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How to write a spelling test without mistakes

No one likes tests, especially spelling ones. Besides, the grade for such a test is important and can influence the final grade in a report card. However, there is no need to run away from your fears, but you need to get rid of them. The specialists of our website will tell how to write spelling tests without mistakes and get high grades.

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1) Pimp your grammar knowledge

Learn and review the necessary rules to get prepared for the test. Try to work more on the points that cause the most difficulty. It is important to train your visual memory, and the best way to do it is to read classic literature works. Pronounce aloud the words that have complex spelling. It will improve your listening perception. In complex sentences, pause at the points where punctuation marks are placed. Also, you can buy a book with short stories and spelling tests and read it for several times to master your grammar knowledge. It will help you memorize the necessary rules better. It is recommended to read the works of classic literature in the printed version because the electronic one may contain mistakes and misprints.

2) Train to write spelling tests at home

Write a text following dictation regularly. Such a kind of work will become usual and will not cause fear or anxiety during the test. Ask your parents or friends to dictate you a text or use audio recording. If there are no helpers, search for special websites on Google (something like “dictation online”). Some of them offer to check a typed text online. There are also interactive tests where you need to fill in the missed letters.

If you use different resources to train, it will not be hard to pass the test excellently. Try to take notes of the words that you often write wrong. Thus, you will have a kind of your personal vocabulary that you can look through before any test. We have also prepared the steps for building your vocabulary that should help.

3) Keep your ear to the ground during the test

Make sure that your pen writes well and pencil is sharp, take a couple of spare ones with you. Listen to the teacher carefully, usually he (or she) pronounces everything clearly and distinguishes the borders between the sentences and paragraphs. Punctuation marks inside the sentences are indicated by intonation. Of course, not every single pause requires putting a comma. If you have doubts about some punctuation mark, highlight somehow this point so that you could return to it later and decide what mark is necessary to put there.

Do not be afraid when you encounter a word, the spelling of which makes you doubt. If you are not sure what letter to write, leave a gap, and fill it in later when you check the whole text. When you write something down, do not repeat it aloud because you risk making a mistake. Remember the rules of orthoepy: the difference between pronunciation and writing is often very big. Also, do not rely on the assistance of your classmates. Unfortunately, they are not reliable consultants and can be mistaken just like you.

4) Do not look for mistakes where they are absent

The text is done and the only thing left is to review it. We advise to check spelling first, and then, punctuation. Start with the last sentence and move to the first one, in order not to be distracted by the meaning of the text. Try to get detached as if the text is written not by you. In such a way, it will be easier to find a mistake or make sure that there are no mistakes. A spelling test is not as scary as you might think. Having made some effort, you will learn to write spelling tests without mistakes and get the highest grades. In order to achieve the greatest results, look through this useful post:

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How to write a good paragraph

Does the word “paragraph” make your heart beat faster and your palms sweat? Or do not you like this type of written assignments because you get a bad grade every time? The experts of our site are coming to the rescue and ready to reveal the mystery of good text writing.

Simply put, a paragraph is a cross between a sentence and essay writing, i.e. it is much bigger than a sentence and it is smaller than an essay. However, paragraph writing has its unique features. We want to highlight the most problematic ones. So what is necessary to bear in mind?

1) Keep your ears open. Take a pen or pencil (or better several ones) and focus on what you are going to do. It will prevent you from possible failures: to get distracted, to run out of ink, or have a pencil broken.

2) Do not forget about paragraph specificity. A paragraph paper can serve as a kind of test or have an educational purpose. It can be detailed or brief. A paragraph can be in the form of a short story, description, or reasoning. That is why pay special attention to the terms of paragraph writing. If a teacher asks to write a detailed paragraph, try to present the tiniest nuances of a subject. If it is necessary to write a brief paragraph, do not focus too much on details and try to present only the most important information, having disclosing the topic and idea of your text.

3) Follow the instructions of your teacher. Do not neglect the teacher’s demands if you want to get a high grade. Listen carefully to what is required, do not hurry, you have enough time to think over everything thoroughly. It is strongly recommended to write a draft first.

4) Leave gaps in a draft. It is not necessarily but it can be very helpful. Sometimes, having finished your writing, you get another good idea that will perfectly fit your topic but there is no place to write it down. However, if you have left some spare space, you can present all your ideas. It is also better to write with a pencil so that you could easily erase something unnecessary.

5) Shorten. It happens sometimes that good ideas come to your head quickly but while you are thinking how to write them down correctly, the meaning is lost. That is why, as soon as you get a good idea, write it down very quickly. For this purpose, you can even shorten the words. The most important is to catch the meaning, ignoring the form. Later you will have time to think about appropriate wording for your ideas. Read another related post on this issue:

6) Use every single minute. You know how much time you have to create a paragraph. When you start writing, do not get distracted but use the time you have effectively. Every sentence should be meaningful and, of course, do not forget about grammar and spelling.

7) Have doubts? Replace! Underline the words that cause doubts. Mark the sentences, punctuation of which makes you doubt as well. Remember that you always have the right to choose. If you are not sure about the spelling of a particular word, replace it with a synonym or remote it at all (but only if it does not affect the meaning). If you do not know what punctuation marks to use, rewrite a sentence.

8) Recheck yourself. Any text is a coherent whole. It means that all its parts should be connected. Read your draft two times at least. Is it perceived easily? Are the topic and main idea revealed? If yes, you have created a good text. Also, do not forget that you can always hire somebody to check an essay for grammar professionally.

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