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You’ve probably heard a lot about the editing services, rewriting services, revision services. Any student, who at least once wasn’t satisfied with his or her essay even after several corrections, could have found himself typing on the browser “Revision service for my essay”. But then, such student usually gets stuck, not being accustomed with the subject and seeing numerous exciting offers. How to choose the best one? We hope you will choose among reliable editing companies, however read this material before taking the final decision. Meanwhile remember that we’ve got many interesting options for you, and for fairest price. However, if you’re still in your search, let us find out together how to perform it wisely.  

What students do not know about the essay revision service

First of all, let us get straight with the name. A philosopher once said that the right name is an essence of the thing (I’m sure you recognized Plato and his naming theory). So, what is implied in these three words?

  • “Essay” – a written text relaying the author’s own idea. Can be formal or informal, short or lengthy, dedicated to specific topic or written on a general subject. It can be executed in accordance with the publishing or scientific requirements or performed in a free style. Should include the grounds and evidence for the author’s ideas and arguments.

I need to write an essay on the Middle Ages’ economic for my History course.

I just got an A+ for my last essay. Do we have anything to celebrate it with?

See more information on that term in the article on the types of the written texts.

  • “Revision” – a process of modification, adapting of something to some requirements. In editing, it means a complete rewriting of the text with the usage of different syntactic and grammar constructions, different lexis, not repeating the one in the original copy or repeating it to the small extent. Can be partly or complete, depending on the actual deficiencies found in the text and the purpose of its usage.

I liked the idea of the paper but I had to admit it required a complete revision. The grammar was very poor.

Make a revision of your paragraphs. They all start with “Thus” and “However”.

  • “Service” – work duties in the organization; activities directed to aid someone in the determined sphere, whether for the award or free of charge.

I was amazed with the quality of their editing service.

My service in the army was suspended.

Now, if we gather all of the definitions together and detach an appropriate meaning out of this set, we will get something close to “The activities directed to the complete or partly modification of the written text, containing an individual idea of the author”. And to be frank, that’s pretty much it.

Yet, there are still some important things missing in this definition. They reflect the inner dialectics of the notion and reveal its essential features. It is quite rare that students think of the revision service from the side of the specialist who performs it. However, the editor take the tasks differently with regard to the customer: whether it is the quality proofreading for students or professional thesis editing online, the approach would differ in details however will stay consistent and diligent. Thus, if you are a student, you can find some useful information here that you will be able to turn to your benefit when ordering the editing services in the future.

So, the essay revision services are:

  • Changing. You won’t get the same result if you apply with the same text to different editors, or even to the same editor, but after a lapse of time. The human brain works with the information in the present time, adding the connotations and associations valid for the present moment. Thus, the phrase The technology of the robotic management will become a future task number one  can be revised like The process of the robotic management will undertake a leading position in the future, and also like We shall see the management of the robotic processes getting to the top of the society’ priorities.
  • Demanding. It is a task requiring not only for sufficient linguistic skills, but also for the proper knowledge of the specific sphere, as well as a wide scope knowledge of the general subjects. The fast and high quality result also requires the appropriate experience in this field. For example, try to revise any verse preserving its rhythm and general idea, however rewriting it with entirely other wording:

It is a student’s burden

To make the iron golden

And to rephrase it so

That no one’d ever know.

Our editors are quite demanding as to the quality of their services. They are also the best support if you wish to know how to write A+ essay and execute it rightly.

  • Dialectic. It is a bit contradictory task in its nature. It must aim for the preservation of the author’s initial thoughts and main idea, and simultaneously direct the text into the piece of writing absolutely unlike to it. The editor is condemned to continual dodging between this idealistic Scylla and practical Charybdis.

“The Beatles” made an epoch in the rock music. They were said to be connected with psychedelic direction and occult practices.

Revision: The popularity of “The Beatles” was so overwhelming that they were often suspected in the use of dark magic practices and psychedelic techniques.

  • Brain training. The revision of the text implies the constant work of the brain. You constantly sort the words in your mind, select synonyms, reject, rephrase the sentences, join them into one or break up in halves, search for other details, highlight the different fragment, all the way keeping in mind the initial primary idea of the text. Needless to say, it is quite a good puzzle to keep your brain “muscles” in tonus. As an example, try to revise the following sentence:

Cary Smoltz and David Rowley sat on the grass next to the blanket, where all the cups and dishes were stacked, and enjoyed the sunset in the mountains.

  • Interesting. After all, it’s quite an exciting task! Upon a hard work, looking at the newly born text, the editor gets even more inspired than in the beginning of it. It is really amazing how sometimes just exchanging a synonym may affect the meaning of the whole text, or shortening the sentences to help it acquiring a new rhythm.

Traditional music was pouring from all the windows in the street. Classic music was flowing from every window. The street was enchanted with it.

Got yourself into the editor’s shoes for a while? Now change back to your own, and let’s head on to examine your part of evidence – the student’s view.

Points you score when ordering revision for your essay

Now it’s time to take your side in this battle and think in terms of student’s profit. Let’s begin with the pleasant ones and list all the bonuses you get when you place the order for the revision of your essay:

  1. Spare time and clear mind. You did your part of the task – the major one. You’ve written the text. Now it’s editor’s turn to sweat over the words’ endings, Verb and Substantive coordination and sigh over commas. And it is not your problem anymore whether to choose anonymous execution or impersonal writing anymore. Indeed, what could be better than to hitting the dance floor at the nightclub knowing your text gets better each moment? Okay, maybe you’re not a party-guy and plan to dedicate this time to your studies though no one believes it. Anyhow, the time is all yours and you can plunge into the task entirely without your text’ revision reminder blinking before your eyes.
  2. Proofreading included. The professional linguist won’t revise your text without letting the slightest mistakes or typos in. Thus, ordering the revision you receive two-in-one service. All your mistikes, Fergussons, Community know will be turned to mistakes, Fergusson’s, community knows, or replaced with other passages, grammatical and stylish.
  3. Fixed price. Though you get two services, you pay for the one only, and do not add any extras. Such economy must be welcomed by the majority of the student’s pig banks. The less for editing, the more for coffee! Pay attention, however, to engage into cooperation with the trustworthy editors only, and to be alert at the first signs of the extra payment. Such things usually happen either with the novices who cannot estimate the volume and the difficulty level of the task at once, or with the iffy companies. Be careful when ordering article rewriting services or other editing on the web!
  4. Well-composed and well-formatted text. The revision is performed in accordance with your instructions; however, the general tune of style and the logical consistency of the text will be maintained apart of any specific instructions (unless you will openly prohibit it). Your paragraphs and rubrics will be clear and concise; your referencing will be set correctly and correspond to the reference list numbering. Your title page will make the other essays green up with envy. In other words, your essay will be the best one that could be derived from this topic and idea.
  5. Space for learning and training. When you receive your revised essay back, you’ll be able to compare it to the original text, detect similarities and differences, study the techniques of the text’s revision. This information may turn quite useful if you get stuck with your next assignment.

Are you still here? Or you’re reading the post on one tab of your browser and fill-in the contact form on the editor’s website on another? Sure, with such advantages, it seems quite luring to order the revision of your essay at once and get the fast and top-quality result. However, the process has its pitfalls, too. Let’s see how tricky they are.

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Points you lose when ordering the revision of your essay    

Any medal has two sides. However, while the real medal has both sides all nice gold and shiny, the metaphorical one has one shiny and one dark. That is to say, each thing and process has its strong and weak points. While we have already listed the strong ones, it is time to pass to less pleasant dark side. So, what you do not get when ordering the revision of your essay:

1. Meeting high expectations. While it will be justified in terms of grammar, overall text consistency and format, do not expect the editor to transform magically your twelve sentences with the smeared sense into the straight well-composed text with the strong argument and evidence, bustling with examples. Such transformation would mean the writing of the text entirely, from zero position, and is rated differently with the revision services. However, your essay will still benefit from the revision. It goes without doubt that the editor will apply all efforts to squeeze all possible “juice” from your original text.

The oak is a wholesome tree that is used for many wooden activities.The oak wood is praised by the connoisseurs for its wholesome long-lasting properties, such as strength of the material, high explosion endurance and so on. They allow to use it widely in the construction, floor-, panel-, furniture-making activities.

2. Style unification. Unless you’ve got an individual deal with the editor and sent all your previous pieces of writing for familiarization, the editor will have neither time nor possibility to study your writing style and copy it to the current essay. This will lead to slightly impersonal and formal style prevailing in your text. However, it may be quite appropriate for the academic paper and will not certainly glare on the overall background of your text. If your professor is not a robot, and does not have the reasons to pay particular attention to your works in comparison with other students, it is most likely that this styling thing won’t be ever noticed about your essay.

Since the plants didn’t react to the light I presumed they were asleep got bewildered by the chemical substance’ invasion. The experiment has shown that the plants covered with the chemical substance did not produce any reaction to light. We presume it has happened due to the chemical shock. 

Learn more about the possibilities to unify and improve the style of your paper via our recent article

3. Giving some work to your brain. Indeed, when you relay the work to the outer source, you deprive your brain of it. Even if you are not a native English speaker and your linguistic skills are far from being superb, you still can train your brain (provided you have time for it) and try to rewrite or revise the text yourself. Even if you do not succeed, it will undoubtedly give your linguistic motor a good sparkle allowing you to upgrade your writing skills in the future. Still, you can handle this problem by performing parallel revision with the experienced editor. Compare your texts upon completion and analyze the successful and less brilliant decisions. Implement them into your future essays.

The system of the medical aid in the capitalistic countries differs from the one in the socialistic ones. The medical aid system prevailing in the capitalistic world, has several distinctions from the one applied in the socialistic economic mode.

4. Taking time. Yes, this task is demanding, individual, in many cases specific, and it demands more time, than, let us say, single proofreading. However if you are not pressed with the upcoming deadline, see p. 1 in the previous rubrics – the time is yours! You are free to dedicate it to whatever task you’d lie to. Revising puzzles, for example:

It never seizes motion though sometimes it stands still (Time). Standing still while running fast (Time).

Thus we see that though the revision of the essay can have its drawbacks, they are easily manageable, should the will be for it. It is true that any dark side can be turned to light and become a shiny one. Turn the weakness into the strong points – and you’ll get an impeccable text and no losses behind.

The only thing left to say is the way to reach such a Zen beneficial practice. Don’t slow down, a portion of the smoking useful tips is ahead!

Hope these weak points haven’t lowered your spirits. Check the ways to rise it up again and feel confident with your English – browse the best of our articles:

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What to do to stay on the shiny side only

In our global and regular activities, we always aim for the highest profit and the minimal losses. Here we’ll list a few simple yet workable advices on how to place your order for the revision services correctly:

1. Give precise instructions. It is the crucial point of the whole task. It depends solely on your instruction and the way it is provided, whether there will be further clarifications, questions, remarks, time delays. See the principles of the successful interaction for improving your instructions. State precisely:

  • Volume and part of the text to be revised (e.g. you consider only half of your essay requiring revision);
  • Task (do not just say “revision”, better put a colon right after it and list what tasks do you presume to be performed(“revision: proofreading, checking text’s consistency, replacing the non-grammatical constructions, replacing the non-typical English constructions, adding more action into the text”)).
  • Deadline. Do not put the same deadline you have from your teacher. Put it at least one day before. It is possible you will need to read the revised essay yourself, maybe slightly adjusting it to your accustomed style before submitting. Or you can just be cut out of electricity or Internet on the day. Then it’s good to have another day in reserve.

2. Control the process. Do not get shy asking the editor about the developments, certainly, if you deal with the administrator and not the editor him- or herself. While the actual performer is busy with your essay, the administrator will relay all remarks and questions to you and you’ll be able to introduce your corrections in the actual time. If your text is a lengthy one, you can also ask for the separate clauses to be sent to you for checking right after they are done. That will help to adjust miscellaneous inconsistencies, if any, and will help to upgrade the revision process.

In some cases, you can skip the monitoring process. It happens when you already know the editor and the style of his or her work well, and can entrust him or her with your paper even blindly. Wonder how to find such an editor? See our fresh article

3. Check the final text. Even the most experienced and professional editors happen to be humans alive and can make a mistake one in fifty years. Hopefully that is not the case with you, however reading your essay after the revision will be useful in many ways. If asked by your teacher as to some point of your essay, you won’t get lost and will be able to answer appropriately. Make a list of your own questions that arise while you are reading your revised text. If they relate to your ideas and arguments, write them down and find a correct answer. If they concern the text grammar, format or other linguistic features, contact your editor again.

Practicing to place a proper order with the editor, monitoring the work and the result is a good language skill training for yourself. Improve your English gradually, and soon you’ll be able to revise, rewrite and proofread your texts yourself.

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