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Who and why can use the student editing services?

If you lack the time for realization of all your plans within 24 hours, your day is filled with the rhythms of the House music with the motives of Maroon 5 and Chainsmokers, if you encounter amazing people and discover unbelievable things every day, and you still spare some time for your education, it is most likely you are a student. What is even more likely, you already have a pile of tasks due yesterday. The exercises, essays, material studies, experiments – your head goes spinning when you just look at the list. What to do in such circumstances?

1. First of all, shake off all the distracting factors. Turn off the music, switch your smartphone to the silent mode and close the web pages of the social networks. Turn off the messengers too! Now you can get down to examining your tasks.

2. Divide all the tasks onto the important and routine ones, as well as urgent and non-urgent ones. Write them down on the sheets of paper (one sheet per task) and distribute into the correspondent folders. For example, Laboratory experiment for a yearly course paper will be placed into Non-urgent / Important folder (if it is the Fall), an Essay on Medieval Traditions due next month will be put into the Non-Urgent / Less important folder (if your primary study is Math), a homework assignment in Law due tomorrow – into Urgent / Less important, the assignments in your majors due today – into Urgent / Important and so on.

3. Examine closely the tasks from the folder Urgent & Important. Range them according to these priorities:

                         1. The questionnaire in the Math.

                         2. The Essay for Quantitative Theory.

                         3. To read about the Basics of the Applied Math.   

4. Make a plan for fulfilling of all of these tasks. It may be handy to use the Excel or other tables and/or diagrams for that. Break the large tasks into the smaller ones and assign a starting time for each one. Don’t forget to estimate at least approximately the time that must be spent on each task, and allow yourself some breaks. For example:

  1. To read the paragraph in the textbook – 14.15-14.45
  2. To fill in the questionnaire – 14.45-15.45
  3. A break 15.45-16.00.
  4. To gather the materials for the Essay -16.00-16.30.
  5. To Write the Essay – 16.30-17.15
  6. A break 17.15-17.45
  7. To check the Essay and correct it 17.45-18.45
  8. To make the reference list and adjust citing 18.45-19.30
  9. To read the Basics 19.30-21.00

Ok, you’ve got the plan and you have enough time to fulfil it. However be there some more diversified and complicated tasks it is much probable that you wouldn’t manage to keep the deadlines. And here’s where the editors for students are able to help.

Look at the time schedule above. See that the editing of the essay is estimated as almost two hours. That’s the time you might save and allot for other tasks. Some of the rules of the English language may be quite complicated ones, requiring certain linguistic background to comprehend them. Such are, for example, the formulae of the syntactic relationship within the sentence. In case you are not on close terms with grammar and syntax of English, the help of the professional editor can be much handy.

It also happens sometimes that your ideas are fresh and smart, the arguments are acute, the language is ok, but somehow the paper at a whole doesn’t look brilliant. Such problem may be solved by a regular rewording of the paper. The recent post from our blog will help you on some ideas of the text rewording http://essay-editor.net/blog/excellent-text-but-weak-wording--reword-my-paper.

Besides, technically speaking, even engaging someone else for the task of editing your essay, you still stay its sole author. The main idea and all the arguments and conclusions are yours; it is mostly the formal side, the “wrapping” of the text that is performed by an outsourcer. You don’t feel vague when you prepare a present for your mom or your friend and order to wrap it into the fancy cover. The same principle works with the text.

While you are looking for the qualified professionals to entrust them, let us say, with the responsible task of the dissertation editing services, you can’t help but wonder how many students do the same and how often. Does everyone use the editing services for their papers or just some students who do not possess a writing talent or sufficient language skills? Let us try to answer these questions:

  1. College students – these students might need the editing services for their essays, homework assignments etc. The particularly important task for them might be the admission essay writing for the University admission.
  2. Varsity students – this is the class of students who are said to be leading the most reckless student life. Parties, hiking and other entertainments do not credit much time for the secondary tasks, such as the text’ editing.
  3. Postgraduates – these students seem to be more responsible than the University ones, however the more important tasks they have the more they realize these tasks must be fulfilled impeccable. That’s where the proofreading and editing companies come into action.\
  4. The higher educational level – PhD, DSc. These people whose merits in science were already approved and honored always continue their education, so they can count as students, too. Needless to say their papers undergo the most scrupulous checking, while their time is most valuable for their dedication to science. The call for outsourcing of the editing services is quite justified in this case.

Thus we can say that every student check his papers with further rewriting, revision, rewording, proofreading. It depends on the circumstances, the destination and the character of the paper, and student’s priorities whether the task is performed him- or herself or by engaging professionals for editing.

What a student can make out of the editing services?

We already mentioned that when you first approach a professional website linguistic service with intention to edit your essay online, you might feel a bit vague about this idea, as if you’re relaying a part of work that should be yours, to outsourcing. Apart from the secondary character of this work, it must be taken into account that no great discovery was performed without engaging other people’s services and skills. Albert Einstein worked out his Relativity Theory by arguing with his friend mathematician Michele Besso, and was further assisted in its development by the physicist Marcel Grossmann. In many scientific works, after the first name of the author goes a long chain of names. These are the people who supplied the ideas, supported, performed secondary works. There would be no significant discovery if all the small jobs would be done by a scientist himself.

Another doubt that might strike your mind is the reasonability of using the editing services. It may be justified if you are a linguist yourself, and besides can boast of atentiveness and assiduing. By the way, have you noticed the defects in the last two words? Sure, they must go as attentiveness and assiduity. Sometimes you may miss the typo or use the incorrect grammar form. Being an author and knowing the sense you might skip the shape’s deficiencies.

The variety of tasks you can put at the professional editor’s, can guarantee you the best possible result. The professional linguists do not only possess a supreme knowledge of the English language, but also implement different expert methods and techniques (e.g. the golden proportion technique, the synonyms’ exchange technique etc.) for developing your text until the desired level. Here is the list of services you may receive if ordering the editing services for your paper:

  • Proofreading. It encompasses the text’ checking and correction in accordance with grammar, syntax, orthography, punctuation rules. The mountin area is full of birds difrent types. – the editor would correct like The mountain area is abundant with the different species of birds.
  • Rewording. This linguistic method allows changing the overall impression from your paper, without touching the general sense of it. It goes with the synonyms’ exchange, re-phrasing of the sentence, exchanging words to the ones more appropriate for the scientific style etc.

Descartes was quite a smart man and wasn’t making a problem for the aces out of his Manual. Descartes possessed a strong intellect and didn’t present his “Discourse” as contradictory with official point of view. – however comic this example may be, still it makes a good illustration of what you might get with the rewording services.

  • Checking for a logical composition and a style of the text. The professional editor will assist you in representing your clever ideas in the comprehensible and logical way, as well as adjusting your style and making any text a scientific paper.

If you’re in doubt whether to say The planet has the mass that can be lower than asteroid’s mass. or The mass of the asteroid is larger than the mass of the planet. The professional editor might offer you with The mass of the planet can be less than that of the asteroid.

  • Avoiding plagiarism. This issue has become more acute recently, when the plagiarism online checkers became accessible. Leaving aside the quality of such programs, would like to stress that sometimes the plagiarism may be spotted even in the work written completely “from your head”. It is just that someone else on the Earth had a similar idea and put it into the same words. If such things happened with the grand discoveries (for instance, the simultaneous discovery of the radio by G. Marconi and A. Popov), why can’t it happen to your text? This is where the editing services may help to solve such a delicate situation by means of rewording and rewriting. However when writing try to avoid the general patterns that do not bring anything essential into your text.

The socialism would be a great disaster for Europe. The plan economy introduced by socialism would mean a significant change of the economic traditions of Europe and would scarcely benefit it.

  • Rewriting / revision. Such refinement of the text foresees its deep working out with regard to all listed levels of language (orthography, grammar, syntax, discourse) and the delivery of an ideal text with the same main idea. It will also provide for the significant text reduction (if required). It can also be performed with the introduction of new proofs and arguments highlighting your ideas and representing them in the most favorable way.

I. Pavlov fed the dog not to open his theory, but to prove the formula stimulus reaction. An outstanding scientist I. Pavlov held his experiments with dogs initially on purpose of proving the behavioristic formula “stimulus - reaction”. However, it helped him to spot and develop the theory of reflexes.

  • Text design. The editing services may be used not only for the essential modification of the text. When the main body of the text is ready, all the mistakes fixed and it seems the work is over, there is still a piece of work to be done. It is about the paper’ execution: font, size, paragraphs, rubrics, lists. It also includes the page numbering, headlines sizing, citing and use of references. For instance, the requirements for the execution of references and citing may vary from one educational institution to another. The requirements for the student papers might differ, and it is not always easy to follow them, especially if you write an article and intend to submit it to different journals. One may require the citing to be shaped by inverted commas, another – go as plain text but with the name of the author mentioned, still another – that the indication of the work and its year of publishing must be mentioned.

By the well-known grammarian, “Such attributes are to be considered predications…”

Declerck insists these attributes must be considered as predications.

Declerck considers these attributes as predications [Declerck, 1979]

The expert editors provide a significant range of services for students depending on the destination of their paper and the needed corrections. A developed linguistic toolkit allows for the almost magical transformation of the text, still highlighting the main ideas and sense line outlined by the author.

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How to use the editing services in an optimal way

Now that we are through with the theory let us master the practice. Let’s talk on how to make things right once you decided to order the editing services for your paper.

  1. To start with, read again your text. Do it aloud. Record your voice. Try to abstract yourself and hear to the record. Read the text again. What mistakes do you spot? What are the strong points of the text? What about the weak ones. List them all.
  2. Basis the strong and weak points determine the task the editor must fulfil. Your requirements and their strictness may vary depending on the character of a task itself (editing, rewording, proofreading, rewriting), the deadline’ extension, the importance of the paper. Get straight with your task. Avoid general phrases such as “I need a correct and essential text”. Instead clarify what kind of result you would like to gain and how do you suggest it should be reached. Say something like “I’d love if you checked the orthography and grammar and made corrections, if needed. If you detect some deficiencies in the logical construction, please let me know so I would decide how to proceed with it”. If you’re not sure which of the editing tasks will match your requirements to your paper, check the tips in the article from our blog http://essay-editor.net/blog/revision-essay--is-it-worth-this.
  3. Choose an editor. Your choice will depend on various factors that include the editor’s efficiency, quickness, price, feedback. Always check for all the license and other required documents in place. The proofreading and editing services in UK do not require a special license however you can always check the copies of the company’s document to make sure it is legally registered and fulfils its activities in an agreeable way. The choice of the editor may also depend on the importance of your paper. For example, you may be calm entrusting an unknown freelancer with the proofreading of a regular essay for the secondary subject. But it is most likely you will be much more scrupulous and concerned with the editors’ experience, license and background if you plan to entrust them with your order for the thesis edit.  
  4. Place an order. Fill-in the contact form, order the call back, or just write an e-mail or make a call – whatever is your preferred channel of communication is.
  5. Stay connected with the editor. He or she might need to clarify some points again. It is also possible that along the checking process, some new factors were discovered, and it is crucial that you could modify the order at an early stage.
  6. Upon receipt of the corrected text, read it. First with your eyes, then aloud. See if you are satisfied with the result. If not relay your remarks to the editor. If yes, thank him or her. Such simple gesture of acknowledgement might built a stronger cooperation in future. As, if you are planning to go up in the scientific world, the pile of the texts will be growing while the precious time for their checking melting as ice.

Summing up, the editing seems to be inseparable to producing the scientific texts. Outsourcing this task will not harm your Author’s right in any way however will undoubtedly benefit your text. Be sure to place an order correctly and enjoy your scientific activities without troubling yourself with minor tasks!

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