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Do you know that the type of your personality and temper has a great influence on your productivity? That is why it is so important to know what you are. This is exactly what we want to discuss today. Also, it is worth mentioning that the experts of our online custom writing agency know how to approach any person. Thousands of our customers are just one of the proofs of our professional competency. When support with written assignments is wanted, address us at once. Our online service is on the top academic writing companies list. We guarantee first-class college essay editing. Affordable prices make cooperation with our writers as much pleasant as possible. Now let’s try to figure out what type of personality and temper you have and how it can benefit you.

Choice of profession for rational and irrational types of people

It is great when you know your strengths and take them into consideration when you choose a future profession. This time, the experts of our website are going to explain the difference between rational and irrational types of personality and suggest a couple of professions that suit them.

What am I: rational or irrational?

In order to define the type of personality, it is not necessary to take complex psychological tests. It will be enough to analyze your approach to life.

Rational type of personality

A rational person tends to live following a plan. He (or she) not only sticks to some schedule but actually enjoys it. Without an action plan, this type of personality gets lost. It is emotionally stable and, in spite of a bad mood, can force oneself to do the required work. Luckily, there is no need to make yourself do home assignments when you do not want. Our editors are ready to give you a hand:

Irrational type of personality

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Such a person, on the contrary, does not create plans and feels uncomfortable when someone imposes on him (her) some strict order of actions. Do not think that an irrational personality is not able to follow the rules. The difference is that he (she) does it in his (her) own way. This person lives with a belief in a window of opportunity (or right moment, in other words). Also, it is quite difficult to handle emotional state: when an irrational personality has a bad mood, the process of work will be at a standstill.

Selecting profession

What kinds of professions fit every type?

1) For rational personalities. Such people will feel the most comfortable in the professions that require a strict implementation of the objectives. Rational personalities usually succeed in the fields of programming, statistics and accounting, bookkeeping and finance. Also, there can be considered the professions related to catering, animal husbandry and crop production, engineering, surgery, pedagogy (especially the exact sciences), and linguistics.

2) For irrational personalities. In this case, it is recommended to consider the jobs related to the new projects, improvisation and invention, designing and generating ideas. If you are an irrational personality, you will probably like the professions in the field of advertising, marketing and PR, journalism, firefighting, design, creativity, and trade.

There is a stereotype that the rational personalities are like the soulless robots, meanwhile, irrational people are harebrained and volatile. A person can combine the features of both personality types. The opinion that the rational people are too serious and irrational are too thoughtless is stereotypical. So it is better to get rid of it.

There are no correct and incorrect professions. There are pros and cons in any issue. However, when there is the necessity to make a choice, it is better to consider the type of personality, in order not to be disappointed with a selected profession in the future.

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Temper types and profession choice

Learn what profession fits you the best according to your temper type. The confidence in our future profession does not come to us at once. It is often necessary to spend many hours trying to understand yourself, in order to finally get the answers to the questions “what to be?” and “what specialty and college to choose?”. The specialists of our site advise you to define the type of your temper and find out whether you feel comfortable when you select a particular field of activity. The choice of profession should be correct.

Since birth, a person gets the individual features, the combination of which is called temperament. Overall, there are 4 temperament types: choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, and melancholic. The answer to the question about according to what criteria people are divided into these 4 types is very simple: it all depends on a particular correlation of such qualities of the nervous system as strength, balance, and mobility.


It is easy to understand the temper types if you remember the main characters of “Madagascar” cartoon: the lion Alex is choleric, the zebra Marty is sanguine, the hippopotamus Gloria is phlegmatic, and the giraffe Mehlman is melancholic. You can define your type by the descriptions below. Most likely, it will be difficult to stop at only one variant because people of “pure” temper types are rare, thus, it would be better to define 2 types that dominate. The first one will be leading and the second one is supplementary.

1. Choleric. This is a strong, unbalanced, mobile type. This is an impulsive and hot-headed person that dedicates him(her)self to a particular occupation fully. Such a person prefers to overcome the obstacles instead of bypassing them. The energy of his (her) nature is reflected in speech, gestures, and facial expressions. A quick-tempered and impatient choleric does not always control the emotions and can demonstrate aggression, and also, does not calm down fast. Such a person is prone to severe emotional swings.

  • The most appropriate professions: sales manager, reporter, presenter on radio or television, director, designer, guide, and other jobs that require flexibility and skills to deal with people.
  • Inappropriate professions: librarian, literary editor, and other professions that imply monotony of action. Boredom is the main enemy of choleric.

2. Sanguine. This is a strong, balanced, mobile type. A lively and curious, flexible and dynamic sanguine is not used to hold grudges and worry about the failures for a long time. Such a person never gives up and always looks for a way out in any situation. Active and sociable sanguine people like new experiences, they are kindhearted, friendly, and deal with people easily. People with this temper type often become formal or informal leaders, in their team, and this is a good reason to remind that the true leaders prefer professional online services:

  • The most appropriate professions: journalist, waiter, economist, lawyer, teacher, and a number of other professions, for which communication and leadership skills are important.
  • Inappropriate professions: dispatcher, jeweler and other professions that do not imply a constant change of activity.

3. Phlegmatic. This is a weak, balanced, inert type. It is difficult to set off restrained and imperturbable phlegmatic people. They are not prone to conflicts at all. On the contrary, they are calm and patient people that usually do not express their inner state. It is often difficult for phlegmatic people to adjust to a new environment, they experience stress when it is necessary to jump from one business to another. The representatives of this type prefer working scrupulously and leisurely.

  • The most appropriate professions: engineer, doctor, accountant, laboratory technician, agronomist, statistician, system administrator, and other professions that require cold-blooded analysis and decision-making skills.
  • Inappropriate professions: show host, secretary, and other professions without a clear schedule, where you have to deal with unforeseen situations or improvise.

4. Melancholic. This is a weak, unbalanced, inert type. It is difficult for a thin-skinned, prone to deep reflection melancholic personality to cope with resentment, and it makes such a person withdrawn. Only a usual and familiar environment will bring calmness and contribute to productive work. Melancholics are tactful and responsive in communication. Nevertheless, they avoid talking to strangers. They also feel uncomfortable in a new environment and it makes them feel awkward.

  • The most appropriate professions: writer, artist, scientist, accountant, programmer, psychologist, architect, and other professions that require observation and attention to detail.
  • Inappropriate professions: journalist, advertising agent, and other professions, in which stress cannot be avoided.

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