Don’t You Need A Dissertation Editor?


Your dissertation is obligate result of large-scale research work which you intend to present to consideration in scientific community. Undoubtedly, the manuscript has the importance in your area of specialization and deserves appreciation. You are sure that the spelling and stylistics of your work are so faultless, as well as its contents? Are you convinced that dissertation editing isn't necessary at all?

If you are on this page, so you wrote the dissertation by yourself, without any outside assistance. Our editing and proof-reading task is only to help you to bring it into accord with rules and standards of English language. If you met technical difficulties with formatting of the dissertation, dissertation editors from our site will help you with ease to overcome them.

Many authors, being fascinated by scientific researches, forget that the dissertation has to be written in competent language and meet the strict formal requirements. It is very important to conform to certain rules in tractates. But unfortunately these rules are often missed by authors. Usually it belongs to standardization of terminology. There are many various nuances in editing of dissertations, which influence scientific work's formatting.

Everybody understands that typographical errors, mistakes and logical inconsistency can lower much opinion of opponents, reviewers and a commission of experts about the paper. But it is not the worst thing. It is necessary to understand that the final decision on award of scientific degree is made by the commission. And first of all, members of the commission look not at substantial part of work, but at correctness of formatting of the thesis. So let’s       draw a conclusion: saving money on editing the thesis can turn back very deplorable. Here you can find out our pleasant prices, by the way.

Master's and doctor's theses are written several years and represent independent in-depth study. Sometimes the doctoral dissertation is a work of the whole life.

Detailed knowledge of highly specialized area, scientific scrupulousness, certain professional skills, language skills, deep erudition, knowledge of the existing state standard specifications are required from the author of the thesis.

It is the serious list of requirements. One person sometimes has no opportunity to combine all these qualities, especially when research area is extremely knowledge-intensive. You can delegate this difficult and responsible work concerned with formatting, knowing that people with high skills will be engaged in it. It will release enough time to you for other significant aspects of scientific activity.

Editing dissertation – the service demanding from the performer (dissertation editor) very numerous and various complex skills and knowledge. As well as here you can find out in details what is editing and what is proofreading.

In the course of editing the master's / doctoral dissertation the qualified and attentive editors at the same time or consistently solve a number of problems:

  • Check of compliance of the text of the edited thesis to rules of the English spelling and punctuation, correction of spelling and punctuation mistakes.
  • Check of compliance of formatting of the dissertation to state standard specification, correction of typos.
  • Check of stylistics of the text, correction of various stylistic mistakes which are present almost at each edited dissertation work irrespective of author's skill level and literacy.
  • Check of statement's logic. Sometimes the thesis seeming doubtful becomes true after replacement of the conjunction "and" to "but" or even after simple replacement of punctuation marks. For example, we can put the brackets into the text, so we will allocate minor idea. Sometimes it is possible to recommend replacing something to the annotation.
  • Terminological editing. The incorrect use of many terms in the dissertation is quite widespread phenomenon as the author of the master's thesis usually isn't absolutely developed scientist in this or that area – he just studies. In these conditions the foreign view of the professional dissertation editor is invaluable.
  • Formatting the list of references (bibliographical descriptions). All bibliographical descriptions of the sources quoted or mentioned in the text of the dissertation have to be formatted strictly by the existing state standard specification, and any deviations are inadmissible here. In the main text of the edited paper shouldn't remain bibliographical descriptions – only bibliographical references and they need to be formatted strictly uniformly by one of the standard systems.
  • The bibliography of the thesis has to be full and has not to contain excesses. It means, firstly, that all works, for which references in the main text of the edited dissertation are given, have to be present at the bibliography. Secondly, it is also preferably that the bibliography didn't contain works the author got acquainted in the course of preparation of the thesis, though he didn't keep links to them in the final text.

Why the professional has to edit the thesis?

Experience shows that the author of dissertation, even being the competent person, isn't able to notice all the errors as the knowledge of the text doesn't allow focusing on a technical aspect in his own paper.

The dissertation editors have to possess a set of skills and knowledge: absolute literacy, attentiveness, understanding of specifics of dissertation editing, understanding of terminology and that is especially important – knowledge of the current standards.

The matter is that state standard specifications regulate everything, up to inadmissibility of gaps between initials. Only the qualified expert, for which dissertations and other scientific papers editing is a primary activity that is confirmed by experience and recommendations, is capable to cope with such important task.

Kindly pay attention, if you think that the editors team will turn a thematic selection of your separate texts, illustrations and tables in a full thesis by means of editing – you are mistaken. The thesis is written by the author, but not by the editor.

The editing and proof-reading staff of the company suggests to put your scientific creation in appropriate order according to norms and rules of English language.

We are sure you have enough reasons to worry. You did a huge work — thank you for that. Now it is necessary to accomplish the paper. Let us help you!

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