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Editing and proofreading

Got your text ready but feel like there is something wrong with it? But what exactly? And, more important, how to deal with it? Learn the most common yet often missed out tips for the editing of your papers!

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In the present post, we shall examine the ways to apply editing techniques to the written – both independently and through an efficient editor. We shall uncover the most important things about editing, so scroll down a bit and let’s find out more about editing!

What to do in preparation for editing (providing editing proofreading services to yourself)

Recall any of the recent tasks you had to perform. It can be any task indeed: drawing the yearly report for your course at college, watering the plants on your windowsill, sending an e-mail to a friend, playing the football with your friends or any other thing. Now, think of the things you did just before you actually started working out the task. You probably gathered all the essays you wrote during the year, got yourself a watering can and filled it with water, found the previous e-mail exchange with your friend, got your sweat suit and sneakers on. Actually, you did a lot of things before you actually put the task to work! Those things make a preparation stage that is never to be missed if you are going to perform your task properly.

Editing is not an exclusion from this rule. If you wish to edit your paper yourself, you’ve got to get prepared for it. It is important, as a proper preparation is able to save you hours of work, in some cases! Let us see how we should get prepared for the editing of the recently written paper.

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Step 1. Let the text have its rest. After you’ve finished with writing, let the text lay aside for a while. Get on with your other occupations, preferably connected with the active motion (sports, walking, dancing, cleaning etc.). Why doing so?

Quite frequently, while writing your essay, you are going through it many times, changing this sentence, adjusting a word in that phrase, shifting the paragraphs, adding or deleting something. Your eyes familiarize with the text quickly. So, while your attention is focused on certain aspects of the text (its composure, for example), the inconspicuous typos, incorrect articles and prepositions, extra or deficient commas may well pass unnoticed.

In order to divert the attention from some details and be able to catch the other ones, as well as to estimate the text on the whole, follow a simple recommendation. Lay your text aside while doing something else. Try not to think of it anymore for at least 15 minutes. The image of your essay won’t be so vivid upon this time, and you will be much better – as well as much stricter and more attentive – at editing. Think either of something pleasant or too difficult a thing. Or about something that requires a brain and memory work. For example, try to recall what’s a Gerund and what its functions are. You will definitely forget about your essay for at least 5 minutes.

Got interested in the way our attention is focused? See the mechanism of attention focusing and the relevant brain functions responsible for it. Enhance your knowledge of the adjoining fields while learning about editing!

If you do not have a spare minute and cannot wait for your attention to turn to other things, let the professionals do the editing. An editor hasn’t seen your paper before and thus, does not have to delay its proofreading. Find the best proofreading companies for working out your texts, and get the desired result fast!

Step 2. Make your text speak. The modern technologies allow encoding of the written texts for their further sound articulation. However, if you are not on a short-term with the innovations of this kind, you can simply articulate the text yourself. Put simply, just read the text aloud.

A professional and experienced specialist values his or her work. However, some of the professionals tend to keep the prices unjustly high. If you are not aware of the market prices for editing and ask yourself, “How much to pay the professional to proofread my document?” check one of our recent posts. You will find all the data you need to make a grounded choice!

It is good if someone could hear you and estimate the text. However, if there is no one to do so, read the text aloud to yourself. The audial perception differs from the visual one and allows considering the text as if from another point of view. Such method of the text re-creation is especially effective at detecting the following mistakes:

  • Tautology. This is about mentioning of the same thing twice or more within one sentence or one phrase, while it is quite unnecessary. In most of the cases, it concerns the repetition of the same meaning by using different words. For example,

We did the task fully and completely.

What have you been doing recently? – Just finished writing my autobiography.

Our editors are such linguistic-obsessed fans of linguistics.

Tautology is not easy to be spotted, especially if it is one of the cliché phrases, like All of a sudden, they suddenly decided to depart. When spoken fast, it might pass unnoticed. Consult the best essay editing service for assistance http://essay-editor.net/blog/essays-editing-uk-copes-with-any-needed-type-of-work in such complicated situations and have your ideas represented optimally.

If you happened to trace tautology in your paper, do not hurry up to erase the “extra” words. In some cases, the similar meaning may not be a tautology. For instance, when the repetition is used on purpose of emphasizing the importance of the subject to the speaker and / or his or her interlocutor:

I fully and completely understand your point.

In other cases, the meaning conveyed by the words might be different in its components or connotations:

They reached the summit on top of the Capitolium hill. – if it goes about OUN summit

The repetition can also be used for attracting the attention to the object the words describe:

This is the HOT water heater. It is supposed to make the water HOT, not warm.

The cure of the real tautology is quite simple. All you need is deleting one of the repeating constructions. Consider the style of your text while doing so. For example:

We were there both of us. – if you are writing an academic report, make sure to get rid of the phrase both of us as it relays the colloquial stylistic

The team has performed the technical task impeccably amazingly. – for your literary essay or a fiction novel, choose the word amazingly.

If there is too much tautology in your text, you might need to revise it and relay your thoughts in a different way. This may be quite a difficult task, especially if the deadline is pressing. Revise your essay at the modest price and receive specialist’s advice regarding your writing!

  • Longueurs. This stylistic mistake is especially characteristic of the academic style. The strong need for the logical connections and exhaustive descriptions results in the long complex sentences featuring different conjunctions, lists, various logical constructions. These are sentences like These behavioral patterns correspond to the main principles of the effective social interaction as described by the theory of games by E. Berne, which also presumes there are three basic types of behavior: Parent, Child and Adult; these are characterized differently with regard to the attitude of the person to some deed or event or situation. The sentence is well composed grammatically but will definitely fail in holding the reader’s attention.

The usage of long sentences can also be an individual characteristic of the writer’s style. Check the most popular styles of writing and the way to use them in your own texts.

Another example of a longueur is the usage of a full description in place of a specific term or a shorter and more comprehensive construction.

Massive wood planks covered with special oils made the flooring of the ground floor of the mansion. – though the long description might be intended for casting the sense of grandeur, it turned too long and hardly comprehensive; the word choice of “parquet” would fit the sentence better.

When you spotted the longueurs in your text, look closely at the particular sentences and think of the ways to make them shorter. It can be the compression of several words into one (alternative method of research - experiment), cutting the unnecessary lists and descriptions (We do not consider the pragmatic component that describes the connection of the written sign or of another kind of a sign with the reality, in the present work.), breaking the long sentences into shorter ones (We kept the record of the changes in the consistency and color of the chemical solution that were quite fast and unexpected. – We kept the record of the changes in the consistency and color of the chemical solution. They were quite fast and unexpected.)

Rewriting a text is another solution for dealing with the longueurs in it. Did you know you could do it fast with our editing service? Rewrite an essay within 12 hours and present it to your teacher in an impeccable format – and in time!

  • Words that are out of place. These can be both typos or wrongly used words. For instance, check the following sentence for such a word:

Changing the type of connection between the parts of the electronic microcircuit then you will be able to get different voltage on the poles.

Got it right? If you have some knowledge of physics, you certainly traced the terminology mistake of electronic microcircuit. If you know the English language well, you must have stumbled on the word then as inappropriate in the current sentence. However, when reading with your eyes only, you might well pass by these mistakes without noticing them or paying much attention to them. Yet, reading them aloud would definitely make you stop and consider this part of the text.

Such words are number one non grata elements in your dissertation. To get a degree, you’ve got to prove your ample knowledge of the subject and the skill of operating it. Thus, any inadequacy decreases your points with the commission. Wonder what to do? Contact the leading dissertation proofreading service in the UK and secure each word in its proper position! Your dissertation will become a masterpiece, with our assistance! 

What to do with such words? The obvious answer of erasing them is not always fit. Sometimes, the word being out of place may remind you of another idea you had while writing your paper. In another case, it might be inappropriate due to some of its features (e.g. style) but quite fitting the phrase in general. See the next phrase:

The photography experiment was handled in the complete dusk. – Here the word dusk cannot be simply eliminated; the sentence will be incongruous without it. It must be replaced by an adequate synonym like darkness.

  • Discordancy. Though the current feature is more important for the literary /fiction works, it is also undesirable to have it in the academic paper. Check the next phrase:

We spotted a considerable semantic difference between the word-combination “less whole” and the word “incomplete”. – try to read aloud this sentence and pay attention that the underlined words remind of the inappropriate “a**hole”.

In the current example, there is no way to put up with the discordancy, as the discordant word-combination cannot be changed. Define the cases where you can put up with the discordances and the ones where they should be simply deleted. For that, order the professional English papers’ revision from our specialists’ team!

At the same time, in most of the cases, rephrasing might be a good solution to such a problem. For instance:

The course description was intended for all the students who attended. – Phonetically, the words “course” and “coarse” are very close. However, just switching the word order we shall get rid of the unpleasant discordancy:

The description of the course was intended for all the students.

Step 3. Print the text. As a representative of the young generation, you might be used to the digital version of the texts and find them quite fit for editing, without further preparation. Still, printing it and reading again would allow uncovering additional features you could overlook before. The reason is that the human brain percepts the screen and the paper in a different way, even if it is the same content they both have. Changing the “set” enables another look at the text, different from the one you had before. Besides, holding the sheet of paper in your hands establishes another type of contact – the tactile one. This is favorable for remembering the text and getting into its essence, as well as for tracing its deficiencies. See different ways to deal with your essay on our website! We’ve made a special clause on our blog in order to publish the posts on the popular and actual topics. Have another topic in mind that you would like to discuss! Let us know and we’ll make a professional review of it!

Editing and proofreading

Try to read the following sentence once on the screen and then print it out on the paper:

Our well-reputed company provides the fastest and most economical proofreading and editing services in the USA.

Spotting no difference? Probably, you got tired and should have some time apart from the text. Otherwise, some of the gaps in your knowledge of linguistics must be filled. The full list of skills needed for the efficient editing can be found in one of our reviews of the issue http://essay-editor.net/blog/how-to-proofread-my-essay-carefully. Become a self-sufficient editor, with our support!

It might turn out that upon reading the printed phrase, you would consider necessary to add the preposition and the article to the “USA” – in the USA. Otherwise, you might like to rephrase the sentence completely:

Our company has a sound reputation for providing the best proofreading and editing services. WE are the fastest and the most economical in the USA!

Which version do you like better?   

Thus, getting your text prepared to editing of any kind presumes you’ve got to lay it aside for some time, then read it aloud, print it and read again. The two former actions can be switched in order to save the time. These three steps represent the practical part of the preparation and highly facilitate further working out of the text. They imply the editing of the text to some extent but are not connected with it directly. Further on, we shall examine the next stages of the preparation that have the text as their main object, and are actually the part of the editing.

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Starting to edit (actual realization of the proofreading editing services)

When you’ve done all the initial preparation, you can go further and start to investigate the deficiencies (and advantages) of your text. We suggest that before plunging into the particulars of the grammar forms and punctuation marks’ usage you would consider the logical outline of the text. Doing otherwise might lead to the performance of the unnecessary workload, as the fully checked and proofread text might need the amendments with regard to its structure. In that case, you would have to proofread it again upon introducing the changes. Spare yourself a double work and begin from the beginning (a tautology, eh?) – consider your logic first.

Visit our paper editing website for checking the optimal ways to verify your logical conclusions and adjust them if necessary. Check your own mind’s logic and apply to the professional for assistance, if any questions arise.  

Step 4. Make sure your logical structure holds together. The structure is the main organizing element of any essay, dissertation, novel etc. It is a complex element as it establishes the order of the text parts’ representation and at the same time deals with the sense of these parts and of the text on the whole (its main idea). It is the canvas into which you are writing down your thoughts. It must be more or less conventional depending on the style of the text and your writing. The closer your paper is to the academic style, the more rigid the structure would be. The academic style of writing sets out a number of rules outlining the proper structure of the academic paper. We won’t be examining them in detail in the present post. However, we shall mention the most popular mistakes met in the academic papers prepared by students. This will allow adjusting your own structure as well as comprehending the main principles of its organization.

  • Unfinished thought / idea. Whenever you are writing a paper (save for the cases when you are simply copying the text), you reconsider it in the process and relay it in the way it seems appropriate at the moment. Being enthralled by the process of developing the idea, you might well lose the thread of the narrative and leave some thoughts and / or sentences unfinished. These may be both grammatically (like The choleric temperament has a higher degree of exaltation than other.) and logically incomplete phrases. The example of the logically incomplete phrase that features a good grammar structure:

The legal case was processed by the Court and solved. – the semantics of the “legal case” word-combination requires further details to be mentioned on the way the case was solved (whether it was proved non-grounded, or someone was accused, or justified or else).

For a better representation of your ideas, use the techniques of the text revision. Even if your range of interests does not feature linguistics, you still can apply some simple techniques yourself. For that, proceed to our web page http://essay-editor.net/blog/revise-paper-online--fast-and-cool and start right away with revising your paper!

  • No introduction. Though the academic style is known to be the most close-to-business style, yet it also requires the introductory part to be present. Getting straight to the practical part of your experimental task in the Math might mislead even the experienced professors at your college. In order to make it right, you’ve got to mention all the boring things: the theoretical background of your research, the methodic you used, the practical meaning of your task and so on and so forth. You might also need to explain the terminology if it differs from the generally accepted, or if you are writing for a wider auditory not acquainted with the specifics of your scientific sphere.

Learn how to rewrite your assignments proficiently, by means of our educating website. See the explanations of our professionals to the trickiest parts of the English grammar, and master the issues that have been white spots!

It is worth mentioning that “no introduction” might serve as a powerful writing technique creating the effect of unpredictable development – for a fiction novel, for example. Used efficiently, it may cause strong emotions. That makes it a valuable instrument of the literature genre of writing.

  • The same thought is repeated many times (even in other words). The ideas you reveal with your text might be quite valuable and non-regular ones. However, repeating them more than two times on one page makes the reader wonder, whether you have forgotten that you already said it or you think the reader is not smart enough to grasp it at once.

The social impact of the Rock music on the youth of 1960-s was immense.

The young people from 60-s were fascinated by the Rock bands.

Rock music was the top figure in the social stratification of the young people in 1960-s.

Does it appear to you that your thoughts actually repeat but you cannot separate the repeated part from the original content? Get the low-priced proof reading services for your paper at our company and find out everything about its grammar and logical merits!

We often encounter the repetition during our conversations with other people. We maintain the contact sating something like I see, For sure, Amazing and so on many times. However, what is good for the oral conversation and colloquial style can be unacceptable in the academic writing. So, check your essays thoroughly and make sure there are no unwanted repetitions.

Even if your idea is a good one, it is enough to describe it once. Certainly, you can develop it further, but without obtrusively repeating it many times.

Be careful, however, not to weed out the phrases that contain similarly the same ideas but differ in some connotations. For example,

Proofreading and copyediting services make the linguistic occupation.

Only efficient linguists make good proofreaders and editors.

The applied component of linguistics is editing.

In different variants of the language, some words can have different meaning and different connotations. These are such words as homely (meaning hospitable in the English version and horrible in the American English). Feel confident when you’ve got timely support from our team of editors http://essay-editor.net/blog/proofreading-companies-in-usa-are-always-ready-to-cooperate who are knowledgeable in any version of the English language!

  • No unified composition. Though it is undesirable to repeat one thought many times, it is yet worse to mention many different and disconnected ones within one paper.

The invention of the telephone was a considerable breakthrough in the connection technologies. So were the cognitive psychology’ studies on the human brain.

Even if you have many thoughts on the matter, it is better to group them by some principle or topic and to make a separate essay on each topic. Remember to stick to your main idea throughout the text. If you feel you are starting to deviate from it, simply ask yourself a question, “Is it relevant for my idea?” and, secondly, “How much is it relevant?” Determine the relevance on a scale from zero to 10. Next, place each of your ideas on the scale. Then, discard all the ideas that rank lower than seven. In that way, you will ensure your composition is well maintained and your text does not make an assortment of incongruent ideas.

Still have some questions as to getting your structure and composition straight and logical? Sometimes, it is more informative to examine a sample than describing the way to do it by many words. We have prepared some examples of the professional writing for you. Visit our website to see them and learn more about English writing!

  • Illogical narrative. Make sure all the ideas and conclusions you relay in the text have sufficient proofs. Even when you state a trivial fact, you always have to provide a background for it. Ensure that your statements are coherent and the conclusions are relevant. Check each conclusion for its relevance to the initial statement. For example, see the logical flaw in the next paragraph:

Courtesy is a basic principle of the social interaction. It can be represented in different ways. Courteous people have the same pattern of addressing the interlocutor.

In order to cope with the illogical patterns in your text, consider each phrase with regard to what has already been stated. If you spot some discrepancy or emptiness, try to rectify it by adding some information or correcting your conclusions. For instance, the last phrase in the example above needs clarification for fitting into the logical flow of the narrative:

The interaction consisting of many components, there is the one that is the same for the representation of courtesy. Courteous people have the same pattern of addressing the interlocutor.

Have a rather emotional than a logical type of mind? Feel secure with our professional editing support! We shall help you to not only edit your text in the best way, but also advise you about the most beneficial conditions for your order. We’ll give you a notion of the cost for best proofreading college papers as well!

Step 5. Adjust your structure. Apart from checking your text structure for its logical properties, pay attention to the way it is represented to a reader. The inner logic of the narrative is directly connected to the straight and comprehensive representation of the text. For your outer structure check, use the following tips:

  • Compare the paragraphs. Look at the text and estimate the length of the paragraphs visually. If you do not know what a paragraph is, check the definition and principal characteristics following the link. Ideally, there should be the same pattern traced throughout the text. For example, small paragraph – large paragraph – medium size paragraph – small. Try to avoid too many small paragraphs. If you have them, consider the possibility of combining some of them into the bigger ones, provided their content allows it. For the big ones, to the contrary, think of the way to make them shorter or to break them into smaller paragraphs. Whatever is your pattern of the paragraph’s length, always consider the logic and content first.

The reliable and accurate proofreader working online can help you to do the task correctly. Pay attention to the professionals’ tips and work out your own ones! Remember that the only way to know the language well is constantly using it – for speaking, getting the information, and writing!

For the lists, make sure that all items in the list are represented equally. Certainly, it is possible that some components of the list would feature more details than the other ones. However, try to balance these paragraphs and make them more or less homogeneous. For example, do not leave one item of the list unexplained while there is a long detailed description of another one.

Still unsure about your paragraphs and their proper execution? Apply to our paragraph rewriting service at a low price and learn the theory through a practical example! Let’s develop our knowledge together!

  • Consider the contents. Compare also the way you relay your descriptions in. For example, there is a pattern “description – numbers – illustration” in the next extract from the essay:

The coniferous woods make the 40% of the island’s greenery. The biggest is the Ferry fir wood. Deciduous woods have the share of 20%. The most popular among them is the Long Life maple wood.

If English is not your first language, you might well be dazzled by specific terms like coniferous and experience troubles with finding a proper example. Solve the predicament by contacting the knowledgeable and professional editor! We are glad to introduce the new services our editors can provide. The list is quite a long one and it is constantly replenished! 

Ensure there is a same quantity of examples for each description, and the illustrations, as well as the principal information, are represented in the similar way. The conformity of the structure adds a lot to the value of the academic paper.

For your college assignments, content is usually more important than the way it is represented. Still, it is valid as long as it is described comprehensively. Get on with our assignment checking service http://essay-editor.net/blog/assignment-proofreading-service--less-bother-more-result and forget about low grades forever!

  • Check your headings. Proper representation of the information implies the presence of headings as an instrument of the separation of the meaning blocks. Locate your heading and subheadings carefully, watch closely the logic of their establishment. Remember that the subheading must include or at least imply the topic of the heading. For example, in an essay in Physics, the heading “Properties of the magnets” cannot have the sub-heading “Types of magnets”. To make it correct, these both headings must be the independent ones, while the former might have “General properties of the magnets” and “Specific properties of the magnets” for the sub-headings. Here you must not worry about maintaining the same structure for each clause, i.e. there should not necessarily be the same quantity of information represented in the same way. However, make sure each of your headings is supported by the unified inner structure. Certainly, this applies to sub-headings as well.

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  • Adjust fonts. While unique and interesting content is the primary target in any academic paper, the execution is also important as it helps to represent the content in an optimal way. Check your paper for the unification of the font, size, color; space number; indentations. For your academic papers, do not choose these items on your own. If there are no specific requirements from your teacher, check the college’s policy regarding the paper’s execution. Usually it can be found on the college’s website. In most of the cases, it would be marked by such keywords as requirements for writing, requirements for papers, papers’ execution and likewise ones. For example, check the requirements for the writing execution provided by the similar educational institution. Another way to find out about the requirements is applying to the companies providing editing and proofreading services in the region (as well as to global ones). Being constantly engaged in editing the student papers, such companies usually place the useful information on their websites. If there is no trace of it, you can always apply to the company yourself and ask for it! By the way, applying to Essay-Editor today you will receive the discounted prices for the student editing services. A friendly and ready-to-assist attitude is a constant bonus!

The logical framework of the paper makes about 40% of the paper’s success with readers. As long as all your statements and stipulations are well grounded and put subsequently and in a logical order, even the simplest content is perceived benevolently. The reader is likely to enjoy your writing and mark it if not innovative, yet pleasing and comprehensive. For the academic papers, the straight logical structure has primary importance. The scientific paper must be logically constructed and relayed; otherwise, it does not correspond to its status of the academic paper. Have ticks for all the checkboxes described above, and make sure you’re doing right!

Got the content for your dissertation ready but do not have an idea of how to arrange it? Contact the leading dissertation proofreading company in the USA and receive the pleasant bonus for your first order!

The above listed procedures make part of the global linguistic procedure of editing. Editing can have various tasks yet it always deals in some way with the logic and structure of a paper. While the described techniques might seem difficult to apply, they are much easier to comprehend in practice. Just start checking the connection between the first two sentences, and you will find out you are quite good at logic, at the end of your check!

In the middle of editing (actual proofreading and copyediting for your text)

Editing and proofreading

When you’ve finished the preparation for your editing, it’s time to go to the core and start the editing itself. If you felt uncertain about your ability to do this before; now, when you have reconsidered the text and adjusted its logic and structure, the editing becomes much more feasible a task.

Applied to your college and need an admission essay soonest? Order the admissions essay editing for tomorrow to ensure your style and content fit perfectly and match the college requirements! Remember that we are working round-the-clock, so, do not hesitate with your order even if it is late in the night!

Now that the preparation stage is over, we can move on and start the actual editing procedures. For this post, we won’t be discussing the process in details, as it will take place as much as an average dissertation would. Yet, we shall describe some moments that are usually omitted by the beginners in editing and make the good Nota Bene even for the experienced linguists.

1. Check the grammar and spelling. When you apply to a professional proofreader, you would most likely expect him or her to do this task of checking the grammar. See the numerous ways the grammar check can be performed, on our web page. Check the professional blog on English writing featuring the articles on various topics. Learn the fastest way to enhance your writing! However, even if you are not a linguist yourself, you can take some steps yourself and save some funds this way. There are several options to check your spelling and grammar without the assistance from outside:

  • Use the online checking service. There is a variety of programs on the Internet that you can use for verifying your texts. Spelling checkers, punctuation correctors, grammar checkers and may others can be quite helpful for tracing the petty inconspicuous mistakes like boar (instead of board), they’re coats (instead of their coats), facsinating (instead of fascinating). The program would also offer you to correct your sentences in Passive Voice into the Active Voice. Meanwhile, in order to perform such transformation properly, you we advise you to consult the professional grammar guides and manuals. Also, be careful when accepting the offer of the program to correct all your mistakes automatically, without asking a permission for each one separately. This may lead to other unexpected typos appearing; like an other (instead of another) and constant affect (instead of effect). This happens due to the insufficient functionality of the program, which cannot work out the text with regard to its meaning, like humans do.

The online programs are quite helpful, especially if they are designed for the performance of the specific tasks. For example, the online checker verifying the usage of the modal verbs would spot more complicated mistakes made in modal verbs than a checker designed for the general grammar verification.

Do not know how to apply for the online check? Ask us! We’ve got an answer to any of your queries regarding linguistics, and the lowest prices on the entire Internet! For instance, see the way we perform and charge the proofreading of documents http://essay-editor.net/blog/cheap-proofreading--friend-or-foe. You will undoubtedly enjoy our flexible rates and impeccable service!

  • Check the usage of Tenses and articles in all the sentences that have more than seven words in total (counting the articles, conjunctions, prepositions and articles). The reason is that the human brain usually can operate well no more than seven elements simultaneously. Operating larger quantities of items might cause the distraction and lead to the appearance of mistakes. That is why you are more likely to make a mistake in a message like Orchestra play requires the high level of organization skills, and a constant concentration on the part of a conductor. When you get to the word organization, your mind might cross out the first word Orchestra. Thus, the mistakes in the sentence structure and grammar can appear. Meanwhile, the next sentence, being more complicated due to its content, has bigger chances to be written grammatically, Phagocytes make the basis of the immune system. Writing this sentence, you have more opportunities to keep the focus on the whole sentence and its meaning.

For your guidance regarding the Tenses’ usage, you can check our article about the usage of the complex Tenses in the English grammar. We review all the rules and their application, and provide the most comprehensive and illustrative examples!

  • Read the text backwards. Another way to trace the typos and petty mistakes is reading the text in an unusual manner. Try to read it backwards or check only each fiftieth word, or only the last sentence in each paragraph. This will enable a fresh view of the text. If you need to perform a thorough check, read the text backwards in full, checking each word including the articles and prepositions. In this way, no mistake will survive!

This technique is particularly good for tracing the incorrect Adverbs. Use the Adverbs correctly in your speech and in your writing, with our useful tips and advice! Get a free consulting regarding English grammar issues on our website! 

2. Look closer at your punctuation. At present, the punctuation marks become rare guests in the colloquial English writing, and even the business correspondence can manage without many of them. Yet, punctuation plays a considerable part in marking the “sense borders” in the sentence. See the tips for improving English punctuation in one of the most popular reviews on our website. Get the free advice from professionals and never mix up colons and semi-colons! Besides, it becomes a “grammatical touchstone” of a kind. The people who can use the punctuation correctly are considered literate and knowledgeable. So, watch your commas closely and make sure to mark the citations and direct speech inclusions properly. If you have doubts with regard to your knowledge of punctuation or cannot remember the rules, use the cheat sheet describing the most popular mistakes and their correct analogues.

Remember that dashes are longer than hyphens and are used to separate the words, while hyphens unite them.

It used to be a community parking lot – now there is a semi-private road enterprise.

Always put a comma if you can put a period in the same place within a sentence.

The investors liked it, the employees did not.

Place a semi-colon if there are too many commas or you need to separate two parts having the completely different meaning. 

At that time, the experiment was over, the results were satisfactory.

Hardly can say an apostrophe from the semi-colon? Trace the different punctuation marks and the rules of their usage on Essay-Editor web blog! Only the comprehensive analysis of the linguistic issues!

Use the apostrophe for possessive Nouns and do not use it for plural ones.

Professor’s opinion about other college professors must not affect his scientific merits.

Use the brackets if the inclusion can be omitted in the sentence.

The cord (a blue metal thread) is connecting the poles.

The listed procedures are used mostly for the linguistic operation of proofreading. However, they also make part of the other kinds of editing. The word “proofreading” sounds vague and complicated? See the reviews written by professionals for the beginners and see there is nothing difficult! For more tips on editing procedures use any of the links below:

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Rounding up your editing (last-thing editing tips)

The largest and the most important part of the editing consists of the stages that were described in the previous clauses. Still, there is more than few round up words to say in this clause as well. Editing is a process of a constant double-check. As soon as you’ve changed a preposition or put a new comma in your sentence, you might find out that the structure and even meaning of a whole paragraph had been changed. Then, you go for checking the paragraph anew and make further amendments. Then again, you’ve got to verify the changes with regard to other paragraphs and clauses. There might be several rounds of such re-checks before you find your paper satisfactory and grammatical.

In order to facilitate this difficult task, we offer to perform a few procedures that will allow to estimate your text and make a real picture of it.

1. Check the dictionary. If you feel uncertain with regard to some word’s or phrase’s spelling, grammar form or meaning, consult the dictionaries. It is an awkward situation when a difficult word or a proper noun is spelled incorrectly. For example, imagine the reaction of a teacher or another reader if you misspell Swiss for Sweden or hypocrite for hypothesis. Always double-check the dates, statistic numbers, real facts and events. If you are using the Internet for verification, make sure you refer to the reliable websites, preferable with https:// address. Ideally, the information you provide in your paper must be proved by at least three reliable sources.

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The dictionaries are also helpful if you need to rewrite your paper. If the word seems unfitting yet you cannot find a satisfactory replacement, browse the synonyms’ dictionary. There you will also find the description and meaning of each synonym, and be able to pick the very word you need. For example, even the native English speakers cannot sometimes spot the difference between vocabulary (that describes an organized collection of words on some topic) and dictionary (that stands for a book containing the words’ collection referring to some topic or linguistic function).

2. Cross out or rewrite the improper phrases. Adjusting the text’s grammar and spelling and correcting the logical deficiencies you might get the sentences and phrases that look incongruent and improper. There are several types of such sentences. Looking for the best offer to edit your thesis? Check the prices on Essay-Editor’s official website! We work hard to make our prices attractive to you! So, while checking the final version of your text, beware of the following:

  • Too cumbersome phrases. These are usually the sentences with long descriptions or sentences containing the lists. For example, The Christmas decorations are defined by the cultural traditions of the nation and differ from country to country; their main component differing as well (mistletoe hanging in the doorframe in England, colourful light illumination on the Christmas trees and houses in the USA, special Christmas wreaths with the four candles in France). Try to break such sentences into the smaller ones, arrange the listed items as the marked lists.

The Christmas decorations are defined by the cultural traditions of the nation and differ from country to country. Their main component differs as well:

  • mistletoe hanging in the door frame in England;
  • colourful light illumination on the Christmas trees and houses in the USA;
  • special Christmas wreaths with the four candles in France.

The phrases can also look improper due to the excessive usage of the terminology or too many long and difficult words.

The administrative legislation prescribes the temporary deprivation of liberty as a preventive measure in the similar cases.

If you presume your reader might not be acquainted with such terminology or the phrase would sound too unusual, you can try to rewrite it. Relay the meaning with the more frequently used and more comprehensive words.

The official documents state the temporary imprisonment as a punishment in such cases.

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  • Useless phrases. Weed out the words and sentences featuring nothing but empty shapes. Usually these are clichés (like literally (in the meaning of the semantic emphasis), frankly speaking, and so on and so forth) or interjections (like Alas! Absolutely, Good grief and others).

Another type of a useless phrase is a sentence that repeats the data already provided above. See the next one as an example,

Cucumbers need a lot of water to grow properly. These plants require water as a source of life.

The second phrase repeats the previous one, also featuring the unnecessary pathos (a source of life). It can be deleted without harming the overall sense and structure of the text.

  • Too abstract phrases. These are sentences that also can be included in the previous category. However, they are used quite frequently and are almost unnoticeable in the speech. Yet, there is no place for them in the academic paper. By all means, cross out such words and phrases from your college paper as that’s what has been said, literally, absolutely nothing, the answer to such a question and others.   

3. Check the references. Remember that if you write an academic paper, you’ve got to ground your statements all the time. That’s one of the main reasons why students apply to the online essay or thesis editor. When you’ve got a picture of the text in your mind, it seems logical and systematic. Meanwhile, to an external observer, deficiencies of structure and logical grounding are much more noticeable. Any of your ideas have the background of the statements and theories produced by other people. Always put a reference not only to each citation, but also to the one you relayed in your own words. Even if you state a generally accepted fact like The Thames Estuary has the different level of tides, make sure you have a proper reference for it. Don’t forget to represent your references in the way your college or your teacher requires. In some cases, you might have a hard time looking for the exact page of the book or other printed source the reference was taken from. Still, the appropriate placing and execution of the references gives your writing an academic look and proves the work has been performed with due diligence and professionalism.

Adjusting the references is an important yet rather a tiresome task. Entrust it to the professionals! Save your funds applying to the Essay-Editor team of professional editors. Check our editing and proofreading service rates and make your best choice!

Follow the steps listed above, and ensure all the amendments fit your text properly and do not change its meaning and the principal idea. However, there is yet another stage you must go through to complete your editing. Read the text carefully in full again. This is called the final proofreading. Sometimes, it helps to spot the most obvious mistakes omitted during all the previous stages!

The final proofreading is a highly important stage that is usually omitted when writing business letters in English or any other language. This often results not only in the grammar mistakes in the text of the letter, but also in other shortcomings. When you forget to proofread your letter, you may well send it without an important attachment, without your signature, not stating the topic of the letter or even mentioning the incorrect recipient. So, be especially attentive when finishing your business letter.

Now, that you have performed the complete editing of your text, you have certainly gained more confidence in your own writing. Working on your next essay, you will definitely find out that some of the mistakes do not appear because you already know of them and are able to deal with them at the early stage. However, whatever result you have reached with your editing, we advise you never stop. Develop your skills, enhance your writing and refine your English!

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