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Company offers the widest range of services for students company specializes in creation and correction of student assignments, including Master’s and PhD thesis, MBA dissertation based on APA standards. Our team consists of only competent specialists who have a careful and professional approach to job and work in accordance with the set norms and requirements. In the process of order fulfillment, we use the most modern techniques and solutions in a particular field, and thus, we achieve the finest result and the highest uniqueness of materials.

Our online agency is the best essay, term paper, coursework, thesis, and dissertation editor on the internet!

All directions of work of our company

The company works in the following directions that include:

  • Carrying out research of various complexity level;
  • Writing and correction of all kinds of academic papers;
  • Writing a speech and making presentation for the defense;
  • Provision of any scientific and technical services of a wide range for students;
  • Consultations on various issues;
  • Creation of tables, drawings, diagrams, graphics, calculations, and so on that are distinguished by high complexity and uniqueness.

Highly-qualified specialists with a university degree in a particular sphere work on an assignment. It allows achieving qualitative implementation of the set tasks, including those that require specific knowledge of rare subjects.

Consultations on different issues

Within the frames of consultation service, the experts of our company help select the most appropriate kind of assistance in every particular case. It is also guaranteed that every done paper will correspond to the requirements of APA writing standards.

Preparation for the defense

Such academic papers as thesis or dissertation can be presented and defended only after preliminary publication of several articles in certain editions. The specialists of agency help prepare the materials that will correspond to the established requirements and will be published in the selected journals. All kinds of work can be performed with extreme urgency.

The distinguishing feature of our company is a complete confidentiality of provided services. No one will ever know that you purchase papers on our website or use any of our services.

Competent APA-based dissertation editing service

How to write thesis and dissertation based on APA standards? Tips and demands

In order to understand what thesis, Master’s thesis in particular, is, first, it is necessary to understand what a Master’s degree is. A Master’s graduate is a multi-skilled specialist who has got a higher education in a specific field and has expanded knowledge of many issues in his / her professional sphere.

A Master’s graduate should firmly know what innovating technology is progressing in his / her professional environment. A Master’s thesis belongs to research papers. It is not the same as dissertation, which is a scientific kind of work. The goal of a Master’s paper is to present irrefutable proofs of the fact that it is written by a specialist and professional in one’s sphere.

With the help of thesis, its author makes an impression of a future specialist who is able to make responsible decisions in his / her professional field independently.

It is not as easy as it may seem to choose the topic of thesis. It is necessary to take into consideration that a topic should be relevant and demanded. The structure of a good Master’s thesis is as following:

  • Cover page;
  • Abstract (also, summary or annotation);
  • Contents;
  • Annex with the marking of abbreviations used in a paper;
  • Introduction;
  • Main sections (text body);
  • Conclusions;
  • Reference list;
  • Optionally, in the end of paper, there can be placed commendation to a supervisor.

APA format proofreading company - we know how

How to format paper properly

Even if a paper is of purely creative nature, it is required to adhere to the standard norms of formatting of a particular paper type. Otherwise, you risk not passing the check and being not allowed to defend the paper.

  1. The very first thing is that the pages of a Master’s thesis should be mandatory numbered. A cover page does not have the number but it is taken into account when numbering other pages.
  2. The second point is that the size of a Master’s thesis should be no less than 60 pages A4 size. At the same time, there should be no more than 100 pages.
  3. The third is that a paper should look neat and tidy but be formatted in accordance with the established APA standards. Make sure that you know all the standards before you start writing or fixing your paper.

All big (page-size) illustrations and graphic materials, for example, graphics should be placed outside the work, i.e. as annexes after all main sections of paper. References to all graphic materials, as well as tables, should be placed in the text of work.

Writing style of thesis is strictly scientific with the elements of academic direction. Do not write in first-person or use “I” statements, also, do not emphasize the appeal to the readers. If some phenomenon, which takes place in the present time, is described, you need to present it as it is. If a research method used in work is no longer used today, it is also necessary to speak about it and clarify why this method is selected and why it is valuable.

Revealing the topic and content of thesis

  • It is necessary to avoid the fragmentation of the sections of paper text body. In every section, a main idea should be clearly seen. At the same time, every section should continue and supplement the previous one.
  • If the first section contains some introductory subject, in the second section, it will be necessary to emphasize the idea of work. Here you can do calculations, draw some initial conclusions, and give the proofs of your theory.
  • In the third section, there should be only the proofs without descriptions of the main notions because they are presented in the first section. There also should be the analysis of got conclusions. Try to use as few as possible introductory words and expressions and text elements of little importance.
  • Do not try to do paper as big as possible. Otherwise, it might seem that you cannot work with material and present your thoughts briefly. Every single sentence should be appropriate. There should not be impression that you use unnecessary information. Also, pay attention to the fact that the paper should be obligatory published.

Stay confident and good luck at the defense! For our part, we will support and assist you with everything you might need to get the best grade for your paper:

APA paper corrector - we do papers properly - competently done student assignments

Our company specializes in high-quality and urgent assistance with student assignments of various complexity level. Thanks to flexible terms, we are ready to help all students, even if they turn to us at the very last moment. The specialists of our agency deal with the following types of assignments:

  • coursework;
  • thesis (with calculations, if necessary);
  • abstracts;
  • tests solution;
  • taking exams online;
  • making drawings, tables, diagrams, graphics, etc.;
  • problems solution;
  • report writing;
  • search for information on a particular subject;
  • carrying out research.

The specialists of our company can write a paper from the ground up for you, and also, we can help create or fix a certain fragment, for example, do the calculations for the students who cannot cope with this on their own or formulate the statements on the solution of some issue properly. Such service has a lower price and shorter terms compared with the paper done from the ground up.

High quality of performed work

All specialists of our company are carefully selected and checked for professionalism. Thus, we exclude the opportunity that a non-specialist can fulfill one’s order. Before delivering a done paper to a customer, it is checked for plagiarism using different antiplagiarism systems. If you are interested in how to avoid plagiarism in your texts, we have a post on this issue:

The percentage of uniqueness corresponds to the requirements set by an educational institution and a client. A wealth of practical experience gained for more than 10 years of work allows us to guarantee high quality of performed work and getting a high grade.

Flexible pricing and discount system

Every student appealing to our company for the first time is guaranteed to get a nice discount. Our regular clients, who cooperate with us from the first year of studying, receive a great discount on all types of services and save much money. Our company has a loyalty program - the more you order, the more you benefit. We have numerous bonuses for you. So do not wait long, do not hesitate - order now and get more than you can imagine!

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