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Academic proofreading online

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Academic proof reading – FAQ

Browsing your search system for the editing services you might have found out there are plenty of offers providing different conditions and different services. Even within a single service or procedure, you can find many different definitions and special terms that might perplex a novice in editing and complicate the process of selecting the editor. We have provided the detailed research on the editing and proofreading companies’ pros and cons in one of the recent articles on our website. For example, on some website, you meet the appeal, “Try our quality proofreading!” while another webpage states, “We are the best in the academic proofreading”. Whom to choose and, more importantly, what do they mean? “High quality” sounds nice, but the “academic proofreading” looks really serious and reliable. The decision is not going to be an easy one.

On our website, we are keen on providing the best comprehensive representation for you to make the right decision. We offer the discussion of the various editing topics, the samples of the smart essays, serving as the examples of our performance, the independent feedback section. Drop by and stay with us!

In order to make heads and tails in the variety of ads and make a grounded decision, a student must be aware of the definition of the terms used, as well as of their up-to-date meaning. Let us shed the light on these severe-looking terms and see there is nothing difficult in them.

Be sure to use the reliable Internet dictionaries while working on your scientific papers. Verify each term you use, as well as the facts and dates. Do not forget to check the spelling of the names, too! It often happens that the teachers are puzzled by the references to “De Kart” (R. Descartes) or “Ch. Pears” (Ch. Peirce). Make sure you are using your data correctly in your essay! Have doubts as to the usage of the terminology or to the sequence of the clauses in your paper?Ask for help of a competent research paper rewriter! The fast and affordable service from the experienced professionals!

Academic – this term has two basic definitions that somehow cross each other by their meaning:

1. Academic” stands for something relating to studies beginning with the college level and higher. In this regard, the Doctorate dissertation is an academic paper as well. (By the way, the dissertation proofreading is one of the key specializations of our editors. Want to try it? Simply let us know! Apply like “Proofread my document and aid in structuring my dissertation properly”) It presumes that specific requirements are applied to such texts, like using the professional terminology, providing a solid theoretical background, building a system of the references and quotes, introducing the facts by the way of their analytical representation.

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2. “Academic” is often used to describe something purely theoretical, not having the ties to the reality and to the practical life. Do not wish your essay to be too theoretical? We shall help you to determine the key points for A+ essay! This meaning of the term has been formed in response to the development of the overly theoretical studies, where the science has been used solely for its inner goals, without adding anything to the practical part of life. In the modern scientific paradigm, such principle is considered non-effective; yet, we still can frequently meet a report in some news that a group of the scientists has spent a lot of time, effort and costs for clarifying the influence of Euclid’s theory about geometry onto the way the hamsters set up their dens. The practical (though, theoretical as well) significance of such findings seems rather dubious.

“Proofreading” belongs to the type of words that you seem to grasp the meaning of, yet can never explain it fully. The reason is, in the everyday life we seldom have to deal with the proofreading; thus, we do not apply the effort to define the notion precisely in our mind. With regard to the editing, proofreading stands for checking the text upon its completion, for weeding out the deficiencies like mistakes and slips of the pen. It can also include the verification of the more complex parameters. These parameters may be represented by the logical structure of the text, and its consistency. Anyhow, it is always connected with the searching for mistakes and their correction. Order now the quality proofreading available 24 hours a day, and at the lowest prices!

Proofreading can be performed in the different ways. The modes of the proofreading and the merits and drawbacks of the self-performed editing find their comprehensive description in the following article Stay on guard of the impeccable quality of your papers!

As we see, the “academic proofreading” means the analysis of the text written for the studying goals, on purpose of its correction and improvement. It also implies adhering to the certain rules either set by the educational institution (e.g. college) or outlined by the general requirements for the scientific papers. These requirements vary in their area of application as well as in their complexity. The certain style, particular phrases and introductory clauses, terminology, punctuation – the list can be continued. By the way, for the proper checking and enhancing of your punctuation skills, check the top punctuation tips designed to improve writing and start writing the perfectly drafted papers!

Now that we examined the general outline of the academic proofreading, let us add some details and find out its difference from the other ways and methods of editing.

Proof reading academic and other papers

In the previous clause, we have examined the definition of the academic proofreading. (Apply for the professional proofreading for your PhD thesis at the best price today!) It relates to checking and enhancing the papers written for the educational goals. It includes various assignments, essays, lab reports, practical reports, course works, term papers, diploma works, dissertations and so on.

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As we see, the academic papers can be divided into many different types, yet they all join into one group due to their function. However, there are other parameters as well that allow differentiating the academic papers from the other kinds of the text.

Let us see together what features are characteristic for the academic papers:

1. Specific terminology. The academic papers are dedicated to a certain field of science. Whether it is the essay describing the popular views on the artificial intelligence or the complex report on the experimental work on the chemical solutions, the paper is always performed within the framework of some scientific approach. It prescribes the usage of the specific terminology. In this way, it is easier to reveal the principles of some particular field of science and introduce some new suggestions, without being propelled to use too many words. On the other side, the proper usage of the terminology shows the level of the student’s knowledge of the specific area of science. Not many people can recollect at once the Rule of the Resistance of the different materials, and still fewer can apply it properly in the paper.

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2. Scientific style. The academic papers stand out among the other papers due to their stylistic distinctions. They must be performed in line with the requirements of the scientific style. Its main features are the high level of formality, usage of the stereotypical clichés (Let us represent our experimental work. The following conclusions were reached as a result of the research). Its main characteristics are the impersonal format, objectivity and preciseness (The research was performed in the post-modernism paradigm. The main goal of the experiment was to prove and specify the connection of the social behaviour’ type and the features of the personal character). It is notable for the usage of the causative constructions (serving for the impersonal character of the paper as well: The investigation was performed by the staff of the laboratory. The enhanced equipment has enabled the reaching of the more precise results).

If you prepare the research paper on some issue, you will have to adhere to the scientific style. In case the competent research editor is required, we offer our services of the constant top quality, and at the cheapest prices! 

3. Rigid structure. The academic papers are noted among other texts for their solid and unified structure. Check the ways to modify the structure of your paper without changing the basic idea and keeping in line with the style of your paper All the academic texts, without exception, must expressly represent the elements of Preface or Introduction, state the Thesis of the paper explicitly, provide the Theoretical background and the History of the issue development, contain the Personal view or the description of the work performed by the author, and be rounded by the Conclusion. Many of the academic papers also have different Addenda that contain the data illustrating the text of the paper yet not carrying the principal significance. Certainly, in different papers (essays, reports, diploma works), these clauses will be represented differently and contain a different volume of information. Yet the general structure of the paper is always unchanged.

Perplexed by the specific linguistic terms? There is no need to shuffle through the various vocabularies and to inquire on the Web forums! Simply find the issue you need to clarify among the topics of our posts. In case the additional questions arise, we are there to help you!

4. Specific execution requirements.The papers prepared for the scientific purposes must follow the conventional pattern of the text execution as well. In each particular case, it is determined by the educational institution, but usually is following the generally accepted templates. For example, you would hardly meet such expressive punctuation as three exclamation marks or an ellipsis in the dissertation. If your dissertation has plenty of such punctuation marks, most probably, you will need to modify it to some extent. Consider the revision of the paper online or apply to a live editor. Meanwhile, there is a conventional range of font sizes and spacing that can be used for the academic texts (the font size fits between 10 and 14, the spacing – between 1 and 1.5). The academic paper should never miss the page numbering, though it can be discussed whether the first page must show its number expressly. The preferable visual illustrating means for the scientific texts are diagrams, tables, formulae; pictograms are less conventional but still acceptable. You should pay close attention to the references you use as well. The principles of the quoting and referencing describe the three main types of the references’ execution (by means of brackets, square brackets, footmarks). There are also different requirements as to the content of the reference. Sometimes you will have to put the name or the partial name of the work you quote, like [Cratylus; 154], in other cases you are allowed to use a number the work is assigned in your reference list (5; 154). You might have to mention the year the work was published in (Chomsky 2015: 12), or have the liberty to drop it. The generally acceptable way is to indicate the author’s name; however, in some cases, it might be replaced by the indication of the reference number. See the examples of the proper referencing in the editing examples for writing provided here. Ask for assistance, if needed, without limitation! The actual outlook of the reference can be also different. Some prescriptions will urge you to use commas for separating the author’s name / the name of the scientific work and the page the reference can be found on (Rhiley, p. 68). Following the others, you will have to use a colon or a semicolon for the same goal (Pascal: 427; Pierce; p. 10). You might be expected to put the “p.” abbreviation for a page or omit it. As you see, there are quite many rules to adhere, so be attentive next time you are smartening up your essay.

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The quoting can also be performed in the different ways. You might be allowed to use the direct quoting framed by the inverted commas and obligatory followed or preceded by the name of the author of the citation. Meanwhile, the requirements may be stricter. The only type of citation you are entitled to use may be the paraphrasing of the quote, i.e. putting the meaning of the author’s phrase in your own words. In both cases, however, the amount of citations is always limited by the set of rules of the college or by the general rules of the academic paper’s execution.

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We have specified in detail the distinction between academic and non-academic texts. Next, let us talk about the ways to edit them, which are available on the Internet. Steaming ahead to the next clause!

Feel that your papers need professional editing yet do not know what kind of editing you should order? Do not make a difference between copyediting and rewriting? Welcome to the comprehensive editing website! Here you will find the descriptions of all kinds of the modern editing and learn helpful tips on the way of selecting the best editor. We also provide the reviews on the most important issues of the English grammar. The value of studying the theory of grammar cannot be overestimated; however, the practical usage is quite important as well. We provide the exhaustive examples for the illustration of each of our theses! Texts, assignments, style, structure, rates, editing services and many other issues are revealed in the animated and comprehensive way. Test us by perusing some of our articles below:

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Means for performing academic proofreading in the online mode

The time we live in is regarded as an Information Age or an era of the Internet. It’s the time when a huge part of the human activities goes virtual: chatting, shopping, studying, making business, delivering and purchasing services and so on. You can do you work today cooperating with the colleagues sitting somewhere in the office over the ocean, you can chat with a friend who is currently in the Asia, and order the goods from another continent. And certainly, you can order the cheap English revision for your papers from any corner of the world today. What would seem the most impossible even fifty years ago: you can do it all at the same time from your home, just through a small device like a tablet or a smart phone.

The services obtained through the Web, though, have their dark side too. Take a look at our recent publication on making your way safely between the pitfalls of the Web-related editing Apart from ensuring the global access and the swiftness of the interaction, the online services cannot provide the all-encompassing description of the good you are going to acquire. Even with the most accurate and exact descriptions, you have to rely on the seller’s honesty and your adequate perception of his or her description. Still, the mistakes occur quite often. How many times did you receive the package containing the smashing party dress two sizes larger than yours or of the different colour or ultimately, a car seat cover instead of a dress?

Looking for the reliable company to order proofreading editing services from? Check the performance of our team of the professional editors!

Still, this is mostly the problem with the feasible goods, the ones you can touch, crumple, smell, taste and so on. It is quite the different way with the information services. There are but minimal distortions occurring when you pass your intelligence through the Internet communication. That is, if you are precise and accurate, and address it correctly. The Internet enables the immediate communication between the people, providing thus for the fruitful discussion. You can send the text to the editor and get it back perfectly proofread within half a day or even less. We offer the services of our professional English editors for non-native speakers in both online and offline mode. Meanwhile, consider the time you would spend to get to the editor’s office for delivering the text; and then, you would have to wait until the editing is over. Then again, you would have to browse the edited text and discuss its particulars. You would spend a whole day on it, if not more!

We have plenty of interesting information for you. Using your punctuation correctly, adjusting the grammar, introducing the fascinating idioms and so on and so forth. You can train your skills, both specific (linguistic) and general ones. For example, develop your memorizing capacity by learning the useful tricks to remember new English words quickly

Another opportunity the world Web provides us with is the online services. These are automated services performing the operations by means of the special programs. Order the online essay editing from the experts in the field! The human factor is almost excluded here. You submit your request, and the robot works it out according to the algorithms it has in its database. You do it every day, while simply looking for something in your Google search. You type in your request, and the program searches for the optimal results, providing you with the infinity of the options. All you have to do is selecting the most fitting ones.

With the editing, it looks like that. You visit the professional website, where you can submit your text, and choose the operations you would like to perform. It can be grammar checking, punctuation correction, plagiarism detection and so on. Next, you give the command to start and in few minutes view your text worked out with regard to your request. If you are in the midst of preparation of your thesis, consider our fresh proposal for the thesis editing! We offer online thesis editing services at modest prices!

Sounds good, right? Wait, you might interrupt. If it’s all that simple, why do we need the live editors at all? Isn’t it more effective to engage them in the programs’ development and spare them the routine work of searching for the tiny mistypes and weeding out the incorrect articles? The answer is “No” or at least, “Not yet”.

The reason is, the simple editing operations can be automated, indeed. Exchanging the “a” for the “an” before the word “apple” or correcting the verb form into “have had” in the sentence “I had had an outstanding experience today” is quite a manageable task for the robot. As a good example, see this link to the description of the translating programs that perform the translations from one language to another. Yet, consider the situation when you intend to use the “wrong” article for the expression of some other meaning, like in the sentence “I made him write again all his “a apple” about ten times before I could make him see his mistake”. That’s it, the program, however developed it could be, cannot take into account the pragmatic reference. Besides, the language provides us with plenty of situations when different forms can be used, and only grasping fully the semantics can grant us their correct usage.  Even in the Present Simple, there can be ambiguity as to what form to use. By the way, the key points of the present simple tense are described in detail in one of the posts on our blog platform. Like in the following example, “The team play the basketball on the lawn”. Only reading the preceding phrases, we can judge whether the usage of the form “play” is correct or should be fixed into “plays”. Certainly, it depends on the way of regarding the team, its compound and inner relationship, which can be obtained only through the conscious reading of the text.

Find a comprehensive outline of the methods of the analysis of your text through the attentive reading, and estimate the skills of your chosen editor Remember that however high is your trust to the particular editor, he or she is just a helpful prop on your way to conquering the basics of the linguistic science and to the improvement of your English skills!

However, the performance level of the modern online editing programs is quite high. Their databases are constantly updated; and they are usually developed by the experienced linguist scientists. That is why; if you have but a small doubt regarding some aspect of your text, you can well apply to online checkers. Otherwise, try the popular student editing services. This will spare you the search and selection of the proper checker, as well as the manual introduction of the corrections to your paper. The professional will do the work for you!

Here again, the issue of the variety of proposals and of the criteria of the selection process arises. What website to stop at? What program to trust? How to use it in an optimal way?

We offer to consider our website. Before comparing the prices and evaluating the speed of the editor’s work, we suggest that you visit the blog designed for revealing the editing to any person, with any level of experience in writing and any level of the English-speaking skills. Estimate our professionalism and experience through the analysis of our posts, and gain some new knowledge, too!

In order to help you to make up your mind, we have prepared the following outline of the parameters describing the automatic academic proofreading programs available today. Check the one you selected properly, and you will be able to estimate the result correctly. If you wish that a professional linguist would help you with the proper verification of your text, apply for the best essay proofreading service for cheap. We always strive to make our service efficient, and to keep our prices low.

The online checkers performing the academic proofreading can be classified by the following parameters:

1. Variety of functions. There is usually one function a program performs. One checker for spelling, one for grammar, one for style, one for logic and so on. Some websites offer the all-in-one checkers that allow you to select the necessary functions and to drop the others.  For the large complex texts, you will need either a multi-functional checker, or a help of a live editor. Our well-qualified dissertation editors are available at any time of the day! Certainly, the more checks your text will pass the better. However, there is a dark side as well. The multi-functional programs usually need more time to work out the text. If downloaded as an application, such program might slow down your computer or impose unnecessary information on you (in the shape of ads, e-mail notifications, constant checking and correcting of everything you type in and so on). Besides, such programs are rarely available free of charge. The majority of the websites offers the services of such checkers at the monthly fee, the amount of which can vary.

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2. Limitation of the text volume. Usually the online checkers have the limitation of the number of symbols / words in the text. This feature is introduced in order to avoid the overcharge of the system, as well as on purpose of persuading the users to buy a limitless premium account. The limitation number varies as well. Some websites put it as 2000 symbols, the others – 2000 words. There are checkers allowing checking for free only 200-500 words of your text. Do not wish to limit yourself and to spend time for the constant applications to the program? Lodge your request with our team of editors! State your wish, e.g., “Proof read my paper now!” and get on with any of your occupations. You can rest assured your text will be checked in the most thorough way, and edited perfectly! Certainly, you can apply to the checker several times. In this way, you can separate the text into fragments, check each one and then glue them together again. However, this method is subject to the appearance of the new mistakes caused by the inattentive collection of the fragments, by the modified words or punctuation present in the end of one fragment and in the beginning of another. Besides, some websites limit the number of checks within a certain time. For example, in half an hour you can check no more than five fragments of the text amounting to 200 words each. If you are going to check a dissertation, you might spend a lot of time for verifying it this way.

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3. Modes of function. By this we mean whether the checker is available in online mode only, or a correspondent application is offered for downloading. Need to check your admission essay quickly? Order the smart admissions essays editing and get the fast result! The application usually works faster, as you do not have to wait for your turn among the other online users. However, in some cases the application does not contain the updates introduced into the online program. The application usually has no limitation with regard to the text volume, or the limit is sufficiently higher than the online program affords. However, as we already mentioned, the instalment of the application might entail additional undesirable functions appearing like adware, browsing the files, non-approved checks and so on. Yet, the application will work for you even if you are offline. Sometimes it might be quite a valuable feature.

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4. Range of options. The majority of the online checkers provide the users with at least two options: free of charge checking and payable checking. With the payable version, the user usually receives more functions and fewer limitations. Certainly, the payable version will not impose any undesirable advertising on you. See how to get the top quality editing for the best price in the market and grasp the difference between cheap and costly editing service. Besides, some checkers also separate their services into the basic checking and advanced checking. The basic mode will allow you to spot the most obvious mistakes and mistypes; in some cases, you will be also offered the ways of correcting them. The advanced checking mode will allow you to verify your style and logical flow of the narrative, to check the consistency of the text. The program will also offer different ways of the correction of the spotted deficiencies.

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Summing up, the online checkers for the academic papers can be classified by the different parameters, the primary one being the scope of their functions. The availability of the various useful functions makes the online program popular and increases its value. However, it is usually followed by the restricted availability of the program, when some function or the limitless access is available only in the prepaid mode.

We hope the short review above has helped you to make a right choice for your texts. Needless to mention, any feedback or request is always welcome on our website. At Essay-Editor, we have gathered a team of the enthusiastic linguists who have a sound experience in the academic editing. We maintain the customer-oriented policy and are always keen on answering any of your requests in full and in detail. We provide the consulting services of the specialists in editing free of charge, through both the communication channels specified on the website (contact form, live chat, phone, e-mail and so on) and via our unique blog. Browsing the latter, you will find plenty of articles concerning the issues in editing, especially interesting for students. The optimal ways to modify and improve your papers, the key factors of the editor’s performance, the establishment of the price for editing and many other fascinating and acute topics! We also have a separate set of articles providing researches on the English language and its usage. The posts reflect different matters, starting from the simplest ones, like the usage of the Present tenses, and going deep into the essence of the language and its social character (e.g., the cross-cultural analysis of the English idioms). If you love studying English, the Essay-Editor’s blog is a must-have for you!

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