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Everyone knows that there is no need to waste a lot of time doing text proofreading on one’s own. There are other more convenient ways: to purchase services and to cooperate with the experts in this sphere.

Our agency ensures super quality of offered services for already more than ten years. We have gathered the best experts in the field to secure top-notch result. They have experience and advanced knowledge of the subject.

If you collaborate with us, you are guaranteed to receive a wanted result. Our expert team does its utmost to meet all your demands and requirements and make you satisfied with the result.

What is proofreading? Who is a proofreader?

Although proofreading seems a boring and not interesting occupation, in fact, it contains a lot of subtleties that require specific knowledge. A proofreader can be compared with a detective because a proofreader also should pay attention to the details that most people do not notice.

If the things are so complex, is it possible to learn to proofread without attending special courses or receiving appropriate education? Maybe it will surprise you but yes, proofreading skills can be mastered even staying at home. Thus, we are going to present how to check and fix texts competently.

Ways to proofreading success

Before you start…

It may seem to you that you can start proofreading anytime. It is not quite true because, first of all, a text should be checked for more serious inaccuracies. Bear in mind: first editing is required, then, proofreading goes. Proofreading is related to the correction of mistakes, and it does not require corrections in the meaning. That is the reason to proceed to proofreading only when you have already edited text structure and made sure that material is presented logically.

Besides, except for editing, we also recommend setting aside your text for a while. It will allow you to look at it afresh. If you skip this step, you risk not noticing a lot of mistakes. Sometimes reading of some other text helps switch from editing to proofreading. Some people prefer just to sit not doing anything. You need to find such an occupation that will work for you personally and help “reboot” before checking and fixing your text.

Also, before proofreading, be sure that you are aware of what exactly is required to fix. Usually, a proofreader pays close attention to the following points:

  • grammar,
  • punctuation,
  • technical mistakes,
  • incoherence,
  • tautology,
  • fonts,
  • styles (italics or bold),
  • page numbering,
  • proper nouns,
  • improper usage of phrases, and so on.

Based on our personal observations, we can say that the best time to proceed to proofreading is the next morning after the day when a text has been created. Another smart option is to appeal to professionals and ask them to check your text. Our experts would be happy to do it for you:

How can I proofread a document quickly?

Useful tips for beginning proofreaders

The very first and quite obvious tip is to try to focus on a text as much as possible. How to do this?

✓ First, remove all the factors that can distract and create the atmosphere, in which you feel comfortable to work. If it is better for you to listen to music when proofreading, listen to it in the background. However, do not forget that songs with lyrics may distract you. It is also important to read a text more slowly than you usually read. In such a way, you will manage to pay attention to all the nuances. Bear in mind that in this case you read with the goal to analyze everything written and not to get some knowledge.

✓ The second important aspect is the way of proofreading. Here a printer can help you: a printed text is treated differently, as a consequence, it will be easier to notice a mistake.

✓ The next recommendation is to read out loud. In such a way, you will activate not only the visual cortex that is responsible for visual perception of information but also a sensor language zone that allows recognizing and understanding spoken language. When you double the number of perception ways, you increase the chances for more careful text processing. Also, before you start reading out loud, make sure that people around you will not think that you are a weirdo.

✓ Have you noticed that it is hard for you to focus on a text? Try to use a white sheet of paper to cover a text part that you have not read yet. Moving line by line you will definitely not miss a mistake or a misprint. Also, you can get help from our specialists. They will detect and remove every inaccuracy:

✓ You might say that you do not have the opportunity to print a text, and you have to work in online text editors. That is fine, you still can apply some tips that we have presented previously. In addition, you can use technical capabilities of these programs. For example, if you find a mistake, MS Word text editor offers you the option of search and replace of similar text.

✓ Are you afraid of missing a mistake? In this case, we advise you to correct a text in several stages: reread it several times and every time fix some particular type of mistakes. Thanks to such an approach you will manage to proofread a text more thoroughly. However, if you need to present a polished text on short notice, you should quit this method and prefer another one.

✓ So when the time for proofreading is too short, our recommendation is to read a text at least twice. The first time, read it as usually. The second time, try to read it from the bottom up. Due to unusual way of reading the chances to find missed mistakes are much higher.

The problem is that our brain can automatically fix the mistakes when recognizing a text. Even when the letters in a word are mixed up, our brain reads the word as it should be if its beginning and ending is written correctly. When we read a text backwards, our brain cannot make this trick with automatic correction.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that this method seems simple, it does not work for everyone. That is why, before you use it as your main method, try to check a small text and see if it does not confuse you.

✓ Of course, you can make the check process easier and use specialized online services. However, we would not recommend relying on them completely – computer programs not always can distinguish small misprints like “its” or “it’s”. So except for online editors, you also need to read your text carefully.

✓ If you notice the mistakes that you make all the time, make up a list of them. When you have such a list in front of you, it will be easier to detect them the next time you proofread a text.

✓ Professional proofreaders use a set of symbols to mark the mistakes. In case if you check your own text, you will probably not need such symbols. However, if you proofread someone else’s text, it is better to know special proofreading signs.

✓ Finally, when you fixed everything you could, it is recommended letting someone else read your text. Since you have spent too much time with a text, you can easily ignore some mistakes and take them for granted. If you know a competent proofreader, show him / her your text. Or you can ask our experts for support. We will be glad to be useful.

When corrections are made, familiarize yourself with them carefully. Of course, you should not accept all of them unconditionally because other people can also make mistakes. That is why we advise checking some points if they make you doubt.

Anyway, do not worry if you missed a mistake or two in a text. Proofreading is like writing – excellence comes with practice.


Proofreading is not a simple thing. If you cannot check your text for mistakes and inaccuracies of different kind, it is better to ask someone professional to check and correct it. However, if you can proofread well, you can also offer your services to other people who need them. Even a very good work will be worth nothing if it is full of mistakes. So proofreading is really important. Do not ignore it. If you do not feel like doing it yourself, our professional paper editor is online round-the-clock and always ready to assist.

What is your proofreading process?

Everyone is free to choose any proofreading way and approach to fix one’s texts. The most important is that it should work, it should be effective and bring a wanted result. Of course, you can try to correct your writing by yourself. However, the best decision is to address professionals in the sphere of proofreading. On our site, the most qualified and experienced specialists are always ready to give you a hand and provide you with the papers of top-notch quality.

Benefits you get with us

On the website of our online agency you can not only place order but also ask to calculate its total cost. In addition, a qualified consultant who works online will help solve any problem, answer any question or provide explanations. You can use our live chat on the website or send us an email. Our support team reacts and replies immediately to every request. So you can always get a consultation first, and then, you can decide whether you want to continue cooperating or not.

We work even with the most complex assignments and always take into account all the requirements, desires, remarks and instructions from our clients. A completed order contains only unique content that does not have analogues on the web. Thus, our clients do not risk facing the problem of plagiarism. We always check every text carefully and make it 100% unique.

Our agency offers a flexible pricing and payment system. We accept all payment methods that our clients prefer to use. We guarantee successful cooperation and take care of the privacy of our clients. Confidentiality issue should not worry you: qualified professionals with a university degree and a wealth of experience in their sphere work here and do their utmost to make our clients satisfied.

Why customers trust us

You should also have no doubts about the quality and terms of work. For over 10 years of successful work, we have not broken the deadlines even once. If a teacher (or someone else) has remarks about a done assignment, our specialists take responsibility for its refinement. It means that all corrections and changes will be made free of charge. All you need is to contact us and let us know that refinement is wanted. Send us an email or talk to us via live chat anytime.

On the site, you can find a detailed instruction on order placement, terms of successful collaboration with our company, as well as information about the types of services we provide, prices and other details that will help you decide on whether you want to get help from our specialists. An order can be placed online, thus, your privacy is secured.

Also, we provide the warranty of quality, free consultation and help with refinement, if necessary. It is always easy and safe to collaborate with experts, and our team will never let you down. On our official website, you will also find information about why we are worth being trusted and what benefits every customer gets. We are honest, and you should not doubt professionalism of our team. We can prove that our assistance is exactly what your texts need!

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