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A thrill of new encounters, knowledge, and projects at the dream college... And the only thing between you and this reality is the essay. Are you sure that it looks perfect? Send it to our experts, and we'll turn it into an awesome piece of writing! We know what contemporary schools expect from future students, so we guarantee tangible improvements! Let's get started!

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College admissions essay editing: Why you need it today

You might be a pretty good pupil and still lose the fight for the place in the dream college. Your good GPA, interesting hobbies, and experience in youth projects are not enough for enrollment in the contemporary world. Especially when the competition among applicants is extremely strong, like in Ivy League schools, for instance.

Representatives of universities and colleges are interested in accepting worthwhile candidates. There're many good pupils, yet there're few awesome personalities. Our editors will take the best from your essay and explain why you deserve the place at the college.

⇒ Make your application process faster — online services save you time on essay editing and rewriting.

⇒ Get a fresh set of eyes on your college application essay — a professional editor surely gives helpful suggestions.

⇒ Receive a new brilliant version of your document — the final draft implies a ready-made perfectly polished essay; you are not required to rethink and correct it anymore.

All this sounds wonderful. Yet if you turn to a dubious editor or online company, results can be unpredictable. At best, you'll lose money. And the biggest danger is private data leakage.

College admissions essay editing must be reliable and effective! This is precisely what we guarantee to our clients. Order here!

Admissions essay editing services: Why choose us

It is all about the desire to continue education at a reputable college, university, or school. Thousands of young people turn to our academic editors for help, and they always receive what they expect here. Indeed, expert assistance matters a lot, as it gives a meaningful final touch to the text. This is how your documents transform into worthwhile essays.

★ Unique super offer from our admission essay editing agency

Let's begin our cooperation with a short test! We can write or edit a part of your essay. If you do not like the result, we'll send your money back. We are absolutely confident in our professional capacity, so we're not afraid to give such bold promises. You'll definitely like the new version of your essay.

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★ Editing service at the best prices

The word count is the core parameter determining the price of the professionally reviewed essay. Alongside the number of words, urgency and specific additional requirements matter too. For instance, the cooperation with our top editor or a super urgent service costs more than a standard service.

In any case, you never overpay for brilliant results. Our prices are one of the lowest ones on the market, meanwhile, the quality is always decent.

★ Reliability of the professional service

Trustworthiness is the main principle of our business. We work with respect for every client and pay precise attention to data safety and confidentiality. Our editors do meaningful work and ensure tangible positive changes in your essays. Besides, one can always count on instant answers in the live chat day and night.

Your rights are protected by the set of our guarantees, including the money-back opportunity. Plus, a good business reputation does not allow us to break the rules or deliver mediocre services.

★ Fast editing and proofreading services

The cutting-edge technologies help us do this work in the shortest possible time without compromising the quality. Contemporary students are used to getting fast results, and we're willing to help all of them ASAP. Our minimal terms are about one business day (24 hours). The earlier deadlines can be discussed individually.

The main secret of our quick admissions essay editing services is a coherent team working according to all-new optimized work processes.

★ An understanding of the college application nuances

Our proofreading and editing assistance focuses on the peculiarities of the application process and its purposes. We realize that it is not enough just to detect spelling mistakes and correct the phrases. Our editors emphasize those moments from students' biographies that interest the admissions boards.

Our online assistance covers adding essential information and deleting superfluous facts. This is how we create your awesome college admission essay!

Be it an elite college or a public school, you require a convincing story to describe your capacity and intentions. We'll help you with that. Let's discuss the details — go to the chat!

How to determine a trustworthy admissions essays editor?

The choice of the editor for your application paper is a serious task. The point is you give a draft of your text containing personal facts and contact data. Sometimes this information can be misused. In addition, poor quality and broken deadlines often disappoint. Please, use this guide to avoid such unpleasant situations.

1) Check the adequacy of the editor or company

It could be one specialist or a team of editors promising to improve your admissions essays. Both these variants can be reliable; the only thing they must have a good online platform presenting:

  • transparent terms of cooperation,
  • valid contact data,
  • an opportunity to send messages and exchange files,
  • description of professional capacity,
  • information on case studies or portfolios.

Thus, our website provides all this information and even more.

2) Read available information on the web

Luckily, today, one can find a bunch of reviews and testimonials on the Internet. Note, that one negative feedback is a normal situation for the working online agency. It is practically impossible to meet everyone's expectations; plus, there could be unpredicted situations. The main thing is to see how the company reacts to these issues. A polite answer offering constructive solutions is evidence of reliability and client-centered service. Just what you need!

3) Make a short test

The online world is full of dubious companies and freelancers offering a good admission essay editing service. You can reveal their opportunities before placing the order.

  • Check the communication system: send an email or a message on the chat. Evaluate how fast and informative the answers are.
  • Ask them to edit a short piece of your writing. In this case, you won't spend much money and will be able to decide how good the specialists are.

We hope soon you'll join the students' community. With a perfectly edited essay and personal statement from our pros, it is easy and fun to do! Contact us on the chat!

Essay editing service: How we do it

You should not worry about reliability and effectiveness when working with our agency. Every step of our working process reflects a serious approach to college admissions essay editing.

1) Build the profile of the student

Actually, your essay is a portrait of your personality. Whatever story you tell in it, the point is the same — to demonstrate your uniqueness. The sense of our college admissions essay editing is to correct your image in accordance with college culture and values.

2) Structure improvement

Despite a little volume of text, the personal statement still must be properly structured. Otherwise, it looks like several chaotic fragments of thoughts.

3) Make you stand out among others

Your story and motivation to study at college are unique. So we do not want you to repeat common phrases and explanations.

4) Adapt your essay to the expectations of the university

Please, let us know where you are going to study. New York University, Harvard, Columbia College Hollywood, Hogwarts, etc., — they are all so different. Due to our rich expertise and knowledge, your essay will be adjusted to the philosophy of your chosen college.

5) Grammar check

The readers of your personal essay are serious teachers and professors who appreciate texts free from spelling errors. Our specialist edits everything meticulously, so nobody will find mistakes in it. With precise attention to every word and punctuation mark, we make your essays flawless.

6) Readability and stylistic details

Your college admission paper must sound interesting. Our professionals review it to eliminate tautologies, language errors, a lack of transitions between different parts, and other weak places. As a result, you will submit a compelling story on your accomplishments and strong parts.

An application essay can become your life-changing document, so why risk it? It is exactly the kind of project when all opportunities should be used, and our service is among them.

The edited essay from our professionals takes you to a new level. Logically structured, rich in awesome ideas, purposeful, it gives you an advantage over other applicants. Place your order here!