How To Avoid A Headache While Studying English?


I have a lot of experience in learning English, and not all of it was good. Almost every teacher that I have met seize in a mortal grip their textbook with rules and did not want under any circumstances to put them aside at least for a day or two. Doing so, they are forgetting that the world is developing every single day and the methods of teaching too. But five years ago I was lucky enough to meet an incredible woman who traveled around the world for almost two years. She taught in African schools where she did not have a lot of time, so she had to give them some knowledge of English in very short terms, but also make them remember this knowledge for the rest of their life.

She showed me how easy and enjoyable it can be learning English, and how easy it is to avoid pain in the ass when you try to swallow humongous amount of facts and rules, and exceptions and etc. Today I’m going to share the tips that I made for myself a few years ago, which helped me a lot with learning English (and still do).

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Okay, off we go!

1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew

I know what it feels like, when you finally understand something, that was driving you mad and now that you solve this riddle, you think that you can learn something ten times faster and better than you did before. The truth is – you can’t. There is no need to rush into dozens and dozens of topics, which on, in the end, you will eventually give up, simply because your brain won’t be able to classify this huge part of the information that you are trying to stuff inside your head, it will all mix up. Very often while trying to learn more than people can per once, they make common grammar mistakes. Read this article, you might want to know them and remember this – baby steps are always better.

2. Eat, sleep, read, repeat

Always repeat what you have learned. No matter what it is, ten words, new tense, a biography of your favorite author. Information needs to be repeated, so it stays inside of your brain for a long time. Actually, if you will repeat something through month or two, the information will stay in your head till the rest of your life. Although, it does not mean that there’s no need to update it.

3. Make a schedule

Seriously, the schedule of your studying not only will give you clear plan what to learn thru the week but also will help you to stay organized and focused. Plan your study hours something like this: one hour of studying with no distractions every other day.

4. Books

Books are great, I love books. They are an infinite source of knowledge and nowadays it becomes free. Still, don’t limit yourself learning English only from the books. Just so you know, traveling will help you to learn English no less than the books will.
If you can’t afford traveling, here you can read a bit about modal verbs.

5. Talk to someone

This is one of the fundamental ways how to learn English easily. Just talk to someone who speaks English, make some friends and within a month you will notice how improved your speech have become.
Besides this new friend of yours can also help you with grammar, if you cannot understand something.
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6. Use your phone

And I mean it. Your smartphone is like that small loyal servant that you always carry in your pocket. I highly recommend you to go YouTube and to subscribe to several English speaking channels. It will entertain you during boring grammar exercise.
Don’t forget to check out those two websites that I link below. You will find them quite helpful:

This first one has unique enough way of teaching English not using any different language but English itself. You will see how exactly if you open the link above.

The second one is pretty self-explanatory and intuitively easy to guess.  You click on a video that you like, or a song and with music you can also see and read text that appears on the screen. So, go on try it.

With the magic of the Internet, you can also check free editing examples online.

7. Sing some songs

It does not mean that you need to go down the street shouting some lyrics that not everybody will like, however, if you’ll mutter two or maybe three favorite songs before you begin the studying, you will feel much better. Also, it is a great opportunity to improve your pronunciation, so go for it!

The answers on one of the most popular questions you can find here -> how to learn English quickly.

Click it, read it and be satisfied with your answer.

And here we are, last advice that I can give, but definitely not the least: make English your hobby.

Yep, that’s it. Hobby. To learn English, you first of all those tips above I gave have to love English. Because frankly speaking learning any language is not easy, it’s challenging, it’s hard, still the reward worth it. Knowing that you mastered one of the greatest languages of all times will make you proud. If you read this article, it means that there are this whole road that you have to walk from the very beginning. There will be bumps, and stones on your way, a whole bunch of barriers that you will face. But, you know what? You are not alone on this journey; there are other people with whom you can begin your way right from this very moment.
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