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We combine professional knowledge and talents to bring your texts to perfection. Forget about challenging and boring standards of academia — hire our editors!

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  • Let your thoughts sound better without grammar mistakes.
  • We improve the readability by optimizing the structure and phrases.
  • With powerful facts and arguments, everything looks convincing; we'll help you with that.
  • No more formatting issues — we'll adapt everything to your requirements and citation styles.

The best team of editors: Our strengths

We have enough capacity to guarantee the impeccable results of our academic editing service. Our team is established to solve all issues related to text improvements, and we've prepared everything to be most useful for you.

  • ✔ Years of experience in offline and online editing

    Our professionals have a vast background in the sphere of proofreading services, academic formatting, substantive editing, and related services. This valuable experience gives us an understanding of the academic standards, including unspoken rules. We know how to describe a subject matter properly, ensure clarity and consistency, prove ideas with solid arguments, etc.

    ✔ A big pool of editors

    A large coherent team is a good advantage. Due to it, we pick the most suitable specialist for your goal. Plus, one can choose several professionals for work on the order and, thus, receive a perfectly edited paper in the shortest terms. Our enterprise unites experts in all levels of academic editing, including grammar review, fact-checking, preparing manuscripts for publications, etc.

  • ✔ A fast turnaround

    Due to great expertise and practical background, we cope with your orders quickly without compromising the quality. In addition, our team uses cutting-edge technologies to process information, communicate with clients, and implement primitive editing functions. All this results in prompt and effective service.

    ✔ Non-stop online communication

    It is very convenient when the user can ask questions on the chat whenever he/she wishes. Our support agents are ready to talk to you 24 hours a day. Since we work with learners and authors across the globe, the round the clock support is a must. Discuss the details of cooperation, track your order, leave your feedback, — we are always open to communication.

We guarantee professional reviews of your texts. Feel the effect of our expert service, — please, send us your paper!

Academic editing services bring you success

Editing often seems unnoticed, yet its impact is tangible. Provided by true experts, our assistance gives valuable corrections and decisive improvements for your texts. We are glad to make thousands of users happier. Here is how we help authors.

  • • Editing for not native English speakers

    The English language can seem complicated to foreign students. It's all about a big number of tenses, spelling nuances, rules of punctuation, etc. If you are an international learner whose English is not perfect, please, send us your texts. We'll correct them with skill.

    • Academic assistance for crucial projects

    The text can be pivotal for your career or study. For instance: an application essay, resume, dissertation, speech. Mistakes or insufficient argumentation can cost you a reputation or a good position. Professional editing predicts unpleasant situations. With its help, one can eliminate all the possible mistakes and significantly improve the level of quality.

  • • Copy editing for urgent tasks

    Students rarely have enough time to check their manuscripts. Firstly, they do not foresee much time for such activities. Secondly, the life of modern learners is extremely busy, so they focus on priorities. Indeed, investigations and creativity are more interesting than proofreading and formatting. So why not delegate these routine tasks to our experts? Our team works quickly, as we distribute big volumes of work between several specialists.

We make your study and academic career easier. Do not dwell on proofreading and editing. Focus on research and ideas generation, and we'll take care of the rest. Place an order!

Proofreading and editing services for your projects

  • The academic sphere has its strict rules and schedules. Meantime, the biggest issues of beginner researchers are unawareness of these requirements or the inability to apply them.

    We'll help you cope with everything. If you have a first draft with the results of the study and ideas, our experts will turn it into a perfectly composed project.

    Academic editors provide effective professional assistance. It is much more than simple proofreading.

    • Make your text clear, informative, and relevant to the given topic.
    • Analyze your plan to ensure a logical well-structured paper.
    • Check if the text gives full answers to the given issues.
    • Enhance the convincing style by adding enough arguments to explain every thesis.

    The value of professional academic editing

    The first draft of your text and its final version, provided by our editors are two different things. Your paper runs through all levels of check beginning from substantive editing to thorough proofreading. Every stage of our service makes your writing closer to perfection.

    1) Substantive editing

    The sense of the academic paper lies in comprehensive analysis and formulating new views on the given topic. Our editors will check if your paper is meaningful, as well as review the logic and the structure.

    2) Fact-checking

    Mistakes in the initial information, wrong calculations, and errors in explanations lead to misunderstandings. Our editor will attentively consider your statistical data, computations, the relevance of the cited sources, and other facts used in your project.

    3) Improvement of the style

    In most cases, our editors work with a persuasive style. It is because professors, above all, want to see a well-argued project proving a particular hypothesis. Powerful verbs, clarity of ideas, and suitable vocabulary help us achieve this goal.

    If your text has to be written in any other style: reflective, personal, descriptive, etc., we'll assist you with this goal too.

  • 4) Meticulous proofreading

    Errors in words and punctuation can change the sense of your work and worsen the impression from the work. It is unacceptable to submit an article for publication without attentive proofreading. Our specialists will inspect every symbol, word, and sentence.

    5) Revision and adaptation to particular standards

    If your university or college has specific rules of writing, please, turn to our assistants. We'll promptly study your requirements and adapt everything to them. Since we have been working in the area of academic editing services for more than ten years, we are aware of the most frequent standards and easily cope with them.

    6) Rewriting

    Sometimes editing services are not sufficient to make your paper flawless. Please, let us know if you want to add any paragraphs or significantly change several chapters. Alongside an editor, a skilled writer will work on your order too.

    Is it expensive to hire an editor?

    The value of our editing and proofreading service is bigger than the price you pay for it. Editing is always cheaper than writing the text from scratch. Meanwhile, the quality of the final draft is still decent.

    The prices begin from $11 per page, and it is possible to pick any part of editing (proofreading, revision, comprehensive editing) or purchase a full package of rewriting services. Our team successfully works with every level of the check.

    With us, you receive all types of improvements making a decisive impact on the quality of your text.

    What about uniqueness?

    Originality and individuality are crucial moments in the academic sphere. They underlie the sense of your work and constitute value for humanity.

    Our experts can check the plagiarism of your text and attach a report when necessary. In addition, a rewriting service is available. If you need to change some parts of your texts, please, hire our writers. We'll add new information: results of research, clarifications, new suggestions, etc.

Editing is an essential part of your work on an academic project. We will make it easier. If you do not want to dive into the details of English language grammar, incomprehensible citation styles, strict editorial policies, and other nuances, we'll do it all for you. Please, place an order here!

Editing and proofreading services: Our competencies

One can send us any manuscript, and we'll revise it with skill. We've established this enterprise as a universal place aimed to check and correct any kind of text.

  • Academic area

    Regardless of the subject matter and the year of study, we guarantee efficient assistance for:

    • Junior and senior courses
    • Ph.D. documents
    • Master's level projects.

    Our editor competently checks all formats of academic texts:

    • essays
    • reports
    • coursework, term papers
    • theses, dissertations.

    All contemporary university disciplines are within our competence:

    • Science
    • Technologies
    • Engineering sciences
    • Mathematics
    • Arts, etc.
  • Publications

    We know from experience how confusing editorial policies can be. A lack of practical background of work with such rules can become an obstacle to your successful publications. To avoid this unpleasant situation, please, hire our editors.

    Representatives of our enterprise edit your paper for:

    • journal articles (including scientific and research periodicals)
    • blog articles.

    Personal projects

    You might have to compose various personal documents on your academic path. And with the help of our talented editors, everything is getting more painless. We have enough capacity to significantly improve your:

    • Resumes
    • Personal statements
    • Speeches
    • Presentations of personal projects
    • Statements of purposes
    • Letters and emails.

Trustworthy academic editors: Our guarantees

  • When choosing an editor for your project, you can be absolutely sure about his/her trustworthiness. Our agency ensures reliable cooperation, as we are responsible for the results of our employees.

    It is not honest to promise you that articles will be published in journals or certain blogs. Still, we have a set of good solid guarantees.

    • Error-free documents

    The manuscript edited by our expert does not contain any mistakes. We adhere to the commonly accepted rules of writing and formatting. Plus, our team thoroughly considers your personal requirements. A "two-editor system" enables us to lessen the human factor.

    • Timely editing

    Deadlines are important standards in the academic sphere, and we are not going to break them. If you do not receive your edited paper on time, you can make a full refund. Yet we are interested in income, and it motivates us to deliver services in the shortest possible time.

    • Online safety

    When editing academic texts, we do not forget about security and confidentiality. Our employees work according to a strict non-disclosure policy, as well as apply technologies protecting data.

    • Quick and informative feedback

    Our online chat is available at any time. We clearly answer all the questions concerning the service and the academic papers.

    Your document is in safe hands. Our editors apply expert knowledge and practical background to make it ideal. Try today!

    Principles of our academic editors

    We hire specialists in various directions of proofreading and editing. Still, all of them adhere to the policy of our agency.

    • A constructive dialogue

    We are aimed at the effective editing service solving your particular issue. If you have specific requirements or personal preferences, our editor is ready to discuss them.

  • • We do not change your ideas until you want it

    The editing service usually does not imply correction of the sense or suggestions. We respect your opinions and views. Yet if you want us to revise your ideas, we can do it for you too. Please, let us know if you need a rewriting or structural editing service.

    We have established this agency to prove that the study can be easy. Without grammar, formatting, and other boring rules, everything becomes fascinating. Would you like to try it? Please, place your order!

    The process of cooperation

    As an honest and user-friendly online agency, we have created a convenient system of work and communication.

    1) Let's discuss everything on the chat

    So, what is your text about? Please, tell us what exactly you expect from the final draft of the paper. Our opportunities are wide when it deals with rewriting and editing. Ask us any questions on our service on the chat, and we'll explain all the nuances. If everything is clear, you can skip this stage.

    2) Place an order

    This step is super easy and fast. Please, log in here and fill out the Form. Point out all the necessary conditions and upload files with additional instructions if you have any.

    3) Make the payment

    Our prices are not high, so that most users could afford our editing services.

    4) Track changes

    One can monitor the process of proofreading and editing if it deals with long projects. Please, go to the chat and ask our managers about the stages of work. We give detailed answers at any hour.

    5) Download your perfectly edited manuscript

    Here is your final draft of the text. We are sure it meets your expectations and requirements of your professors.

What stops you from ordering our awesome editing assistance? Please, tell us about your concerns, and we'll dispel your doubts. Let's discuss your project. Order now!