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From time to time, we all make mistakes. That’s the peculiarity of the human’s action and interaction. Meanwhile, a mistake is not necessarily a negative component of the process of cognition. Often, mistakes allow having a different view of the problem, finding a new way to solve it.

Sure, the easiest would be to approach a professional paper editor and never mind the grammar and punctuation mistakes anymore. Still, while you always can apply to your trusted editor for the correction of your essays, you cannot fully rely on his or her help while writing an e-mail or a mobile message to your teacher (or another important person).  

Yet, if your chosen editor is Essay-Editor agency, you may be sure we’ll always be there once you need our assistance! As our customers live in different parts of the world and have different working schedules, we adjust ours in order to be able to respond to your queries in 24/7 mode!

At Essay-Editor, you will get a full specter of the editing services. Need a deep transformation including the logical restructuring? We shall revise your text and represent it in the different stylistic versions. Think that grammar is your weakness? Cannot say for sure when the Present Simple Tense is used? Proofreading is the answer to your trouble! A general outline of the text is fine yet some moments are better to be changed? Use rewording offer and select the version that suits your individual style the best! A variety of the options is complemented by the swift and quality performance. – your editor is here!

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Today post is dedicated to mistakes of all kinds and first of all, the mistakes in writing. We shall talk about the nature of mistakes, their cause and sequence and, the most important, the ways to correct and prevent them in future. Let us start!

Why proofreading my paper?

Today writing takes a lot of time. The modern communication technologies have come high and enabled even a live conversation through the distance. Yet, the social scientists mark that we communicate a lot by writing, preferring it to other types of contacting each other. We send numerous messages through our mobile applications, use the e-mail for working and personal issues, write comments and make a publication on social networks. In our studies, many of the exams are passed in writing, as well as all the reports.

Thus, writing different texts is an inseparable part of the student’s work as it is one of the main ways of communication and of representation of the results reached. Need a good sample of the academic essay or of the breathtaking descriptive fiction? Check the assortment of the stylish essays on our web page!

While writing (whether with the pen or typing) people tend to make mistakes. This is true for both experienced writers and the novices. Some mistakes are made because of the insufficient knowledge (of grammar, punctuation, language, rules of politeness etc.) Others appear because of the poor attention to the text or just as a result of carelessness. It does not necessarily imply the absence of responsibility, though. Even the best responsible academic editor can make a mistake or omit one while performing the initial proofreading. That is why we diminish the risks by having your texts proofread as many times as needed and examined by at least two professionals. The process of writing is closely connected with the cognition and requires a considerable work of the brain. That is why, during the periods of the distraction, we tend to write a word incorrectly, use the improper Tense, put an extra comma, forget to finish the sentence properly.

The good news is that any mistake can be tracked and fixed before you submitted the text to its receiver. And, with some mobile applications, even after that. Still, it is better to weed out the mistakes before you sent the text. For that, you need to proofread it thoroughly by all aspects, starting from spelling and finishing with the percentage of uniqueness and the level of academic ‘sickness”. Check the simplest yet effective ways to avoid plagiarism. Still, remember that the rule No 1 is writing yourself. Then, a minimal (or zero) level of the plagiarism will be present in your essay.

When you are going to perform a thorough proofreading of your text, you have three ways to do it:

1. Proofread the text yourself. This would be the fastest and the least costly way… provided you are an experienced editor. In such a case, even rewriting an academic essay will not make any problem to you. At the same time, not being an editor but having a good knowledge of the language and its grammar you can perform the proofreading properly. For that, you will need attention, support (for example, Grammar Manual) and silence. If your roommate is listening to the music or your neighbor is drilling the wall, the chances are quite high that you will miss about 20% of mistakes in your text. A good solution might be placing the speaker against the wall and let the neighbor drill through it. Otherwise, just put on your headphones. If you did not happen to proofread the text before, the first time might be not as easy and quick as you might think. However, this skill can be trained, so, once you’ve started proofreading you’d be gaining the experience and enhancing your level. For that, you would need the time, though.

A quick tip.

If you have little time for proofreading your text,

read it backwards. This will ensure the

utmost attention and the most thorough check.

2. Apply to the specialist. The algorithm is simple. Write the text – send it to the editor – get it corrected. This way is also the quickest one. You don’t need to spend a lot of time looking for the specific rule in the Grammar manual (for example, the rules of usage of the Present Simple Tense in English) or wait for your turn to have your text checked at some online platform. You just inform the editor about the required result, and receive it. It is as simple as that! Still, even this scheme has flaws. The primary one is the process of selecting the editor. You might spend a considerable time before finding a specialist whom you can trust. In order to avoid it, just click on the Essay-Editor link now! Still, we do not urge you to pick the first website you have come to. Check it first for credentials, quality, conditions of the services. Never hesitate to ask. The number one feature of the confident specialist is answering any question regarding his task and his performance.

Can you proofread the text in the Mayan language?

As long as it is in English.

3. Apply to the online checking platforms. Here the scheme also looks simple. You write the text, then insert it in the online checker and get the result. Besides, the checker might offer to correct your mistakes automatically. There is nothing else to do, you might think. Still, in reality, things are a bit different. First of all, checkers differ by their services. Some offer the checking and correction of the grammar mistakes, others deal with the punctuation. Another type of the checkers aims at tracking and fixing the syntactic mistakes (e.g. a word order). See the detailed review of the automated editing programs on our blog. There is a special section for mastering the English language. New entries every week! These programs can be free or prepaid, or partly prepaid. That is, they might offer some part of their services to be provided for free. Or a certain volume of your texts to be checked for free. Some checkers use the database of the British version of the English language, while others might use American or Australian English. They can be more or less developed and sophisticated. For example, not all the automatic checking programs will trace a mistake in the following sentence; He could but candy in the afternoon. A high-quality checker will offer a correction He could buy candy, while the less developed one might leave this place unattended. Dealing with the automatic checking programs requires a certain knowledge of the linguistic rules and methods as well as a good knowledge of the language. Editing an essay online must be properly organized. What is even more important, the results must be interpreted correctly. It might happen that not all the correction offered by the program, are acceptable for your text. Select wisely!

A quick tip. Using the autocorrect programs, find the time

to check the deficiencies found by means of the grammar manuals.

So, proofreading is a really important procedure. It allows avoiding boring mistakes that might make your text illegible and affect its image poorly. Find a list of the most upsetting mistakes people tend to make while writing in English. There are several ways to perform a successful proofreading that differ by the level of the time, effort and funds consumption. Considering the method, estimate your own level of the linguistic knowledge objectively. If it is below the Upper Intermediate it might be advisable to entrust the refinery of your writing to an experienced specialist.

How to find an efficient proofreader?

The proofreader’s work is easy and difficult at the same time. It can be easy when the orders are flowing at a constant speed and there is a more or less equal load of the work every day. But it happens that an editor needs to reword an essay for tomorrow, while there is a dissertation work proofreading that awaits to be completed. In this regard, an organization is the principal editor and proofreader’s skill.

For some people, performing such a work requires only a slight enhancement of their knowledge and natural skills. Others need a serious revision and some additional studying. Who can work as a proofreader?

  • A person who does not have any problems with his or her language (writing included). It includes knowledge of correct spelling, punctuation, proper stylistic etc.
  • A person who can work with the large volumes of data, who is inquisitive and keen on finding and correcting the mistakes and flaws.
  • A person who needs the texts to be grammatical. One who feels sick reading the incorrect spelling or tries to click on the place where there is a comma omitted.

While selecting an editor, consider the economic part of the cooperation, too. Does the quality and conditions of the collaboration correspond to the price? For your reference, check the rates (e.g. the best proofreading rates per page) on our website.

The main task of the proofreader is the checking of the text and the search for mistakes. These mistakes can be of any kind, even the non-linguistic ones.

A professional academic proofreader knows the difference

between the cabman and Cayman as well as between the fosse and floss.

A deep studying of the subject of the text is a feature of the

specialist in editing.

The proofreader must adjust the text in accordance with the rules of the language it is written in. Check the rates for such a service. At, we’ve worked out the most accessible proofreading prices for students. Enjoy the quality and the cost!

Let us see what actions the proofreader should take in order to fulfil this task.

Let us imagine that the editor receives an order for proofreading of the text amounting to 20 pages. The standard scheme of proofreading would look as follows:

  1. Studying the material, defining its topic and subject.
  2. If needed, learning additional data about the topic.
  3. Starting to proofread the text paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence.
  4. Correcting the text, page by page:
  • Spelling and commas (mistakes, typos):
  • Grammar (morphology, syntax, concordance, word order).

        5. Proofread the text again. And again. Make sure you’ve had a break between these two readings. At least for half an hour.

Liking the algorithm? We have more interesting issues to discuss with you on the pages of our virtual blog. Visit us today!

When all the corrections are duly performed, the final version of the text is sent to the editor who performs a final proofreading and presents the work to the customer. That is why you always benefit from ordering at the editing agency. There are always at least two specialists proofreading your text.  

The proofreader usually deals with the various types of the text:

  • Technical. All types of instructions, guides, manuals, sometimes schemes and regulations.
  • Scientific. Essays, lab reports, course papers, assignments etc. Editing college papers efficiently is a key service by Essay-Editor.
  • Narrow specialization texts. The popular articles on the specific topics like the Car Driving Mechanisms.
  • Literature. Fiction, poetry, satire and other kinds of the literary texts aimed for publishing.
  • Simple informational texts. This subdivision includes different kinds of texts we produce regularly. It may be an informative note, a Viber message, a purchase order and so on and so forth. You might be surprised to learn that these type of texts share a considerable part of all the orders for editing.

The proofreader’s level of performance and quickness of operation depend on different factors, but most of all on his or her experience. Check the definition of the professional and compare it to the qualities of your editor. There are two ways in which the experienced professional proofreader differs from the amateur:

1. Proofreading paragraph by paragraph. Many beginners in proofreading proofread the texts as the fiction works. It means that they simply read the text and fix the mistakes found along the way. Such approach, obvious as it seems, does not ensure the successful proofreading. Reading line after line, you get involved in the text and the risk to omit some tiny typo increases. Professionals proofread paragraph by paragraph. In this way, you analyze the text block by block and do not get distracted too much by its plot.

Do not have a specific linguistic knowledge and do not know the difference between the paragraph and a phrase? Relay your request in a short message to Essay-Editor! If you ask yourself, “Are they the best paragraph rewriting service for me?” just have a look at our page on the Web! There you will find plenty of information about our service and will be able to choose if to proceed with your order. We are waiting for your call!

2. Letting no changes to be made to the content of the text. That’s a sign of the editor’s professionalism. If you need anything written to check, you can approach us any time. The professional and knowledgeable proofreader is online 24/7! In order to understand the text’s idea properly and being able to fix the typos, the proofreader must have a good knowledge of the topic. At the same time, he or she deals only with the formal side of the text. The proofreader corrects the shape but never makes amendments to the content. The author’s ideas must be preserved as well as the individual style. The proofreader is responsible for the correctness of the writing and style but never for the quality and authenticity of the information.  

Need a good example of the solid yet animated content? Check the one at! We thoroughly check all the information and pick only the most interesting and comprehensive one! Sign up for the Essay-Editor’s online journal on editing now!

Apart from all the rules of the English language, some proofreaders need to be aware of the standards of the librarian archiving and editing (publishing) business. This is especially important for the works that are intended for further publishing and storage (e.g. scientific articles and books).  Working in this field requires the knowledge and ability to use the editing signs and symbols that serve for changing the line interval, changing the letter register (e.g. capital letter to a cursive letter), amending the indentations and so on. All these requirements are applicable to the academic documents of a higher degree. Apply to the cheap dissertation proofreading service in the UK!

However, this knowledge is required only for the proofreaders who work in the editorials and prepare the texts for publishing. For the modern proofreading market, such knowledge is mostly irrelevant.

So, let us sum up the qualities an efficient proofreader must possess:

  1. Linguistic knowledge. Why? In order to be able to spot and correct the stylistic, spelling, grammar, punctuation mistakes and be able to ground the choice of the correction. For that, you need to know not only the wording of the rules but also their non-usual usage cases. For example, check the peculiarities of the English grammar and its Passive Voice.
  2. Have vocabularies and manuals at hand. Why that, especially when there is the Web? Quickness is the important aspect of proofreading. While performing the check, proofreader might appear to have doubts about a certain rule or a certain usage. In such cases, having a printed edition at hand might save a lot of time. You just shuffle through few pages – and here you are, you’ve got the rule and illustrations. And it does not depend on electricity. The solid academic proof reading does not depend on anything but on the knowledge and experience of the editor.
  3. Attentiveness. Required for tracking the most insidious and petty mistakes. As well as the gross ones The reason is that, the proofreader works with a considerable load of texts daily. In such conditions, until the end of the day, a proofreader cannot tell a monocle from the miracle. That is why the sharp attentive mind and ability to “switch on” attention are quite important in this occupation.
  4. Loyal disposition. This quality helps a proofreader to be less strict in relation to the authors of the works proofread. It happens that the proofreader is propelled to correct the “childish” mistakes like otumn or teecha. When such blunders amass, it irritates considerably. That’s where the loyal and empathic disposition can save your day.
  5. Diplomatic skills. Needed to deal with the customers and explain the choice of the grammar form, stylistic passage or a semicolon. This feature is especially valuable when the proofreader must persuade the customer who thinks that “Here, it should be written differently “orHere’s the mistake!” Train your diplomatic skills! You’ll be able to use it while bargaining over the proof reading of your next essay for money.   

A proofreader’s occupation foresees possessing several skills and the strong linguistic knowledge. At the same time, the skill of the “grammatical writing” can sometimes substitute the whole load of the theoretical knowledge. It is important that the proofreader never stops developing his knowledge and skills, never ceases to enhance his communicative skills, always aims for the best possible result of the proofreading, keeps the author’s idea untouched. All our editors possess these qualities. They are also tireless and efficient as they can support you 24 hours a day and seven days a week. See how the editors can help in your particular case. We offer flexible conditions for the students!

Though there are many people who know the language well, still, not all of them can be professional proofreaders. And not everyone can perform a thorough essay grammar check. If you need such a service, try approaching the Essay-Editor team! We are working round the clock and have the largely positive feedback from our clients!

As we’ve seen from above, being a successful proofreader requires such communicative skills as diplomacy, persuasion talent, loyalty, tolerance. Without these skills, a proofreader is not able to make his or her point clearly or explain the choice of one alternative among the others. He or she is often propelled to deal with the client’s remarks and sometimes an opposite point of view. Proving the own correctness must not provoke customer’s irritation. Otherwise, the next order will not be put with the same editor.

Short of money? Having an assignment deadline creeping on? Take it easy! With our prices, you will always be able to proofread your documents in time. Check the current cost of the essay editing service!

Applying to the editor for proofreading, check the quality of the proofreader’s work by inspecting the samples on the editing website. Inquire about this particular editor on the specific forums on the Web, ask the people you know who are knowledgeable in the field. While inspecting the website, pay attention to its content, design, technological framework. It is good if it features a Quick Response form. It will allow you clarifying some issues quickly, without having to spend much time on this particular editor.

What about Essay-Editor? Our editors are not just regular proofreaders. They are editing enthusiasts! Place an order with them and find the best wording for your idea!

While getting the reply to your questions, pay attention to the way you are replied. The polite and knowledgeable answer will be your green light for proceeding with the ordering the proofreading from this editor. At the same time, monosyllabic and unclear answers must warn you and make you thoroughly check the information about such an editor. And certainly, use your intuition! Pick the best-qualified proofreading service online and guess no more!

The proofreader’s schedule might be not a primary aspect, but, in the end, it is also an important issue. Especially when your deadline is approaching. In this case, selecting the editor who is available round-the-clock is an optimal solution. Besides, such editors and proofreaders usually have a lot of orders and, as a result, a considerable experience. Which is also a positive factor. Need a professional proofreader available at any time of the day and giving the impeccable result? You’ve got the right address following the link!

Now that we’ve found out how to approach the proofreader and estimate his or her qualification, let us discuss other options available. Dealing with the online checking services – are there any peculiarities? What are the key points about the online essay proofreader and about the automated proofreading program? Let’s see! improves your papers

Online checker – a free helper or an insidious headache

Before plunging into details of the online programs’ operations, we’d like to mention that the online checkers cannot be considered as fully replacing the live editor and proofreader. Though the development of the computer technologies has been showing a boost during recent 70 years, there are still areas where a machine cannot replace humans in full. One of such fields is a field of cognition and its tool – the language.

Still, some functions performed by the proofreader can be entrusted to the automated programs today. The programs cope well with the point tasks like checking the spelling of the text fragment. However, they usually are not able to proofread efficiently the big and multidirectional assignment. Get your courseworks editing in the UK for the cheapest price! The tracking of the obvious typos, fulfilment of the straight grammar rules, arrangement of the word order are successfully performed by the programs today. Let us see which programs can help us and what tasks they are created for.

In order to check your text for possible mistakes and missing / incorrect punctuation marks, the developers have worked out a number of the automated programs that allow performing such checks fast and quite efficiently. Let’s see what types of checkers are available on the Web today.

1. Spelling correctors. Spelling is one of the most important criteria for checking of any text. If you cannot find a mistake yourself, yet there is a feeling that something is wrong, use a special online resource. It will go through your text and perform its check in accordance with the existing spelling rules.

Hours is the beast sparring decker!

(Ours is the best spelling checker)

On the modern Web, there are tenths of online services performing the spelling check. Some of them are dedicated to spelling only; others include it into the general checking performance. Mostly, they work fast and allow checking any average essay within a few minutes. For the more complex tasks, apply to the efficient and reliable proof reading company in the USA. Working with any version of the English language!

Spelling is an important indicator of the author’s linguistic knowledge, attentiveness, and thoroughness. In this regard, never grudge the time to check your spelling before submitting your text to the teacher’s inspection.

By the way, you can trace many obvious mistakes in spelling during the process of writing. For that, you need to activate the function “Spelling check” in your PC text editor. In the MS Word program, it can be done through the tab “Review”. O simply turn off the function if you need to keep a clear head for more important things and events. Find our service to order the professional paper editing and proofreading! This function allows not only finding the spelling mistakes but also tracing the grammar ones. Let us talk about them as well.

2. Grammar adjusters. Many of the students (especially those that are non-native English speakers) often mix up grammar and spelling or simply do not differ one from another. Indeed, the grammar check always includes the correction of spelling, while the spelling check, in one way or another, concerns the grammar mistakes, too. However, there is a difference between these two types of checking.  While spelling is about the singular word, grammar is about the relation of this word to other words around it. If you write I could have called he, that would have been a grammar mistake. At the same time, a version I could have called his concerns the spelling only. Have a wide choice for your selection of the perfect grammar checker The modern grammar and spelling checkers allow not only performing the inspection of your text but also give you the information about the number of words and symbols it consists of, the level of the text uniqueness, the academic “sickness’ of the text and so on. That’s quite handy to have many various results at once. It provides for more exact evaluation of your text and the timely spotting of deficiencies, if any.

Granma kills me… (instead of “grammar”)

Spelling did it.

3. Commas, exclamation marks, ellipsis. The punctuation marks are often said to be disappearing from the English language. Indeed, in the informal writing the commas have become such a rare guest that certain mobile phone users might not even know where the relevant virtual keyboard symbol is situated. Even in the formal writing like official style or scientific style, dropping the comma is not considered a heavy fault. Meanwhile, comma is not the only punctuation mark. The question marks and exclamation marks that are so rare in the formal styles have got a recognition in the informal ones.

Hi, John! Have you proofread my essay???

The deadline is tomorrow!!!!!

Another mark that is quite popular presently is ellipsis. However, such marks as colon, semicolon, M-dash are slowly disappearing even from the formal styles. Still, placing them correctly will underline your idea properly and will demonstrate your linguistic skills. Getting dizzy when it goes about commas and all the other nasty scrawls? Let’s tame them together! Order our papers editing and proofreading and have each comma in its place!

4. Style refurbishment. The stylistic mistakes are the most “difficult” for the online checkers as such programs are able to trace only the most obvious flaws in the style. For example, if you happened to use a jargon word (cutie, that’s a blast etc.) in the academic essay, the program will identify it. However, if you write in one of the formal styles (e.g. a military style) and use the passages belonging to another style (e.g. scientific), the checker would hardly trace it. The jokes and the word play (where they are permitted) cannot be fully understood by the program, so they often are marked as stylistic mistakes.

Sergeant, did you make a report?


Did you read it?


An inimitable style of your Personal Statement, of your essay or a dissertation work, is guaranteed by our online English proofreading services. We provide all types of editing, including the style adjustment! 

5. Another important factor that the online programs can check is the set of SEO-indicators of the text. This implies checking the text for so-called “academic sickness” (when there is too much terminology and long complicated passages in the text). This check allows to spot the extra and spam-like hyperlinks, eliminate tautology (The worker worked on his work), check if your text has a proper level of uniqueness. It must be mentioned that there are different requirements applicable to the uniqueness of the text. For academic reports and articles, the uniqueness must be above 90% It means that you are allowed to use only two-three direct citations in your essay. All the other quoted information must be represented in your description (but also properly marked as the reference). To have your references put properly and fitting the content of the text, choose the proficient academic paper editing service. Let’s reach high goals together!

Thus, using the online services for checking your texts for mistakes might require some knowledge about the principle of their work and the understanding of the results they show. Yet, when such knowledge is gained, the checkers become a useful tool, indeed. You can rely on their thoroughness; they do not get tired and will underline each passage or word that seems incongruous. Choose the best paper editing website and have your papers refurbished and refined! While, as we already mentioned, there are mistakes that a checker might not spot. Let us talk about such mistakes in the following clause.

No mistakes – how to write impeccably

The curious fact that any experienced proofreader will confirm is that there are knowledgeable people who make mistakes often and there are people who scarcely read the manuals yet write much better than the others do. Some call them resourceful, some – intuitional, some – the magicians. Here, we’ll try to disclose their secret and get a skill of writing well from the beginning. This will save you considerable time (and funds!) for editing.

The thing is, you can write grammatical texts even if you are a non-native English speaker and do not know the grammar rules by heart. Yet, you’ve got to understand their meaning. For example, you might not remember by heart the usage of the Complex Tenses, yet you could grasp at once the principle of writing with Complex Tenses, which is a valuable practical asset. The ability to write correctly is always appreciated by the reader and supports your reputation of a knowledgeable person. Still, this does not cancel the requirement to proofread your writing. Anyone who ever used a smartphone with the autocorrect switched on can confirm it. Check the funniest autocorrect mistakes in business and have fun! Never repeat in your business chat!

Let us consider the most popular yet“invisible” mistakes that often slip off when you write. In addition, their causes, too. As they say, “eliminate the cause and you’ll eliminate the consequences”.

  • Concentration flaws. That is the most popular cause. Especially when you type or write for a long time. If it is a typo it sometimes can be unmarked by the checker. Sometimes, the mistake turns a word to another one that fits the sentence by its shape but does not make sense. Often, the autocorrect amends the word to his “understanding”. Then, the result will be erroneous, but it will be not easy to notice it. 

That is a highly modern research that has its fossils on the

Development of the graphical effects.

Correct word must be “focus” yet there was a mistake “folic”

That led to the autocorrect’ amendment.

The poor attention to writing is characteristic for many people, yet only some individuals try to overcome it. The most frequent question regarding the text working out is The reply can be found via the link.  Meanwhile, finding a mistake in the written text, a reader often gets irritated. Do not play the teasing game with your teacher and test the limits of his or her patience – proofread your text!

If your mistake, nevertheless, has been spotted and you were informed, never show it upset you. It will be polite to thank the teacher (or another reader) and mention you are going to devote more time to your grammar skills. Usually, it works. Never cheat. It is better to allot some time for analyzing the sentences with the Gerund than writing an incorrect Verbal Noun.

Filation system has been organized improperly.

(Filing system)

Always pay attention to the technical side of the issue. If you type the text on your PC, always check if the text looks the same when being printed, conversed or forwarded through an e-mail or some other application. The coding might be different, thus, the appearance of the text might be changed. “Glued” spaces, separated syllables, shifted structure can only harm the perception of your text. So, it is better to take care of this aspect before submitting your work.

  • Tautology. The English language allows some level of tautology. In comparison to other languages that require the usage of the synonyms even in the adjoining sentences, English can be called “tautoloyal”. However, do not abuse repeating something for more than two times in a paragraph. That’s a very irritating habit. For example, starting the sentence with the same introduction word (Thus, Certainly, First of all, etc.) or using the same root of the word for the Noun and Adjective, the Noun and the Verb.

In this regard, we have discovered a substantial

and potentially explosive substance. Regardless

of the safety rules, some of the research team members

took the sample in their hands and handed it to each other.

In this regard, two reports were issues.

A good thing about tautology is that it is easy to trace. All you need to do is proofreading your text. The tautology would look alien and will definitely attract your attention. How to deal with the tautology? Just pick the appropriate synonym! While selecting the replacement, make sure the synonym does not have additional meaning components that can modify the general sense of the phrase. Use vocabularies if you are uncertain as to the meaning and connotations of some words.

His palm (a tree) was in the way =

His hand was in the way.

Another example of the tautology that is much more difficult to track is the hidden tautology. That’s when you use two words together that mean the same but sound different. The classical example is my autobiography (the prefix auto- already means self). There are many others. In most of the cases, such words originate from the different roots and different languages. A memorable souvenir is a tautology because souvenir is a memory in French. Over-exaggerating is another bright example of the tautological expression. Exaggerate implies that something is already over – over-estimated, over-presented.

There is no cure for this type of tautology but knowing well the English language and two or three other languages. However, vocabularies also help a lot. Sometimes, usage of the different grammar forms can also help avoid the tautology. In this regard, see the tips on the way to use the Past Indefinite Tense.

A tricky thing proofreading is, right? Still, we know well that students are yet more cunning. Remember that you can always rely on our professionalism; even in the non-regular cases

  • Commas. Some people think they are extinct in the English language. Might be so, yet try to read the following sentence,

We have come to the decision smart and quick preparation not being

Pauls merit it could be performed by Dahlia.

And now, this,

We have come to the decision – smart and quick preparation

not being Paul’s merit, it could be performed by Dahlia.

Now, how much time did you spent for understanding the first sentence? What about the second? That’s it. Commas, M-dashes, colons serve for the reader to make a stop and realize he or she is on the point of crossing the border to another part of the sentence. The reader has the opportunity to stop and estimate the meaning of the sentence. While without punctuation, he or she would have to enjoy the brainwork on separating the sentence and deriving the meaning. Some like it this way, though.

By the way, commas and listed marks are not the only punctuation marks. You might be surprised to know the capital letter, the period, the apostrophe are all punctuation marks as well. We recommend a good review of all the punctuation marks in English – for your studies and the next essay!

  • “His” and ‘he’s”. That’s a toddler’s mistake and yet it is stubbornly repeated in the majority of the written texts by students. Why so? Don’t the students know the difference? Even if you are a student who does know the difference, you might be interested to know our editing agency can offer the high-quality editing in any part of the world Just send us a quick e-mail and we’ll give you full information on any service you require.

They know it well, for sure. Yet, this mistake can be also referred to the concentration flaws. When hurrying on to meet the deadline, one does not pay much attention to the correctness of writing. Here come the passages like

My lab report has been performed in the chemical laboratory.

It’s equipment’s fitting for the experiment goals.

  • Stylistic mistakes. We have mentioned them above and investigated their specifics. However, do not aim for the complete elimination of the stylistic incongruities. After all, your text must reflect the authorship. It means that it must relay your own style of writing and communication. Do not unify your text in order to adjust it to the formal requirements of the style. However, working with the text, always bear in mind its goal. Why is it being written? To relay some knowledge or facts? To make a joke? To show that you can write in English? Answering this question will define your writing tactics. Check it thoroughly and define your main goal, be it the elegant poetry or the top-rated academic essay And the freedom of your word choice, too. Sometimes, you can “play” with styles and introduce the elements of other styles (but certainly, without excess).

Our team has conducted the revolutionary research!

Believe me; this is going to be an academic breakthrough!

The nature and causes of the grammar, punctuation and other mistakes are different. Yet, globally, they all arise from the same factor – the nature of humanity. We always hurry up, tend to lose attention while doing something for a long time, tend to see our texts better than they actually are. At the same time, proofreading the text and spotting own mistakes; we can work on our qualities. The nature of our mistakes shows the things we miss currently. It can be a concentration or insufficient grammar knowledge. Or the poor structuring skills. Our mistakes show our weaknesses and by that, they help us to become stronger.

Need to strengthen your knowledge of the English language? We’ve prepared a few quick tips for you at the end of this informative (though quite long) essay. See it just after the list of the useful links that will transform your perception of proofreading! Only the best content on!

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The best way to perform proofreading with pleasure

As we see, there are many reasons we make mistakes in our text. Some can be overcome, others just need to be looked for and corrected. However, a correction might turn out to be a boring and exhaustive process. How to deal with it in order to make it easier?

Having a significant experience in proofreading of the different types of texts, with a different kind of complexity, we can tell for sure that proofreading can become an enjoyable occupation. For that, three conditions are enough:

  1. Plenty of time. Even the things that are pleasant by default might lose their zest when they are rushed upon. Try organizing your schedule so that you will have your essay or a dissertation or another text written at least a week before the final date of its submitting. Then, you will have the time for the thorough and attentive proofreading. You can combine it with some pleasant occupation, too. For example, sipping your cup of tea while listening to the rain over the window and holding the pencil in your hand, occasionally marking the word or the passage. You can also make the marks in accordance with your studies or the way of development. For example, you might mark “Learn more about the Subjunctive mode in English”.
  2. Interest in the topic. We always work better and faster when we like what we do. In case the subject of your essay is of interest to you, you will be reading it attentively even for the fourth time, and definitely weed out all the mistakes by that time. The only threat is not to make the new ones. It often happens that reading the same passage many times we tend to correct even the already grammatical phrases.
  3. Not so good knowledge of the language. Surprising, eh? Yes, here it works all the other way. The better you know the language, the more confident you are and the less attentive to the shape of the words. You just read diagonally through the lines, grasp the sense and conclude it is fine. Yet, when you are not sure that some word is right and if another one must be replaced with a set expression or not, you pay much more attention to proofreading.

While poor knowledge of the language might help you concentrate on the task, it will definitely turn out not so valuable an asset when you will have to fix your mistakes. For that, a perfect knowledge of the language is required. As well as for direct communication. By the way, in order to learn the language well, you’ve got to study different sides of its oppositions. For instance, in order to speak with your friends, teachers, shop sellers and so on you need to have good Direct Speech skills. If you plan to continue your academic career than it is advisable to master the Indirect Speech particulars. 

There are many ways to learn the English language. However, remember that the most effective way to master any tool is to work with it. In order to learn English, you’ve got to speak English, read English, write English. Eventually, you will be able to think English.

The experienced linguists advise various methods in order to remember more words and phrases accumulate them faster, introduce them into your own speech. An interesting method is proposed by some experts. The beginner takes the book by some classic writer like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or Ernest Hemingway and … No, does not read it. Starts copying it with a pen!

First of all, in this way, you will definitely remember many of the communicative set expressions and popular passages. Secondly, you will get a correct image of the words in your mind. Afterward, having encountered them, you would scarcely doubt which way to write them.

While copying the text analyze its meaning. Put yourself in the author’s shoes. Why did he or she said dramatic and not fabulous? Is this comma here a mistake? What effect does it produce? In this way, you will learn a lot of the valuable tips of successful writing.

The next step is writing the text yourself. It can be the text of any kind and volume. It can be dedicated to the personal or some abstract issue. It can have a different structure. The only condition is that it must be interesting to you.

Upon such exercises, you will find out that your knowledge enriched and your communicative skills got enhanced. And proofreading will turn out considerably easier and much more comprehensive!

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