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Your crucial projects require a serious approach, and we are here to ensure it for you! We offer knowledge-based solutions and efficient methods of editing. Turn your manuscript into a flawless and meaningful academic paper — let's get it started!

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Academic editing services for your greater achievements!

Our site is established to bring your texts to perfection. Please, send us your draft, and we'll show you how awesome it can become!

  • We guarantee

    • Efficient editing assistance
    • Compliance with your deadlines
    • Honest and transparent terms
    • Fair prices
  • Our advantages

    • In-depth knowledge of editing principles
    • Quick implementation
    • Flexible conditions
    • Optimal quality-price ratio
  • What you get with us

    • An impeccable version of your paper
    • No more worries about urgent deadlines
    • Adaptation to any standards and rules
    • Perfect results at affordable prices
Professional view, risk-free cooperation, and a personalized approach contribute to your academic success. Would you like to try it?
  • Proofreading and editing services for learners

    The life of the contemporary student is getting easier and more fun with professional online assistance. If you lack time to check your reports and other texts, please, turn to our team. We are willing to check and improve your papers so that they deserve high marks.

    Our editors successfully work with assignments for:

    • school pupils,
    • students of colleges and universities,
    • independent learners.
  • Quality editing for educators

    Not only do students use our services, academic level professors and teachers also send us their texts. They usually need a fresh set of eyes and quick formatting in accordance with new standards.

    Our team has enough professional knowledge to edit materials for:

    • high school teachers,
    • college and university professors,
    • online tutors.
  • Editing service for aspiring authors

    If you create an informational product in the academic area or any other sphere, our competent editors will help you with it. The first steps in the writing are often unconfident. Due to our in-depth substantive editing, you will get professional suggestions on improvements.

    Please, send us your manuscript, and we'll turn it into a brilliant ready-made article, book, brochure, etc. We are glad to assist:

    • writers of articles for scientific journals,
    • authors of academic blogs,
    • writers of academic books, etc.

We edit all formats of academic papers

  • Our professional capacity is enough to check any texts related to the academic sphere:

    • Ph.D. and Master's dissertations;
    • articles for research and science journals;
    • academic reviews of published materials;
    • coursework and term papers;
    • academic essays and reports;
    • cover letter and resume for academicians, and many more.

    If your text is in the English language, we'll give a professional evaluation of it. Our employees are helpful in many situations. In fact, an error-free paper opens new opportunities to its author:

    • earn higher marks,
    • improve your academic reputation,
    • save time and focus on research and science activities, etc.

    Our expertise covers work with papers for:

    • modern sciences,
    • medical sphere,
    • humanities,
    • creative projects,
    • personal documents, etc.
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Why order editing and proofreading services here?

We realize all the seriousness of the academic sphere, its standards, and unspoken rules. But what is more important is that we have all the necessary resources to ensure the relevant quality of the service.

  • • Subject-matter experts in popular academic disciplines

    We'll find an editor who is good at your subject-matter. Due to a significant pool of experts in various spheres of knowledge, we have an opportunity to select the most suitable specialist precisely for your goal.

    • Two-editor principle

    The human factor and other risks are minimized due to our strict system of quality. At least two employees work on one order to ensure the impartiality and effectiveness of the service.

    • Edit your paper at the best prices

    Whether you order copy editing or proofreading, the cost of the service is decent. It is because we have managed to optimize our working processes. There is no sense to overpay for editing services — hire our specialists. We'll prove that professional assistance can be affordable — try now.

  • • A minimal turnaround time

    The speed of the editing service is decisive in the contemporary world. With us, you do not have to wait in line anymore. Prompt implementation of your orders is guaranteed. No time to waste, let's begin working on your assignment.

    • We are available 24/7/365

    It is convenient to get access to the service at any hour. This thought has inspired us to create a round-the-clock support system helping us provide proofreading and editing services across the globe. No matter what time zone or schedule you have, we are online to edit your document.

Thousands of users have already felt the benefits of our offers. Would you like to see how convenient and efficient our service is? Please, sign in here.

Safe academic editing assistance

We make this online business risk-free for all its participants. Our agency values your academic reputation, as well as cares about your private data and other information.

  • • Full confidentiality

    All employees who are involved in the work on your documents sign a strict non-disclosure agreement. Plus, we implement reliable technologies to protect all files and messages.

  • • Money-back option

    This guarantee is here just in case. As a rule, our clients are surprised with perfect results. However, we want you to know that if any terms of your Form are broken we'll send your money back.

Editing your academic papers: How we do it

For years of fruitful experience, we have established several effective plans and methods of work. Here is a sample of how we cope with your orders.

  • 1) So, what do clients expect from us?

    The sense of the professional editing service lies in its effectiveness, that is, an individual approach to your particular order.

    That is why, firstly, we analyze every word and term of your Form. The academic sphere is a wide concept, so is the editing service. Let's discuss everything on the chat to reach a mutual understanding of the final draft.

    2) Is the text relevant to its topic?

    Whether you write a short academic essay or a serious Ph.D. thesis, informativeness and meaningfulness are a must. It all begins with the sense of the text. We'll check if your academic paper contains the answer to the given question.

    3) What about the scientific value?

    Innovativeness determines the value of the academic paper. Indeed, well-thought-out ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated by professors and other representatives of the scientific world. When necessary, we'll give you consultations on how to make your academic paper more powerful.

    4) Professional vocabulary

    These editing and proofreading services are aimed at the in-depth check of your paper. Correct terms speak of your understanding of the subject-matter, and we'll help you with that. Our assistant will analyze your topic and correct misused words where it is needed.

  • 5) Readability and clarity

    Some students think that the academic style is about tricky wordings and complicated sentences, yet it's not like that. The academic text must be composed clearly so that readers could understand it. It is good when students analyze big volumes of information and present their findings in a simple manner.

    6) Getting rid of spelling and punctuation mistakes

    All documents and texts look better without errors. A proofreading service is usually the final step of our work on your order. Our editors will revise every letter and symbol to ensure the perfect outcome.

    These universal steps can be changed depending on the peculiarities of your assignment. We always find optimal ways to solve your issues. So, what text do you need to edit?

    What you receive as a result of our editing service

    The final draft of the edited academic paper is a flawless text free from any errors related to grammar, style, formatting, punctuation, etc.

    As representatives of the honest business, we can give you explanations concerning all changes in your documents.

    Plus, our specialists can share experience-based pieces of advice on improvements of your manuscript.

Principles of our editors

A coherent set of standards helps us build a successful brand in the world of editing and proofreading services.

  • An honest and impartial approach

    The academic sphere is about honesty, so we respect and adhere to this rule. Our editors consider the classic laws of this world. When improving the quality of your manuscript, our specialist leaves your ideas unchanged. We respect your views. Only if you want it, we'll offer our recommendations on the logic and innovativeness of your ideas.

  • Comprehensive methods

    Academic editing is a challenging and specific business, and we take it seriously. Our team is guided by the present rules of grammar, punctuation, formatting, etc. We do not only eliminate language errors but improve the logic, readability, and informativeness of your projects. With us, you can finally become confident in the perfection of your academic papers.

Your manuscripts can easily transform into shiny texts. Order now!

FAQ on our editing assistance

All the terms and conditions of our offers are openly published on the main page of the website. If something is not clear to you, our support managers will explain everything with pleasure. And here are the answers to users' most frequent questions.

  • How much does it cost to work with your editor?

    The prices of our services begin from $10 per page; still, it all depends on several reasons.

    The volume of work

    This primary parameter directly influences the cost of the service. The number of words and pages determines the time spent on your order and correspondingly — its price.

    The level of complexity

    Obviously, it is easier to correct the academic essay than to edit a dissertation. And the number of pages is not the only decisive factor in this case. The expertise (Master's degree, qualification) and experience of the editor also matter.

    The urgency

    Clients who want to be the first in line usually pay more than average customers. For instance, if you want us to complete a rather big order within 24 hours, we'll have to distribute it between several specialists.

    The present bonus system

    As a client-centered company, we regularly offer discounts or bonuses. Please, learn about our today's offers.

    Please, find out information on today's deals, you would definitely receive a bonus or discount. Contact us on the chat!

  • How to order your academic editing service?

    1) Please, sign in on this portal. We need minimum information about you, so this procedure is simple and fast.

    2) Tell us about your expectations from the editing service. What exactly do you want us to improve? In general, the academic editing service covers proofreading, substantive editing, and formatting. We also adapt articles to the journal editorial policy. You can add your requirements, and we'll implement them too.

    3) Make payment with the help of a reliable system such as PayPal, for instance. It does not cost you too much to use our awesome offers.

    4) Here is your flawlessly edited paper. We are confident in its perfection; still, you can use a period of free revisions. Our editors will heed your comments, review everything once again, and correct mistakes.

Do you have any questions concerning these proofreading and editing services? Please, ask them right now on the chat — we are open to communication and new orders. Let's get it started!