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The study and academic career are getting much easier when you have professional support. With our editors, you always receive impeccable services and confidence in the perfect results. Meet our unique team specializing in all types of editing for your college papers, science projects, and much more.

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What do our academic editors do?

The academic editor from is a professional responsible for editing materials and manuscripts in the science-research and educational field. The main goals of this specialist are the following:

  • to detect and correct spelling and punctuation mistakes;
  • to check scientific credibility (facts, calculations, cited sources);
  • to revise the uniqueness of the document;
  • to check reference rules;
  • to enhance the academic style (improve the sentence structure and consistency of content);
  • to analyze the readability;
  • to revise the terminology of your subject area;
  • to adjust the text to the specific style guide, etc.

Our experts do everything possible to make your texts flawless. Due to their editing work, you get guaranteed outcomes and peace of mind. There are no more reasons to worry about your papers when you are among our clients.

Why choose our academic editing services

Academic writing is a crucial aspect of any student's research work, and academic editing services play a vital role in ensuring the overall quality of the final product. Our academic editors are subject matter experts with extensive experience in scientific research and publication ethics. They work closely with clients to identify and correct grammar errors, spelling errors, punctuation errors, and other common mistakes that can detract from the credibility of the research paper. Our team of editors is also familiar with the standards of peer-reviewed journals and can help clients ensure that their work meets the highest standards. With our academic editing services, clients can rest assured that their research work will be polished and ready for submission, free of any errors that could compromise their publication success.

  • While editing academic papers without someone's assistance, you spend much time on correcting mistakes and rewriting the text. Meanwhile, you may not notice specific mistakes just because you are the author and you lack a fresh set of eyes. The human brain works so that people often skip their own errors. Hence, when it comes to crucial projects, you'd better turn to editors. Here are several arguments in favor of

    ✓ Orientation on results

    Every academic paper has a goal. Whether you write it to get a good mark, improve your reputation, or simply demonstrate the significance of your work, we always help you with that. Due to a vast editing experience, we offer effective amendments contributing to the achievement of your objectives.

    ✓ Confidentiality

    All the materials coming to our website are protected by strict privacy rules. We take copyright law and "all rights reserved" principles seriously. Our academic editing portal does not misuse any information from clients and readers, and we do not resell your projects and do not publish them anywhere. You are the only owner of all the files concerning your order. In addition, our agency does not disclose your contacts and emails.

  • ✓ We keep pace with the progress

    Our editing agency is aimed at delivering fast and effective services. That is why our editors leverage online tools and cutting-edge methods in their practices. With modern online payment and communication systems, we make our offers available to everyone. No matter where you live, and how much time it is now, we are here to take your order and answer any questions.

    ✓ Favorable terms

    With thought about our clients, we build valuable services meeting the highest requirements and the most unique preferences. Everything, starting from informative answers on the live chat and to precise attention to all the details in your final draft, is established for your maximum comfort. Importantly, we use friendly to author services and do not change the sense of the project.

    In our pursuit to support learners all over the world, we give flexible conditions. One can choose any type of offer from a great variety of opportunities. Urgent and average deadlines, a standard and top level of complexity, the number of pages, word count, it all influences the price. By changing these parameters you can adjust the cost of the service.

All in all, payment for our editing services is a worthwhile investment in your prosperous academic future. You will never regret this contribution, as our corrections and improvements bring you many benefits.

How do you edit academic writing?

We like our editing work and make our best to stay professionals in this sphere. Since academics and scholars are extremely demanding, we pay precise attention to all the texts in their sphere. Our academic editing process is divided into several steps.

  • ✓ Copy editing

    It happens that authors have such a strong flow of ideas and thoughts that they make typos. Spelling and punctuation errors can lead to misunderstandings and even make you look foolish. To avoid these situations, our proofreading editor detects and corrects mistakes in words and sentences of your manuscript. This service is especially effective when it deals with foreigners for whom English is a second language (ESL students). Our assistant improves the syntax, orthography, and vocabulary so that everything looks perfect.

    ✓ Line editing

    Our assistant checks the impact of your text on the readers. It is about the tone and voice, the manner of presentation, the atmosphere that it creates, and the overall impression. By rearranging paragraphs and sections of your paper, we improve the readability of your project. Adding excerpts to improve clarity is also available. After our academic editing check, your paper will sound natural and solid.

    Our specialists work with various academic papers and related texts:

    • journal articles;
    • dissertations;
    • materials for books;
    • theses;
    • journal manuscripts;
    • textbooks,
    • admissions essays;
    • essays for all types of institutions;
    • research paper;
    • documents in support of candidates for a degree (Doctorate, Master's, Bachelor's);
    • blog posts for scientific websites, and others.

    In our work, we adhere to the common guidelines concerning academic editing and your personal recommendations. Understanding that various universities have different requirements, we agree to consider any instructions.

    With an eye for detail, our team provides the best result of editing. Do not ignore this opportunity to improve your text before the publication, presentation, peer review, or any other crucial event.

    Our editors are good at all levels of complexity:

    • high school;
    • college;
    • university;
    • science institutions, and much more.
  • ✓ Fact-checking

    Our editor verifies all the information used in your paper. It is about the accuracy of calculations and the reliability of information used for citations. Experts from check every source that you quote to ensure a compelling report.

    ✓ Proofreading

    It is the final stage of our academic editing services. During this review process, we eliminate the last and the tiniest imperfections before the thesis supervisor or professor see your project. This procedure is especially effective if you need to revise your future publications. has established an optimal system of editing services for all types of academic papers. Whatever subject area you have, we take up this challenge.

    We edit papers in all fields of study:

    • Humanities (including Literature and Philosophy);
    • Microbiology;
    • Molecular Biology;
    • Engineering;
    • Computer Sciences;
    • Economics;
    • Logic;
    • Biotechnology;
    • Neurology, etc.

    No matter what subject matter or topic you have, we will edit this paper with skill. Even if you need to edit some pieces of your creative writing, we will do it perfectly.

    We work with various formats of online documents. Microsoft Word and Google Docs are the most popular of them. You can send us the file with any extension. However, the academic editing services from is not only about texts. We successfully work with slides (Power Point presentation) and other visual objects too.

    We are proud to contribute to the successful study and research of learners from Oxford, Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, etc. The geography of our services is rather wide. The most often we receive orders from:

    • the USA;
    • Canada;
    • the British Islands;
    • New Zealand;
    • Australia;

    Interestingly, pupils from Japan, Netherlands, and Germany, studying the English language, also tend to work with our editors.

You will never regret your choice to hire our academic editors, as they always deliver effective services. Our help does not boil to checking grammar or line edit. One can always count on in-depth analysis of the project, correct comments, effective revisions, as well as useful tips and suggestions.

What skills are needed to be an editor?

There are no random people in our academic editing agency. We have attentively selected every team member for Alongside professional experience, good education, and enthusiasm, specific skills play a crucial role in delivering effective editing services.

  • ✓ Impeccable writing skills

    Every our editor knows English language rules perfectly. This skill helps them deliver competent proofreading services. Our specialists are aware of plenty of writing styles and techniques. When it deals with editing academic texts, they know how to make them worthy and informative.

    ✓ A talent to notice the tiniest details

    A fresh mind and the ability to detect all the nuances in texts are a must for our editor. Due to these abilities, you always get a flawless text.

  • ✓ An objective view on writing issues

    Our editor respects the author's style and educational rules. With a clear vision of writing problems and an in-depth understanding of academic requirements, we offer only the necessary corrections.

    ✓ Analytical skills

    Our editor always studies your subject area to offer correct solutions. His/her expertise and general knowledge are enough to get to the bottom of any problem of academic writing.

    Not only skills but good education ensure the success of our employees. Having united editing experience, writing talents, and strong enthusiasm of our specialists, we have managed to build a powerful team. With our editors, you do not need to worry about language errors, stylistic nuances, incomprehensible formats, and other annoying rules anymore.

Please, place an order on our website and get an ideally edited paper in the shortest possible time. You will be pleasantly surprised by our prices. Depending on the word count and the complexity of the check, it is still the optimal cost of perfection.

Our academic editing service department is a well-set mechanism. Your text comes through the hands of several specialists before you get its brilliant "polished" version. When it deals with serious and long papers, we divide your order between some employees to increase the speed of order implementation.

  • The copy editor is responsible for deleting grammatical mistakes.
  • The stylistic editor checks compliance with academic standards of writing. It deals with the improvement of the way the author presents his/her thoughts and builds the report.
  • The format checker adapts your paper to the chosen citation styles. He/she is responsible for the formatting of the text. It is about footnotes, references, white spaces, abbreviations, etc.
  • The fact-checker edits the paper in terms of misinformation as well as updates outdated statistics.
  • The proofreader works on your text to eliminate all the possible typos and imperfections.
  • The main editor manages the entire process of the check. This expert also cooperates with our researchers to get consultations on your project, if necessary.

The team of our editors guarantees:

  • only correct well-considered changes in your text;
  • timeliness and promptness (delivery before the due date);
  • fast feedback on the live chat;
  • precise attention to every request;
  • coherence in all types of our editing services;
  • optimal prices;
  • flexible terms.

Do editors of academic journals get paid? | FAQ

Of course, editors working for academic publications get salaries. Depending on the type of job, the level of expertise, and specific talents, they can earn up to $6000 per month in New York, for instance. This sum results from serious articles and big responsibility.

  • Unlike publishers, we here at have more modest expectations about the cost of our assistance. The price you pay for our services is fair compensation for the efforts and time we have spent on the improvement of your project.

    The decision to turn to our editors is always a good idea. Here is why.

    • Due to our professional academic assistance, you always get what you expect. We know what your professors, peer reviewers, and other readers want to see in your project.
    • You save time, and it is very convenient as you might have already spent all your energy on academic writing.
  • With perfectly edited papers, you get a better reputation in the eyes of your colleagues and partners. Our portal is an effective and helpful solution to optimize your texts and bring them to a new level. No matter where you live, New Jersey or London, you can contact our support agents at any time and start our fruitful cooperation.

    The academic world requires full dedication to science and research. If you want to succeed in it, you have to use all the available chances and opportunities, and is one of them. Go to our live chat to discuss your order.