gain the professors’ sympathies for you and undoubtedly earn you a high grade.

Please your professors not only with the impeccable and stylish paper (with a superb content, for sure), but also with your knowledge of the adjoining fields. Read more about the ways to edit the paper and create your own sample for the perfect one. The following posts from our blog will safeguard your intention and help to direct your thought into the right flow:

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Tips how to write an award-winning term paper in a short time

Though above we have talked a lot about the way your term paper must look and what mistakes you should avoid, it is still may be not enough for many of the students who are about to face the upcoming deadline. When your thoughts rush one after another, you feverishly seek for information and try to recall at once, what were the results of your last practical; such framework as described just won’t work. What you mean is the precise recommendations, and here they are:

  1. Calm down. Stop doing whatever you started to do. Just sit quiet for a while, and gather your thoughts.
  2. Consult your records. Or just retrieve from your memory the work you’ve preformed during semester. Write down a brief description of each stage.
  3. Read the instructions. As we said before, the instructions provide the general desired outline for your paper. Read them carefully and go back to the list of your achievements you already compiled. Make an inscription above or under each achievement in what section of your term paper, it should be placed.
  4. Plan your paper. Compile a plan. Don’t forget to include the essential parts, even if they are not mentioned in the instructions: Introduction, thesis, theory, arguments, practical part, conclusion.
  5. Fill-in the scheme. Retrieve your sheet with the achievements and inscriptions and insert it into your plan. Look out for the blank spots. Think how you can fill them in.
  6. Get to the theory. Compile a list of the works you need. Make sure at least examining their theses. Put them into your reference list (start writing it). Write the theoretical part of your paper. Don’t forget to summarize it briefly in the end.
  7. Describe the practical part. Consult your planning sheet with the achievements in it. Describe the problem you were solving and the way you solved it. Summarize you words.  
  8. Check the connections. Make sure you’ve got the proper connection between your theoretical and practical part. Ideally, the theory should flow into the practical. Use the junctions, such as While this problem is still acute in the individual psychology, its social parameters were investigated fragmentarily.  The development of this theory put a row of questions, a part of them we have tried to answer by means of our experiments.
  9. Draw a conclusion. Make sure to highlight your main idea and to reveal its different sides. Briefly outline the issues that have been solved by means of your practical work, the way you solved them (i.e. your theoretical and practical parts) and what results you received. Show your major achievements. Do not omit failures, though. A good analysis of the failures has no less importance than boasting the brilliant success. Outline the prospects of your further work in this direction.
  10. Write the introduction. Yes, it should be written in the end of your writing job. Here you’ll have to summarize all your work and describe briefly the problem and the ways of its solution that you have chosen.
  11. Compile a reference list. Retrieve the one you already started and add some sources on the topic to it. Execute it properly, according to the instructions.
  12. Putting the references. Put the reference to any direct citing you placed. Also mark with reference all the other ideas that are not yours. Check the instructions’ requirements for that.
  13. Adjust the design. Use the instructions and unify your text in accordance with them. Check spacing, font, size, color. Number the pages.
  14. Write the “Contents” and the Title sheet. Make sure all heading mentioned in the Contents are numbered. Check if the numbers correspond to the actual place of the heading in the work.
  15. Proofread your term paper. When all the major job is done, read it all again. Rectify the deficiencies, fill in the black spaces, shorten the wordy ones. Check all the tables and diagrams and their numbering.   

Being split into the minor tasks, the plan for your term paper looks much more feasible and comprehensive. Get to it a t once and you will certainly meet your deadline. Finally, we have some few general tips for you to write a first grade term paper:

  • Aim high. If you’re writing a term paper, take the task seriously. Recheck your arguments and strong points, double check the evidence and references, proofread twice. Perform a revision, if needed. Consider the task as if you are preparing for your dissertation writing. What weak points do you spot? How could you develop them in future and transform them to the strong ones? If you fail to answer at once, don’t lose courage. It is quite normal to stand back when a massive of work impends on your mind. Give it some time. The information will sort and group in your brain and it will be easier to select the very part of it you need to start with. Meanwhile, our dissertation expert editor’s service is always on alert, should you require any support or place an order.
  • Think out of the box. It’s easier to say than to do, but sometimes all you need is just imagining yourself as someone else. Consider the way the child would look at the problem in caption. Try to think as a regular citizen, if it is a political or economic issue. Try to look with the eyes of the imprisoned (don’t get involved too much, though). Even if such exercise won’t reveal some brilliant ideas to you, it will definitely distract your brain from the cliché solutions and phrases it has already formed. If you lack the words to express your newly created ideas, consult your vocabulary or gain the support of the trustful professional paper editor.  Who knows, maybe your idea will become a new concept in science. And it means it has to be properly shaped from the beginning.
  • Press the “Silence” button. Make sure nothing distracts you from the task. It concerns the informational noise as well. Close all the social networking tabs in your browser, refrain from checking your e-mails, switch your phone to the silent mode. Turn off the music, too. A complete silence will allow you to gather your thoughts and concentrate them on the subject.

Thus, being coherent and subsequent with your term paper you have good chances for success. Plan wisely, break the major tasks into smaller ones, and consult the instructions at each stage of writing. Make an entire check of your paper upon finishing it. Good luck!

Going well with your term paper and its proofreading means you are close to the final stage and will soon have more time for your studies. If you are planning to enhance your level of the English language’ skill, we have selected the following articles on the grammar issues and the ways to solve them:

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Now for the last, a brainstorming question that might help you to get yet another idea for your term paper: what similar does your work have with the sea horse? Post your answer in the feedback section, for that follow the contact page on our website.