Editing Vs. Proofreading: What To Choose?


The work on the text does not stop at writing. To reach maximum results one should also proofread and edit everything, and online experts will do it in the best way. We'll tell you about the core differences between these two services. It will help you understand what to expect from editors and proofreaders.

editing vs proofreading

This article is created for:

  • learners who are not sure about the quality of their academic papers and want someone to check and improve these texts;
  • people beginning a career in the sphere of editing and proofreading service (to choose a professional path);
  • everyone who wants finally to understand the difference between these two concepts.

Having learned to distinguish proofreading from editing you'll:

  • know what online assistance to order for your assignment;
  • comprehend if you obtain enough capacity and desire to become an editor or proofreader;
  • realize that these two concepts are not interchangeable and imply various functions.

Why should you know the meaning of the editing service?

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And if you have time, please, read these explanations to avoid misunderstandings and issues in cooperation with other agencies.

1) Save your money

Since proofreading covers fewer functions in comparison with the expert book editing service, the cost is correspondingly lower too. If you only need to change the wrong words and symbols, do not overpay for the comprehensive editing assistance.

2) Receive what you expect

When ordering proofreading, editing, or revising services, you'll receive three different results. We do not want you to be disappointed with them. It is one thing to detect and fix grammatical errors, and to prepare the text for successful academic publishing is quite another matter.

3) Find common ground with online specialists

The understanding of clear borders between these terms makes you apply these terms correctly and, thus, negotiate such issues with experts efficiently. Plus, you'll develop erudition.

Proofreading and editing process: Learn the difference

So, you have just finished writing your report or any other academic paper. It is a very rare situation when the first draft is ideal. The revision process is a must, and you should take on the role of the editor and proofreader too. You cannot ignore both of these functions if you strive to create a brilliant story or a serious research project.

Check out descriptions of the skilled proofreader and a proactive editor making a contribution to the quality of the paper.

editing or proofreading: what is the difference

Editing vs. proofreading, the main difference between these two concepts lies in the elements of the check. In order to avoid editor jargon and confusing explanations, we'll describe everything in simple words.

Editors look at the text from the perspective of the general picture and focus on its sense and structure. The sentence is considered to be the main object of this check. And proofreaders revise every word and symbol to eliminate surface errors.

What does editing imply?

This job covers more fundamental changes of the text in comparison with proofreading: optimization of the structure, informativeness, compliance with academic standards and editorial policy, etc.

An editor comprehends and ensures such points:

  • the core purpose is to optimize writing (quality of content and logic of structure, above all);
  • vocabulary is decisive, so it is logical to identify inconsistent terminology and correct it;
  • adjustment of the text to the formal writing conventions, specific requirements of the client;
  • readability is important for both a creative story and an academic project; thus, transitions and correct sentence constructions must be applied.

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The aim of proofreading

The core mission of this service is to complete the final edits of the text. It deals with correcting "surface errors" (most evident mistakes).

What does a proofreader do?

The last check is a particularly demanding job, as it provides the final preparation of the text. The most common functions of the proofreader are the following:

  • elimination of surface errors (i.e. typos);
  • ensure perfect grammar (including punctuation marks and spelling).

Your writing enhanced by skilled proofreaders gets to a new level.

Efficient collaboration of the proofreader and editor

Both editing and proofreading are essential for those who covet publishing success and academic achievements. Importantly, they work better in combination rather than separately. This synergistic effect brings such results:

  • the text is readable, that is written in a clear and compelling way;
  • the article is prepared for academic publication (or any other publication process);
  • the goal of the text is met (informativeness, persuasion, highlighting innovative ideas, etc.).

All in all, you get quality writing signifying competence of you as an author. Whatever goal you have, without grammar errors, wrong formatting conventions, and language mistakes, you'll reach it faster.

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Editing or proofreading service: Which is better?

The answer to this question depends on the quality of your text and your goals. As you see, proofreading services focus on errors in words and wrong punctuation marks. Meantime, professional editing is aimed at in-depth analysis and serious corrections of your manuscript.

As an experienced academic editing agency, we constantly deal with various clients' requests and orders concerning corrections and improvements of texts. Here are some popular cases where we have become helpful.

Situations when to use our proofreading service

Contemporary learners and authors often require quick and attentive proofreading. Even confident writers ask us to check their manuscripts as it is easier and faster to delegate this task to a true specialist rather than to do everything by oneself.

• Proofreading for foreign students

Thousands of young people prefer to get an education abroad, and they usually choose English-speaking countries for these aims. As a rule, their academic papers are rather informative and meaningful, and the same cannot be said about grammar. Even just a few errors can spoil the good impression from work. And a native English speaker will efficiently eliminate possible spelling errors, as well as other language mistakes.

• ESL writers generally use proofreading too

Even an ESL author can compose a worthy piece of writing. Yet he/she needs a far more accomplished proofreader than an ordinary specialist. Without glaring errors and typos, everything becomes clearer. Together the writer and a proofreader will create an interesting error-free text.

• Proofreading for native speakers: perfectionists and busy people

The author does not always notice his/her mistakes. And it is not because of inattentiveness or a lack of knowledge — that's how our brain works. The typical writer can skip little mistakes, and a proofreader helps them with that. If you appreciate your time, need a fresh set of eyes, and a guaranteed ideal result, please, turn to this specialist.

When to seek editing assistance?

If your issues go beyond the borders of proofreading, editing can become your best choice. This service is positioned between a simple grammar check and complex rewriting and includes significant revisions.

• Adapt your article to the traditional publishing standards

Even a confident writer can have issues with new rules of editorial policy. Is your writing intended to become an article in a reputable journal? Our editor will prepare it properly and, thus, make your publishing process easier.

• A professional editing company help you cope with academic rules

Your decisive projects for college or university invariably require editing. Formal English writing standards are not easy to follow, and a competent specialist will easily help you with them.

• Edit your business document to make it more compelling

Businesses newly outsourcing editing services have already felt the advantages of such cooperation. Indeed, expert copy editing helps you improve the tone of voice, build a proper reputation for your brand, add CTA techniques to your emails or web content.

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What if I only need to correct punctuation errors?

The punctuation of the English language has its peculiarities, and a good proofreading company will help you with them. Still, if your issue is about the citation style (i.e. punctuation in the reference list), please, choose editing assistance.

Editing or proofreading: what is the last stage?

Whatever text you have, proofreading is the final step on the way to its perfection. It is logical to revise the structure, content, and readability first and then to detect mistakes in words and punctuation marks. Otherwise, one will have to recheck grammar twice.

Subsequently, a final proofread draft constitutes a flawless version of the text that is ready to be published or submitted to the professor.

Is it a good idea to work with a freelance editor?

We recommend cooperation with proven companies. They offer guarantees and have a big pool of editors and proofreaders for your various goals, including raising the publication quality. As a result, you receive a mistake-free document at the best price.

Can even a computer program edit the text?

It's awesome that today applications can proofread and edit documents. Indeed, such programs as Grammarly, for instance, detect typos and offer proper words for wrong terms. Still, they cannot replace a professional copyeditor or proofreader. Take a professional book editing service, for instance. The AI still cannot understand humor, nuances of the plot, specific atmosphere of the story.

Without having received professional editing assistance from the human specialist, one cannot count on the impeccable result.

Where to hire a professional editor and proofreader?

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