How To Learn English Words Quickly


Do you want to find out how to learn new English words quickly and easily? We, the team of professional editors and proofreaders, will tell you about several useful tips concerned with studying of new lexicon. Kindly use at least a few from them, then problems with expansion of your own lexicon won't disturb you anymore.

Replenishment of your lexicon is an indispensable condition of improvement your English language. The larger vocabulary you possess, the better you will understand language and speak English, the more competent your speech will become.

All students are wondering a question: "How to learn the English words?" Today we will try to give several recommendations which will help you and your friends to study new lexicon effectively.

What words we have to learn in English language

1) Firstly, we need to learn the basic lexicon necessary for understanding of the foreign speech. There are eternal subjects like these: "Greetings", "Family", "Food". It is necessary to each person to know them well.

2) Words, which are necessary exactly for you. You are going to be employed in major firm? You should study business-English. You work as the programmer? You should learn computer terms. Do you like to travel? You should learn English for travelling, etc.

3) If you already read books or watch movies in English, it is worth to take lexicon from these books and films. The most important thing is that you should look and read MODERN masterpieces, because there is no sense to study archaisms.

4) Advise with the skilled teacher of English on your questions concerned with learning new English words, he or she will prompt to you what to study and how to study. Teachers precisely know what lexicon is required to you and what themes will take less time to study.

5) You shouldn't spend time for studying of specific lexicon if you aren't going to change a field of your activity. For example, if you work in large financial institution, then it is optional and even unnecessary to learn medical or legal terms.

How to learn new English words effectively

1) Make cards with the words

This method is as old as time, but very effective. You may read about it online in many sources. All students at least once made cards and tried to learn new lexicon with their help. It is handy and teachable: it isn't necessary to spend money, you write them by yourself, and it is possible to take cards with you anywhere. We will remind you, there are several ways of drawing up such cards.

For beginners:

1) On one side of a leaflet we write the word in English, on the second side — in our native language. How we check our knowledge: we translate the word from our mother tongue into English and back.

2) On the one side we write the word in English and paste the picture, with another side we write the translation into natural language. This method suits well to people with associative thinking. In your mind you connect a new English-speaking concept and a subject or notion which it designates. We translate it similarly to the way described above.

3) On the one side we write the word in English, BUT with the context written in maternal language, on the other side we write the word in our language without the context. When repeating the vocabulary, try to translate a concept from your language into English and if you can't remember the translation, open the side with the mother language context, and you will quickly guess or remember meaning of the word.

For more skilled students we advise to use the English-English dictionaries. In that case on one side we write the word in English, on another — the definition in ENGLISH. It is possible to write still synonyms and antonyms of the studied concept. And how it is correct to learn lexicon? The best way is to remember the English words in the context.

Therefore you may write on a card not just one word, but the sentence where it is used. It is necessary to work with cards constantly: to look through them and repeat the studied lexicon. Periodically change cards to new ones, and in 1-2 weeks you should return old again to repeat words.

2. Use special textbooks

Textbooks for increasing the lexicon will help you not just to learn new words, but also to learn with what words they are used. Such textbooks are good not only because of lists of words, but also because of the examples of their usage. Words are studied in the context therefore it will be easier to remember them.

3. Study lexicon on the educatory (training) websites

If it is difficult to tear you off the computer, so you may learn new English words right then and there. Study English vocabulary in the training resources, it is even more interesting, than classical cards or a notebook with words.

4. Unite words on topics

How to remember the English words easily? Groups of words relating to one subject are usually well remembered. Therefore try to break words into groups on 5-10 items and to learn them. Also the human brains will remember best of all from group of objects that one, which is allocated. Use this situation to yourself in the best interests! Enter the word of untied subject into the group of words of one subject. For example, you learn words on the subject "Fruits", add to them one word on the subject "Transport", your lessons will become even more effective.

5. Use associations

This method is loved by many students: to study some word, it is necessary to concoct association with that word. You may concoct by yourself easy-to-use associations, the main thing that they should be clear to you and should be remembered easily. It will be easier for you to improve your English lexicon in such a way. Training will be effective if you not only think up a verbal association, but if also you visualize it: when pronouncing the word, imagine the association, let the image turn out very bright and memorable.

6. Surround yourself with the studied words

You may use the same cards: stick them on the walls in your house, so that you will constantly see them. Let's remember where we spend much time? Of course, at the computer! Use technologies for the good: write 5-10 words on a background drawing of your screen, in several days you well remember them well. And more effectively to use the special program which will work in the background, so that words will emerge during your working on the computer through the set periods of time.

7. Read texts in English

The more you read, the more often you meet new words and the higher probability that you will remember them. Don't look for meaning of each unknown word in the dictionary; choose only those which occur in the text often.

8. Use the learned lexicon as often as possible

How is it correct to learn new English words and not to forget them? Have you heard the principle "use it or lose it"? If you want the knowledge to stay in your memory, it is necessary "to use" them actively. It is good to write short stories with these new words. The lexicon stated in the short ridiculous story will be remembered for a long time. If you take lessons in some English courses or if you study English individually with the teacher of English. The lexicon stated in the short ridiculous story will be remembered for a long time. If you take lessons in some English courses, or if you study English individually with the teacher of English, try to use new words in a conversation as often as possible: the more time you pronounce the word, the better you remember it. Don't forget also about spelling: to write the word correctly, try to use it in a written language. You may think up sentences or stories with new lexicon, write them down, and then just tell somebody.

9. Test your knowledge

It is useful to pass various tests for lexicon level from time to time. The test result will show your level of proficiency in lexicon.

10. Follow your personal daily plan

We will remind you that for the average (typical) person it is the best of all to learn 5-10 words a day. Accurately follow the plan of studying of new lexicon to see the progress.

We hope, our pieces of advice were useful to you. You may comment this article or ask questions. Also we recommend you to examine articles about correct punctuation, about the skills of editing and many other articles in our blog.

The main thing is that you should not forget to move from the theory to the practice. Kindly not only read useful tips about how to remember the English words quickly and easily, but also actively use them in everyday life, then you will not break your head over how to increase the level of knowledge.

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