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If you are a student in the English-speaking college, you most likely perform most of your papers in English. It isn’t a difficult task if you are a native speaker and know well what about and how to write. However, if you miss one of the factors, you may always apply to the efficient editors with the proper background and experience. Just place an order like “Edit my English paper”, and you may rest assure your essay of term paper will be worked out within the closest period and on the most beneficial terms.

Now let us talk of such services and see what peculiarities students should be aware of, when lodging a request with them.

Why English revision papers?

Each student wishes his paper would be performed impeccably, showing both a sound idea and solid formal style. However, if some of these important factors fail to show themselves, it is time to revise the paper. Let’s outline the indicators signalizing your paper in English needs revision:

  • You cannot grasp the main idea of the paper until the end of reading, or at all. Such circumstances mark the poor composition of the text and presentation of the thesis and arguments. Outline your idea of a present paper on a separate sheet of paper or separate document file on your laptop. Gather all the arguments and evidence from your paper and arrange them so they would reveal your thought in a developing manner. For example, development of an idea of the origin of the Fascism may look as follows:

Thesis (statement of the problem): Fascism has many followers in the modern world.

Basic part (development of the idea): roots of the people’s intolerance to each other – manifestations of the intolerance – German Nazi as Fascism practical implementation – modern Fascism and its manifestations.

Conclusion: connection between the ancient roots of Fascism and its modern manifestations.

  • The issue is not described in full; some important parts are left out. If you feel your arguments are weak and there are more questions than affirmations coming out of your paper, revise it and answer some in the body of your text. For instance, writing about the theories of the world’ creation, it wouldn’t suffice just to list the existing theories (e.g. The Great Explosion theory), but also to mention their grounding and relating issues (The theory of Motion, researches of the outer space and so on).
  • Your composition does not make an impression of a straight and clear construction. If all your arguments are put as one bundle of facts and contemplations, and you use to refer to some unfinished thought throughout the text, it is better to revise its structure. Derive all the main components and argument out of your paper (for instance, newly selected plants, laboratory experiments on the cross-selection , plants’ selection in the Middle East, modern technologies of sowing), put them in the optimal chronological way, driven by logic (plants’ selection in the Middle East – modern technologies of sowing – laboratory experiments on the cross-selection – newly selected plants). Check whether each part is logically and formally connected with the other (use the introductory sentences like On contemplating this subject, we are bound to highlight its another property, logical connection words thus, so, notwithstanding, apparently).
  • Your paper contains many grammar and other mistakes. If the mistakes are overflowing, sometimes it might prove the recklessly or in haste compound text. In this case, it is better to revise it completely. However, if generally the meaning of the paper is OK, but the mistakes overcrowd it, make a thorough proofreading to weed out all the deficiencies. There is no room in your paper for the blunders like there routs (instead of their roots), selections variable (selection’s variable), plants is grown a beat toiler (plants are grown a bit taller). The efficient native speaking proofreader might serve as a key to your troubles. Check where to find the best essay or other paper proofreading, for the fair cost.

Here above are listed the most common reasons for revising your paper written in the English language. Certainly, if going into details, much more different motives arise for the thorough check and subsequent revision of your text. In the professional blog dedicated to the writing issues and their solutions (for example how successful writers can rewrite an ordinary essay) and improvement we have gathered the articles reflecting the task of the paper editing and its various solutions:

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Have your paper revised efficiently

Now that we know the reasons for the paper revision and have also mentioned some ways to fulfil the task, let us talk on how to choose the right performer for it. Certainly, if you possess the well-developed linguistic skills, have the knowledge of the English grammar, punctuation, orthography, syntax, narrative composition you may well try to do it yourself. Here are some tips how to do it effectively:

1. Take a different view at the problem roused in your paper. Don’t forget to place yourself in comfort for that, by effectively organizing your working space. If you voted for the capitalistic way of the goods’ distribution and the free market economy, now try to take an opposite point of view. Imagine yourself at the reign of a state with the planning economy, search for its advantages and flaws, think of the ways to improve it without changing the base economy model. Even if you do not feel fit to implement your conclusions into the present paper, it will allow you to see it from a different angle and highlight more of its positive sides and problematic issues. Sometimes it is quite difficult to refrain from the position of the involved author and take the one of the unanimous outsider. However, that is the manageable task for the efficient editor. Place an order for proofreading and editing of your papers and learn what discount you can get.

2. Try rewording. If you see your general sense is OK, but the text as a whole looks rather boring and inanimate, try some of the rewording techniques, such as synonymizing (if you happen to repeat researches all the time through your paper, replace some of the words with studies, works, scientific experiments), adding or eliminating adjectives and adverbs (This was his decision. – This was rather erroneous decision of his.), breaking the long weary sentences with the passive voice into laconic and meaningful ones with the active voice (The principles of the sense’ derision out of the form of the sentences being followed, the wide and well-grounded grammar of form has been created. They followed the principles of the formal approach. The sense was derived out of the form of the sentence. Basis this they created the well-grounded wide grammar of forms).

Check how our editors perform the checking of the academic papers as described in the following article http://essay-editor.net/blog/we-provide-only-excellent-proofreading.

3. Check your style. Sometimes it’s not the words that confuse a reader but the way they are connected together, as well as the general key of the narrative. Remember that the formal scientific style is preferable for the academic papers; however, it will be no harm if you input some of your individual style of relaying your thoughts. Adding some emotion or the particular attitude to your text will do it good, unless it is a pure jargon or too excessive a complement. In this way the Sparta warriors, less in quantity but more efficient in skill, have won the battle. So, that is how Spartans, less but plucked, have knocked down the giant army of their enemies.

The variant of the English language you are writing in is also important. If you chose the British English, it will well justified by the usage of the British-set phrases. Otherwise, if you use the American or Business English, it is better to be careful with the additions from the other dialects.

4. Check the composition. See that your idea must develop itself on the length of the text. Do not give the whole account of the problem and its solution at once. Be consistent. Outlining a separate minor issue, bring the evidence for its solution and conclude it.  Do the same with the next one. Range these problems in the row depending on their importance for the issue you study in your paper. Do not forget about the reader’s interest, though. Save the most animated and unexpected facts and solutions until the end. Modifying the composition requires a well-developed linguistic and logical skill. It is often required when you are requested to relay the results of your work in a different document or academic paper. See how our term paper proofreading services online work to ensure to you the optimal result.

5. Seek advice from other people. Give your draft of a paper to read to your parent, your friend, your younger sister or brother. Listen attentively to their opinions and try to separate the common half. That will be the problem you’ve got to overcome. Be it the insufficient argument, or unclear thesis, or the lack of examples, it is always better seen from the position of the outsider.

We have listed the ways to revise your paper yourself. Yet if you lack time or skill to perform the task, it would be reasonable to approach the professional editors to ensure your paper is the best it could be. You will get the following bonuses for approaching the reliable editor:

  1. Your paper’s authentic idea and style will be preserved as they are. The efficient editor will never modify your ideas on his or her own account, at least without a prior consent of the author.
  2. The experience of the editor will allow to choose the optimal solution for your paper. It happens often that the well-composed original texts need but a proofreading instead of the complete revision as planned by their authors. Adjusted well and free of the spelling and grammar mistakes, the text may look quite new and fresh. Thus, your time and cost will be saved. Learn more about our services http://essay-editor.net/blog/article-rewriting-service-why-do-we-need-it.
  3. You may dedicate your time for the other tasks. Once the draft of the text is completed, you have nothing more to worry about it. Your paper will be checked thoroughly and worked out elaborately, representing a specimen of a sample writing. See the tips on the proficient time management that will allow you to do more for less time.
  4. You will learn more about your way of writing and the methods of its improvement. Studying the text attentively before and after the editing you can spot the weak and strong points, the main area of deficiencies (be it composition, wording, punctuation or some other aspect). You will also be able to trace the changes and estimate their effect, in order to implement such techniques yourself in the future.

Thus, the revision of the paper takes a lot of effort and skill. However, being performed, it does not only provide for the developed and elegant text, but also aids to enhance your linguistic and writing skills.

IF you wonder where to find an efficient editor able to perform the professional revision of your text, check our website. There you will find a useful information on the ways of the text editing and selecting an optimal solution for it, as well as selected articles dedicated to the particular issues of the English language (its grammar, lexis, punctuation etc.). Our staff is compound of the experienced professional linguists who are reachable 24 hours a day and will gladly answer all your questions and requests.

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