Need to Hire an Editor? Things to Consider When Hiring an Editor


Hiring an Editor: What Things to Consider?

Dear friends, please don’t embarrass yourself – show your mistakes to an editor but not to the readers. Hire an editor and a proofreader here. By providing professional editing services, we polish your text and make it shine.

There are many reasons to hire an editor.

  1. There are many people who need an editor. Who needs editing services?
  2. Avoid clichés and often-used phrases. A professional editor knows how to do it competently.
  3. An editor knows how to turn any text into a masterpiece.
  4. It is important to know your target audience for better efficiency of your texts.
  5. Price is not the only thing to consider when choosing an editor.

In order not to make you bored, we will try to present only the most essential but also interesting information. And now we want to speak first about those who should get acquainted with an editor and proofreader closer. During the years of our work, our specialists have checked and fixed so many essays, articles, other texts of different kind that we could fill in a little library with those papers.

Competent assistance from a qualified editor

Who needs editing services?

Editing (as well as proofreading) assistance is necessary not only for those who do not perform well at school and panic because of every comma or put a dash instead of a point, in such a way, joining two or even three sentences into something huge and unclear. Editing service is also necessary for those whose language knowledge is good but writing style differs from typical “normalized” style. Corrections, comments on the margins, remarks, friendly advice, highlighting of typical errors and review help every author see all the flaws and inaccuracies. They also help fix text composition, its content, enrich vocabulary, and finally polish the text turning it into an original masterpiece.

Sometimes there are texts, academic, prosaic, journalistic, that should be rewritten from the first word till the last point. A professional editor will help cope with such a task quickly and properly.

Avoid clichés and often-used phrases

Clichés – no, freedom of expression – yes

We say no to clichés and yes to the freedom and happiness of a word. Over ten years of professional experience – we love our job, we do it well and with pleasure. We work with everyone who might need our professional assistance.

We edit, check, fix, rewrite, and refine others’ texts for more than 10 years. This is a quite impressive amount of time. Our company helps other people write well – we turn a paper draft into an excellent essay, half of a novel turns into a high-grade novel. A writer who is “stuck” is high recommended appealing to our company. No one can understand your writing better than our specialists who are competent writers, editors and proofreaders. 

We can turn any text into a masterpiece

Professional editor will make a text perfect

To turn a text into a miracle, to turn a draft into an excellent paper, to turn any text into perfection – this is the goal of our work. These are our goals that match with the goals of our customers. Our task is to make poor and tired writers happy, to make an unconfident client pleased and satisfied. Money is just a reward for the work that we do. Enrichment and money are not an end in themselves.

Whatever text we work with, we make it outstanding. Our specialists turn a mediocre text into a text that you can present to other people or publish on the internet not being afraid of harsh comments and criticism. If a text is initially good, it will become a true literary work when we improve it.

Also, we know where to look for the weaknesses of text writers. Thus, when you send us your text, from the very beginning we know what points we need to pay attention to and how to fix them. Our experts are highly qualified and experienced. Every day, including weekend, we edit and fix texts.

If you do not trust us, if you want to have additional proofs about our competence and skills of creation and correction of text, we recommend you to check out feedback from our clients. Read their comments and reviews, and it will help you get a clearer idea about our company and its workers.

Target audience

A specialist will make your text work

Not every person can boast of absolute literacy. Of course, there are people who aspire to perfection. Thus, people who realize that their writings require improvement, who are not afraid of critical judgement often appeal to professionals for assistance. These people are our target audience.

The scheme of cooperation is simple: a client gets a fixed edited text, and a specialist gets money. We believe that such a deal is fair. We do our work, and as it is known that every work should be rewarded.

We have already mentioned that our customers are not only students and businessmen, but also amateur and professional writers. Sometimes even an experienced author asks to check his / her writing carefully and make its content perfect.

As a rule, these writers do not make gross mistakes, and they have their own style. These representatives of writing society usually do not have syntactical problems, they operate commas and points carefully, and they know where to put emphasis in the text as well as how to use the strengths of a text properly. We are sincerely happy for them. Even if these people need an editor, in most cases, an editor will serve as a reader, an adviser and a friend rather than as a strict specialist who makes remarks about a text and points at the mistakes with a red pen.

Price is not the only factor

A cheaper or more expensive option? Try first!

How much to pay for editing services? The cost is defined by two persons: a client (a text creator) and an executor. The cost of editing varies greatly and depends directly on literacy of an author, richness of his / her vocabulary, possession of writing style, composition, on the skill of content creation and characters presentation.

We offer classic editing that includes at least three checks and quick editing that includes approximately one and a half check. The last service, i.e. quick editing, was created according to the customers’ demand. There are clients who aspire to: a) save and b) get the result as quickly as possible. 

Why hire an editor here? How it works?

The way of cooperation is simple: first, a client contacts us and waits for the reply. Then, he / she sends his / her text to our email, our specialists familiarize with it and calculate the cost of work. Remember that total cost depends on many factors. However, we always provide discounts, and our prices are reasonable and affordable, in general.

One of the terms of taking the order is prepayment. Usually, we use electronic payment systems. You do not need to pay before you send us your text or until the moment when you agree with our terms and prices. 

Experience matters

Dear friends, when you choose an editor, you need to compare not only the rates and approaches to work but also experience of a specialist. Our experience is over 10 years. During this time we have processed and delivered thousands of papers and received many positive reviews about our work.

If you are a writer or a copywriter, and you publish your texts, it is important to hire a professional editor to have your text checked and corrected. We are here to help you with this task. When a text is competently written, does not contain mistakes, misprints and other inaccuracies, it is pleasant to read. It shows that an author respects his / her work and readers. 

Use editing service – fight internet illiteracy

Who needs “clean” texts in our poorly-educated illiterate time? Who would notice five hundred eighty six mistakes in an article or short-story when so many people do not really care about literacy, especially on the internet? It is not a big deal that you make mistakes, who cares?

Fortunately, not everyone thinks like this. Also, most authors do not want that their readers point at spelling, logic and factual errors and laugh at silly flaws in a text and its composition.

However, there is also another issue, which is psychological. This is how writers perceive editing and proofreading and how they react to red color in their writings. Many people feel ashamed because of their illiteracy and mistakes. Authors feel awkward when they see remarks related to messiness of their writing style, improper use of fixed impressions, lack of knowledge of classic literature and so on. Maybe previously such a writer used to receive positive feedback from readers and felt much encouraged to write more. However, after editing, it usually turns out that a lot of points should be corrected or rewritten.

It is necessary to be brave to use editing services. Cooperation with an editor is a real school for people who aspire to write not only without mistakes but to write well and master the art of writing.

The benefits our customers get

🗹 The quickest performance of work;

🗹 Convenient order placement – online on the website or via email;

🗹 Convenient payment methods – you are free to use any payment method you prefer;

🗹 Strict compliance with the demands of a client;

🗹 Refinement free of charge if required;

🗹 Delivery of a competently done work with detailed comments;

🗹 Reasonable affordable prices;

🗹 Discount system, bonuses and freebies.

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