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Preparation for exam errors

This is a very familiar situation when you spend much time to get prepared for an exam but still fail it. At school, it is easier to fix a bad grade, but when it goes about an exam grade, the situation is much more complicated. In order not to let it happen, our team of experts will tell you about the main errors that many students make when getting ready for exams. is the best choice!

Error #1: preparation without plan

The process of preparation should be more properly organized (especially, if you attend educational courses or have extra classes with a tutor). Thus, it is necessary to create a plan. Do not pamper yourself with the promises “I will study a bit every day”, “I have not learned anything today, but it is okay, I will learn more tomorrow”, and so on. You need to have a plan for a month, a week, or at least a day. It is better to set some specific time to study to make it a habit later. Also, alternate studies with rest. Take breaks from time to time. While you are resting, our professionals will do your assignments:

Error #2: focus on the simple topics

This is the weakness that almost everybody has. It is so much pleasant to learn a simple topic, tell yourself “well done”, and stay completely satisfied with the results. However, being focused on something simple, you cut your time to learn something complex. It is better to study the topics that you do not understand well, and later, when an exam is coming very close, review the simplest things.

The students often start preparing with the easiest to read books. They are simple and clear. In such a way, eventually they do not have time to proceed to more complicated topics. It can be scary but you must overcome yourself and begin with a complex topic. Many experts advise to act like this to get the maximum result. If you one of those who like learning something easy, we know the simplest way of how to prepare for your IELTS test as easily as possible.

Error #3: unwillingness to review the learned material

“Repetitio est mater studiorum”. Yes, yes, and once again yes. It is easy to forget the topics that you have learned perfectly several months ago. Do not neglect the repetition of everything you have learned previously. The answer to the question about how often it is required to review the things you learn is the forgetting curve or Ebbinghaus’ curve.

In the beginning of the 19th century, a psychologist Herman Ebbinghaus conducted an experiment to study the memory functioning. He made the cards with the senseless phrases and was trying to memorize them. It turned out that during the first hour more than half of information was forgotten. After that, the forgetting process slows down. Only 20% of information remains in memory in 6 days. Based on this study, there was created a rational repetition schedule.

  • If it is necessary to memorize something for a short time, the first review should be performed immediately after reading, the second review is in 20 minutes after the first one, the third review should be done in 8 hours after the second, and the fourth review is in 24 hours after the third.
  • If it is necessary to memorize information for long, you need to apply another system of reviews: perform the first review right after reading, do the second one in 20-30 minutes after the first one, the third review goes in a day after the second, the fourth review should be done in 2-3 weeks after the third, and the fifth review is in 2-3 month after the fourth one.

By the way, if the issue of the sayings and idioms interests you, we have the list of the analogues of English idioms in other languages that you may want to read.

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Error #4: preparation without taking notes

It is obligatory to take notes: write down the strongest points, create a plan, draw the schemes and tables. Do not be lazy to write something down briefly. The thoughts presented in the written form are easier and quicker to memorize. Make your notes brief and clear. There is no need to rewrite the book, but you should learn to distinguish the most significant points. The exception is the complex topics. It is better to take detailed notes about them. When taking notes, it is useful to use the shortenings and abbreviations. If needed, we can give advice on how to use abbreviations in writing.

Error #5: skipping the unclear topics

Sometimes you face the topics that seem a hard nut to crack to you. The only desire they provoke is to skip them and hope that you will not get one of them at the exam. Resist the temptation! You will definitely manage to understand such topics, maybe not at once but gradually, step by step. This will bring you calmness before an exam. It is necessary to be sure that you have not missed any topic.

Error #6: fear of the amount of work and not finishing something started

Already creating the plan of preparation, you little by little start being terrified by the amount of coming work. In order not to worry about it, study the laws of time management. You will learn that the “frogs” (i.e. the tasks that you always postpone) should be eaten in the morning, and the “elephants” (the complex tasks) should be divided into pieces. So do not be afraid of the challenges. You will cope with them, and our writers will cover your back revising your papers, in the meantime:

Error #7: forgetting about the practical tasks

The bare theory is not always enough for an exam. That is why pay the necessary attention to the practical aspect. Solve the tasks (on math, physics, chemistry, biology), do the syntactical analysis of the sentences, and so on. You need not only to memorize all this, but also apply it in practice. The better you understand a topic, the more information you will manage to memorize.

Error #8: being afraid of exams

Do not treat an exam as an event, on which your future life depends. Naturally, the higher grade you get the better. However, it is much more important what knowledge you will eventually get and keep. An exam in not the goal or destination point but just one of the ways to check that a student possess the required level of knowledge enough for the further education to get some specialty. is one of the best proofreading sites

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