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Nowadays English is spoken by over a billion people in different parts of the globe. The reason is very simple: in olden time, England was a powerful country with a lot of colonies. In such a way, English has spread around the world, including in such far away country as Australia. After many centuries, the English language in these lands changed and received its own sound. So, what is the difference between Australian English and the British variant of this language? Do not forget that our writing and editing services are available whenever you want, and we will settle your problems with great pleasure.

The formation of the national variants of English is mostly influenced by the following factors of ethnogenesis:

- the ethno-cultural composition of the settled population (mostly native speakers of dialects and jargons in English)

- the interaction of cultures and languages

- natural conditions.

The Australian variant of the English language is the result of the merging and the evolution of the colloquial language, slang and dialects spoken by the first white settlers in Australia. As a result, today we can observe a number of features associated primarily with the development of language history, with features of brought dialects, relative isolation from the UK in the first 100 - 150 years of the formation of language, as well as with the social composition of the first settlers. Pronunciation of the first settlers in Australia was originally different from British English, as the bulk of the population was convicts, representatives of the lower social strata, and political exiles. Our professional editors and proofreaders emphasize the importance of English grammar, and they will pay attention to every mistake you make.

The first settlers were the speakers of the urban colloquial language and dialects, Cockney, northern accents and dialects. The simplification of the pronunciation of certain sounds occurred because the majority of the first white settlers had no education. The features of the landscape and climate also made some impact. The leveling of linguistic differences was strongly influenced by the greater mobility of the population and peculiarities of the country's economy. American English also made a significant impact. If you want your essay qualitatively edited and proofread, do not hesitate to contact our smart experts of revision.

Much of the vocabulary of the Australian English language coincides with the vocabulary of the British variant. Distinctive features of the Australian variant are not distributed evenly across the vocabulary of the language but are concentrated in certain areas, correlated with the areas of reality that are the most important and relevant for Australians. These are ​​flora and fauna, landscape, cattle farming and particularly sheep farming, gold mining and other spheres of activity typical of Australia. Our qualified editing and proofreading team offers you tips on studying English, perhaps you will find much useful information here:

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Australian English is a non-homogeneous language, having a regional reference. It was formed from the evolution of the different dialects and slang of the first settlers from Britain, which, as we know, were convicts. The main difference between British and Australian English is the accent. Australians have a particular pronunciation. Scientists have identified three main dialects that exist on the continent:

- General. This dialect is inherent to most Australians.

- Broad. This dialect is spoken by about 30% of the population. The Australians call people who speak it “ ockers”.

- Cultivated. It is spoken by about 10% of the population of the continent. It is this most similar dialect to British English. However, the other who talk the General and the Broad perceive Cultivated Australian dialect as unnatural and artificial.

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Interestingly, many expressions and phrases of Australian English are descended from the British slang. Most Australian words sound the same as the British ones, but they have entirely the opposite meaning. In addition, there are the so-called "home" words and phrases that can be heard only in Australia. Our specialists deal with the most difficult tasks, but you can be sure that our prices are rather pleasant.

While speaking, Australians love to "swallow" the syllables, making their speech completely unintelligible for tourists. The tendency to curtail the most ordinary words is widespread. For example, familiar school word «afternoon» in Australian English would sound like «arvo», and «breakfast» as a «brekkie». You can also hear the purely local turns of phrases, for example, «No worries» and «She'll be right». Do you want to speak like a real Aussie? Listen to the recommendations of experts: squeeze the long words, speak a little through your nose and avoid terms, as well as replace the sound [r] in the [ah] and [a] to [i].

If you want to study, work and live in one of the most stable countries in the world - Australia - you should know which features and nuances of Australian English you should keep in your mind. «The Cambridge guide to Australian English usage» will help you to immerse in the study of the Australian English language. We are always ready to revise your paper, so do not hesitate to read about our services provided:

Finally, a killer question: how do you think what an «egg nishner» is? This is nothing else but «air conditioner». Only in Australian interpretation, this phrase sounds exactly «egg nishner». The difference in the pronunciation of British English and Australian English is incredible! When you visit Australia, firstly you will be astonished by local peculiarities of English language. So, try to communicate more in order to improve your skills. The conversation with dialect speakers is the best way to learn their language. We hope that you find our post interesting and welcome to our editing and proofreading world. Join us!

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